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  • Reasons an ETL Tool Scores Points Over Hand Coded Processes  By : Prince K
    Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a systematic process of extracting data from innumerable databases, transform it in a comprehensive format and loading it into another database The functions combined into one system, simplify the challenges associated with data integration, data connectivity, and data validation
  • RDX Hard Disk – Role In Data Storage  By : Richard Stutchbury
    Data is the most important part of your computer and it should be handled with great care. This is because it is difficult or impossible to recreate your data once you lose it. You can therefore not overlook the aspect of backing up your data to ensure that in the event that you lose it, you can quickly recover it.
  • Turtle Case – Facts You Should Know  By : Richard Stutchbury
    Storing of important data is an activity that is taken as a priority by any serious organization or business. There are many storage media which are available and with advancement in technology, smaller media are now able to store large amounts of data. Once this data is stored in for example a disk or a cartridge, it may be necessary to transport the storage media to a location where data is centrally stored.
  • Media Transport And Storage Cases – Knowing The Available Options  By : Richard Stutchbury
    The pelican case is one of the options if you need media transport and storage cases. This is a case that does not crush, does not accumulate any dust and is water tight. It has double throw latches which are easy to open and two hasps where you can use a padlock. The case has a valve which automatically equalizes pressure and it has a large handle that has a rubber covering so that you can comfortably carry the case.
  • Why LTO 6 Tapes Are Useful Wares For Data Storage – What Gives LTO 6 Tapes Their Uniqueness  By : Richard Stutchbury
    Compared to disk-storage mechanisms, tape spreads evenly the expense of drive electronics across hundreds of media-pieces. The media lacks appreciable amount of electronics and is less costly per unit. The LTO 6 improves this crucial advantage owing to its ability of storing 8 TB per cartridge.
  • HP LTO 7 Unleashed!  By : Richard Stutchbury
    According to Chris Powers, Vice President Data Center Development, HP Storage, the big deal with this new product is about “changing the economics of long term data retention, archiving, and high performance streaming, with demonstrated data integrity…”
  • HP LTO-7: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers  By : Richard Stutchbury
    LTO technology enhances quick transfer of large files. This is made possible by the tape drive data transfer rate, at 750 MB per second, which is equivalent to more than 2.7 TB (Terabytes) of data per hour, per drive.
  • Indirect Benefits Of LTO 6  By : Richard Stutchbury
    The LTO 6 data cartridge possesses certain features that make it incredibly valuable for both individual and coporate use. It has a huge native capacity of 2.5 TB and can even store as much as 6.25 TB of compressed data.
  • Debunking The Myths Surrounding Technology and Computer Networking  By : Leeanne Kunnert
    The myths surrounding technology and computer system repairs are plentiful. In this article we will look to debunk common myths surrounding computer repair, networking and I.T. consultants.
  • HP LTO 6: Tape Vs. Hard Disk  By : Richard Stutchbury
    There are people who swear by tape drives, stating that there is nothing that can replace them, while others will tell you that hard disks are the future. Here is a comparison between the two that will help you choose the best option.
  • LTO – 5 – What You Need To Know  By : Richard Stutchbury
    The storage capacity of LTO 5 for uncompressed data is 1.5 terabytes (TB) maximum while the storage capacity for the compressed data is 3 TB. The rate of transfer when writing uncompressed data is 140 MBps while the rate of transfer when writing compressed data is 280 MBps maximum. The compression ratio for the compressed data is 2:1.
  • LTO 6 – The Importance Of Backing Up Data  By : Richard Stutchbury
    As your organization grows, you will find that the amount of data that needs to be stored also increases. It is not only necessary to store your data, but you also need to have a backup and recovery system in place. Finding devices that can accommodate large amounts of data in an efficient and convenient way can be challenging. The good news is that LTO 6 is there to sort your data storage problems once and for all and has a variety of benefits.
