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  • Booking A Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    Booking a magician for any event or occasion is not an easy task, after all, it is an important event for you and your loved ones and of course you want them to feel good and while enjoying the event.
  • So You Want To Design Your Own IPhone Case?  By : David Sheath
    One of the most popular trends revolving around the iPhone is that of customizing cases, and it’s easy to see why. By obtaining and displaying a custom case, you are expressing your individuality and personalizing your rather bland looking device …
  • Acting: The Benefits Of Script Analysis  By : Kimberly Jentzen
    Breaking down and analyzing a script for actors who are serious about their craft requires specific tools.
  • A Guide To Being The Best Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    With so many magicians in the market, the need to be better than your competition is paramount. It is for this reason that many in the industry would like to have a guide to being the best magician.
  • What To Consider When Booking A Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    There are many things that one needs to take into account when booking a magician. In this post, you will have an opportunity to look at some of them.
  • Painted, Embroidered, And Photo Handbags  By : David Sheath
    People are always looking for new and creative ways to permanently install the best of memories into their everyday lives. The most common way to do that is through photography and artwork, but in recent years people have been incorporating their …
  • Interesting Fact of Prince Edward Theatre  By : David Jonson
    Prince Edward theatre is located on Old Compton Street in the City of Westminster London. The theatre was built on the site where once stood a renowned draper’s shop called the Emporium. Having served as a cinema and casino once, the theatre opened on