  • HP LTO5: A Critical Aspect You’re Likely To Overlook When Buying Storage Media  By : Richard Stutchbury
    Who wouldn’t know the most suitable storage media option for his/ her needs? How can someone buy something that would hardly serve the purpose for which he/ she bought it? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to buy a hard disk when you would have been so much better off with a computer tape.
  • Computer Data Storage: How Important Is The Tape Bar Code In Computer Tapes?  By : Richard Stutchbury
    Different varieties of barcode labels can be produced, suited for varying types of autoloaders and tape libraries. They can also be designed in numerous styles and featuring a wide range of colours. This means that each label can be customized to your exact specifications.
  • Why You Need Mouse Marts For Gaming Surfaces  By : evikram kumar
    There are many things that a computer can be used for. Among these many things a computer can do, one of them is entertainment. So many people like to be entertained in different ways like watching movies, listening to music and playing different computer games
  • What is a Denial of Service Attack?  By : Joey George
    Technology has become more advanced, and with it, hack attacks in the online world are increasing at an alarming rate The only way to avoid attacks like DoS or DDoS, is to have intelligent monitoring of your web traffic
  • Your Home Office – Select the Necessary Laptop  By : Jason S. McDonald
    If your kids have been begging you to setup a new home office, then now is the ideal time to do it. The initial type of machine you are going to need is a computer. The choices are desktop, laptop, and tablet. Yet another category of technology that you have to buy for your home office is a printer. You will also be required to spend money on technology to store your data for your office.
  • Tips For Setting Color Calibration And Profiling Software to Get Accurate Photo Color on Screen  By : Michael Walker
    Getting accurate photo color on your computer screen requires not only good quality calibration and profiling software, but some knowledge of how to use its features. This article tells you how to set luminance, gamma, black and white points for best results on any screen, explains how to verify the results and suggests how to develop a re-profiling strategy.
  • Wading Through the Mud to Buy the Perfect Laptop  By : Gary Grenier
    Now that you have made the decision to furnish an office area for the family, what is the next step? The first type of machine you are going to want to procure is a computer. The options are desktop, laptop, and tablet. A printer is another necessary type of office hardware. A monitor is another essential category of office hardware. A speaker system is another necessary type of technology that will make your home office extraordinary.
  • The Evolution Of Passwords: What Are The Alternatives?  By : Alex HD
    With 2 factor authentication becoming more popular, passwords have to share their space of glory with other authentication tokens or methods. 2 Factor Authentication matches “something you know” with “something you have” and thereby allows you to sign in.
  • Put an End To CPU Heat Destroying Your Computer System  By : Mark Bott
    Have you noticed how hot your laptop can get while you are using it? This same heat is the number one cause of CPUs breaking down prematurely. If you follow the simple tips inside of this guide, you could potentially prolong your computers life by years!
  • Fix Slow Computer in a Jiffy  By : Gmail Account Setting Password Recovery Problems Today USA & CA
    Ever since the advent of computers, human beings have seldom looked back. The computers are being used for everything- right from managing massive companies to using them to book tickets! Computers have made the work of us humans so much easier.
  • Exciting IT Certifications  By : Ron Arora
    The information technology (IT) industry is getting more competitive every day. There are jobs offering high salaries and excellent benefits. However, in order for someone to obtain one of these coveted positions, they must first earn a …
  • Getting To Know Your Computer  By : Leeanne Kunnert
    Many computer users are complete novices. Not everyone who has to use technology today really understands the components they are using. Many can’t even begin to tell you the technical name for the screen that looks similar to a television that shows them an image of what they are typing.
  • How to Fix Speed-Related Errors  By : Robert Corter
    From catching up with faraway friends to managing businesses, people are reliant on their computers for so many things It is thus a source of great distress when a PC that used to function smoothly and speedily suddenly slows down to a snail’s pace
  • How to Fix Common PC Problems – Read More About It  By : Robert Corter
    If you are using Windows and you are experiencing some problems on your computer, do not call customer support just yet If you know a thing or two about troubleshooting, you may be able to fix the problem yourself
  • How To Fix the Problem With Kernel32  By : Robert Corter
    There are files that are saved in your computer in order to perform functions One of these files is the Dynamic Link Library or the DLL files
  • The Importance of the Registry in Windows Operating Systems  By : Robert Corter
    With so many files stored in your computer, you may be wondering what should be kept and secured It may be a photo, a word document, or an important personal file
  • Top Six Common Tools Used For Fixing Computer Errors and Performance Issues  By : Robert Corter
    Computer errors are common among systems and they affect computing procedures in terms of efficiency Furthermore, errors lead to sluggish computer performance
  • 6 Quick Tips For a More Efficient Start Menu  By : Robert Corter
    The Start Menu is the most accessed tool in the Windows environment It houses all the programs and files in your computer so it provides an easy way to access all these data
  • The Truth About Windows Registry – Learn More About It  By : Robert Corter
    Aside from defragmenting your Windows PC, many technicians and advertisements on the web always recommend cleaning and defragmenting your computer’s registry to optimize your computer’s speed Certain system errors could also be fixed by cleaning up the registry
  • How to Fix Audio Errors  By : Robert Corter
    Turning on your computer to listen to your favorite song only to meet errors with your audio devices is not rare If your speakers are not working as necessary, chances are, the device may be faulty
  • Tips to Boost Computer and Start-Up Speed  By : Robert Corter
    Computers are made up of electronic components and circuits with firmware, application software and an operating system If these components work the result is the optimal performance and speed of a computer
  • How To Fix RSOD Error  By : Robert Corter
    Seeing an RSOD error or seeing your computer screen turn red is worrisome You would be wondering whether the only solution is to prepare another bundle of cash to get it checked by a professional or purchase another PC entirely
  • How To Fix A Computer That Turns On and Off  By : Robert Corter
    Have you ever seen your PC turn on and off while you are trying to use it This usually happens even before the Operating System loads
  • How to Fix an Overheating Computer?  By : Robert Corter
    There are times when your computer suddenly freezes or shuts down while you are in the process of using it such as encoding videos or playing computer games There are also times when you will see the dreaded “blue screen of death”
  • How To Remove Pop-Up Ads  By : Robert Corter
    Pop-up ads are usually annoying While they’re mainly just advertisements, they may slow down your PC in more ways than one
  • How to Clean Up, Boost, And Restore Your PC Performance  By : Robert Corter
    Every PC user may encounter a computer problem Even the most stable, secure PC is not safe from failing hardware as well as buggy software and system errors such as missing DLL and exe files
  • A Faster PC: The Other Tips  By : Robert Corter
    The world of technology keeps on evolving at a lightning-fast pace, and what may be a modern marvel to day may become history tomorrow It is no wonder that newer and more capable computers are being released periodically, in all shapes and sizes
  • Utility Tools That Could Fix Common Pc Problems  By : Robert Corter
    Deep within your computer are dark forces that are lurking to destroy your Operating System Those dark forces are equipped with some crafty tools, which allow them to stay hidden
  • Junk The Junk Files For Better PC Function  By : Robert Corter
    A computer or laptop will slow down over a period of use One of the main reasons is the accumulation of junk files
  • PC Optimization: The Hardware Solution  By : Robert Corter
    Think back to the times when you first bought your computer: aside from sporting a smooth-as-silk exterior, it is also remarkable for its snappy speed, opening any file and program you throw at it in a jiffy However, like most good things, this did not last for quite as long as you wished
  • A Solution to System Errors and Performance Issues: Clean Up Your Hard Drive  By : Robert Corter
    Computers performing at a crawl are most often due to a full hard drive Programs accumulate with every use, taking up huge disk space
  • A Simple Guide to the Windows Registry  By : Robert Corter
    A lot of users are finding ways in order to customize and optimize their pc to improve its performance and get rid of system errors However, there are certain components of the computer that cannot be modified without resorting to the Windows registry
  • Top 3 Common Computer Issues – Solved!  By : Robert Corter
    No matter what your operating system is, you’re bound to encounter technical problems such as system errors, missing DLL files and corrupted drivers every time you use a computer And so before you run into one of these issues, you should at least have an idea on what to do during these scenarios
  • Why Calibrate Laptop Batteries?  By : Robert Corter
    Did your laptop suddenly shut down even if there’s still about 10% of the battery left in your device Or worse, you’re absolutely sure that you still got 25% power left, and yet your laptop still died on you
  • Tips For An Optimized Hard Drive  By : Robert Corter
    Although solid state drives or “SSDs” are currently the ‘in’ thing with their blazing-fast read and write benchmarks, magnetic drives are still the most used and probably the more reliable choice as SSDs are more vulnerable to wear and tear Furthermore, the magnetic hard drives still deliver the lowest cost per gigabyte ratio when it comes to stora
  • The Benefits of Defragmentation  By : Robert Corter
    Do you remember the good old days when your desktop or laptop was as good as new It boots in a jiffy, and any task that you do gets executed in a snap
  • The Windows Disk Defragmenter Tool: Benefits and How-Tos  By : Robert Corter
    Disk fragmentation is one of the most common and yet unnoticed issues that occur in modern computers In our current world where media and files are so readily accessible, and where storage media comes at a dime a dozen, we often forget about the very basic issue of disk fragmentation and the different issues it could cause
  • How To Fix An Api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0 Error  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0” is a type of “ApiSet Stub” “DLL” (dynamic link library) version This is commonly preinstalled using Windows 7 and has a file size of around 3 kilobytes
  • How To Fix Missing Errors On Windows  By : Jacob Coroner
    There are times that you are just using your computer and then you encounter an error that you are not sure where it came from One of the errors that you may encounter may involve the mciavi32
  • How To Fix Runtime Optimization Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    Your computer may suddenly start running slowly without you doing anything in particular You would then try to check in your Task Manager and you’d find out that one file, mscorsvw
  • How To Fix Command Utility Line Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    More often than not, you will encounter “rundll32exe” whenever you use your computer and this can be seen regardless of which version of Windows you use
  • How To Fix Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Sqmapi” stands for Software Quality Management Application Programming Interface It is a Microsoft Windows SQM client DLL file and is not considered a threat to your computer
  • How To Fix A Common Microsoft Error  By : Jacob Coroner
    There are numerous things that could trigger “msvcrt40 dll” errors in your computer As soon as you see the notification, you have to be prepared with a possible list of solutions to address the system’s problems
  • How to Keep Your Computer Healthy  By : Robert Corter
    Computers are expensive and you probably want to maintain it so that it can work well physically and internally To have a healthy computer, consider a weekly or monthly maintenance by performing the procedures below
  • How to Free Up Space in Windows 8  By : Robert Corter
    Are you sick of being prompted for low storage space Do you always find your computer in a freezing state
  • Cleaning Your Computer Inside Out  By : Robert Corter
    Indeed, it’s only when you’ve first purchased your gadget that you really care for it You bought different kinds of protector in order to keep it in a good shape, such a keyboard protector, a screen protector, and a laptop sleeve
  • The Basics of Defragmentation  By : Robert Corter
    Oftentimes, disk defragmentation is suggested by computer experts to boost your PC’s performance However, only little information is provided on why such process is important to your computer
  • How to Boost Windows 7 Performance  By : Robert Corter
    Although Windows 8 has been rolled by Microsoft about two years ago, the average computer user is probably still using Windows 7 and will continue to do so for quite a long time The patch updates for the said platform did not stop even after the release of a new Windows OS
  • How to Fix Problems With Executable Files  By : Robert Corter
    A computer can only be useful if the program you need is on your computer Without the necessary program, it is impossible to carry out a specific task that you want to get done
  • Common Windows Problems and How to Fix Them  By : Donaldson
    Working with Windows is very functional and convenient However, because of its high functionality, the system tends to work with a lot of applications and programs all at once, which can be the source of unexpected computer issues
  • General Tips in Fixing System Errors  By : Robert Corter
    You are likely to encounter error messages during Windows start up or shut down, during installation, uninstallation, or change of a program, or while running a specific function in a program

    To fix these errors, here is a list of troubleshooting steps that might be able to help you
  • Tips For a Faster PC  By : Robert Corter
    Everyone likes a new PC-it’s fast and efficient But over time, the computer’s speed starts going downhill and one experiences frequent lags and crashes which can be quite a pain in the butt
  • Advantages of Defragging Your Hard Drive  By : Robert Corter
    If you want your computer to keep functioning at its best, you should defrag its hard drive once in a while Hard drives usually have spinning platters that contain data
  • How to Free Up Hard Disk Space  By : Robert Corter
    All humans-on some level-are sentimental and it shows in your computers People save print screens of your first high scores, random but memorable pictures, movies you swear you’d watch again but never really get around to doing it
  • How to Fix Errors With Your Dynamic Link Library Files  By : Robert Corter
    Computers may look like a simple machine that helps in accomplishing tasks faster, but they actually are not These machines heavily rely on data, and they cannot operate any program if the necessary data is not accessible
  • Windows 8 Pro System File Errors  By : Robert Corter
    Like many, you’re searching for the answer to one important question – what is “igdkmd64sys”
  • How To Fix Dynamic Link Library Files  By : Robert Corter
    Dynamic link library files, like Accessibilitydll, are comparable to executable files
  • How To Fix Missing Error Files  By : Robert Corter
    A lot of people get the wrong idea when they encounter the words “winloadexe
  • How To Fix DLL Files Errors  By : Robert Corter
    “Acluidll” is just one of the many DLL files loaded in your computer
  • How To Fix Blue Screen  By : Robert Corter
    Blue screen triggered by “adpu320sys” problems can be worrisome since the blue screen of death is often associated with a completely corrupted operating system, which calls for immediate OS reinstallation
  • How To Fix Apple Push Errors  By : Robert Corter
    “APSDaemonexe” or more commonly known as the “Apple Push” is a Windows executable program
  • How To Fix Robocopy Errors  By : Robert Corter
    “Robocopy” is an executable file that was developed for the Windows Operating System by Adobe and Microsoft Robocopy This is the kind of file that helps your computer understand what it’s supposed to do by giving it step-by-step instructions
  • Fixing The Blue Screen of Death Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    Computer troubles can always be distressing, especially during those moments when we couldn’t figure out what to do to fix them Despite the user-friendliness of the Windows operating system, it still has that habit of spewing out complicated error codes that leave us at a loss
  • How to Fix  By : Jacob Coroner
    Some of us may have worked with a computer for a very long time Of course, those who have had their fair share of computer troubles know that there are certain sensitive parts of the system that shouldn’t be meddled with
  • How to Fix  By : Jacob Coroner
    We live in a world wherein we, as humans, go through our everyday lives side by side with technology However, there are those times when our artificial companions communicate with us in a baffling way
  • How to Fix KernelBase.dll  By : Jacob Coroner
    The Windows NT Base API Client also known as “KernelBase” is a shared library for “kernel32” Roughly 27000 system files are associated with KernelBase, which makes it a very vital system file
  • How to Fix Icacls Error  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Icacls” executed file is responsible for launching the Icacls program The Icacls program is a command line function which can set and change file system permissions in Windows system servers
  • How to Fix Windows Process File Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    “WOWEXEC” is regarded as a Windows process file This supports the utilization of 16 bit processes in operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and other versions of Windows
  • How to Fix an  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0” is a type of “ApiSet Stub” “DLL” (dynamic link library) version This is commonly preinstalled using Windows 7 and has a file size of around 3 kilobytes
  • How to Fix Corrupt File Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Iisutil” is one of the many DLLs installed together with the Windows operating system Regardless of the version type, Windows OS always have these files as essential components needed in running various programs
  • How to Fix Windows Application Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Advapi32” is one of the DLL files installed with Windows Application Programming Interface (API) to load specific programs It works in executing Advanced “Windows32” core APIs with various common controls in the DLL library
  • How to Fix Mouse Filter Driver Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Mouhid” is a shared DLL (dynamic link library) file which supports the mouse filter drivers, which are responsible for start-up services It has a file size of around 12160 bytes
  • How to Fix CD-ROM Redirector Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    Mscdexnt is a CD-ROM redirector that allows the CD-ROM to access from MS-DOS This exe command is an external command which is available in Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows XP, all versions of MS-DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000
  • How to Fix an Inkjet Printer Error  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Cnb_0301 dll” is a program that allows an Inkjet Printer to run on a computer A “dll” or a dynamic-link libraries file is a computer process that allows the simultaneous operation of similar programs
  • How to Fix Blue Screen  By : Robert Corter
    Blue screen triggered by “adpu320sys” problems can be worrisome since the blue screen of death is often associated with a completely corrupted operating system, which calls for immediate OS reinstallation
  • How to Fix Window Updates Errors  By : Robert Corter
    “RpcRtRemotedll” initializes Windows update components
  • How to Fix Windows Error Reporting Service Errors  By : Robert Corter
    Surely, most, if not, all of us have experienced a system crash at least once in our life As soon as we reboot the computer again, automatically we are asked if we want to send an error report to the Windows website
  • How to Fix Windows Operating System Errors  By : Robert Corter
    Developed by the Microsoft Windows Operating System, “KBDITT” is a “DLL” file Just like executable programs, they allow software to function the way that they’re supposed to
  • How to Fix Windows Desktop Search Errors  By : Robert Corter
    “Propsysdll” is a Windows system file formerly known as the “Windows Desktop search”
  • How To Choose Excellent IT Training Services  By : Ron Arora
    These days, the world of information technology has begun playing an increasingly primary role in the lives of people across the globe. With this thought in mind, business owners who are interested in optimizing the daily operations of their …
  • How to Fix Command-line Utility Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Wdsutil” is a registry file used in conjunction with “W32UIRes” and “binkw32” files They are commonly associated with Windows 8 operating systems but are also in Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • How to Fix System and File Errors  By : Johnathan Cunnings
    Even the best computers encounter system and file errors The best thing to do when problems related to an msdt
  • How to Repair a Corrupted Device Driver File  By : Johnathan Cunnings
    A Vsmraidsys is a file developed by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System
  • How to Fix DLL Errors  By : Johnathan Cunnings
    In today’s social media generation, taking pictures is now as easy as breathing It’s no wonder that a popular social media site gets 350 millions of photos through uploads each day among their 1
  • How to Fix Desktop Window Manager Errors  By : Johnathan Cunnings
    Viruses, trojans, and malwares nowadays are occupying our computer systems like wildfire Posing as usual computer programs and processes, it is hard to know which ones are legit and which are doing silent damage
  • How to Fix Internet Explorer Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    Windows’ default browser has been a favourite target of viruses, trojans, and malware If your computer is experiencing unexpected slow down and Internet Explorer or “IE” is the likely culprit, here are some remedies to get you out of that slump
  • How to Fix System Errors in Microsoft  By : Jacob Coroner
    “Usbccgp sys” is a system file related to “MSDN Disc 1640” Microsoft developed this for the Windows operating system
  • How to Fix System Restore Application Errors  By : Jacob Coroner
    Getting a new computer is quite exciting Compared to older models subjected to the typical wear-and-tear, it usually performs tasks faster, and with nary a hitch in the process

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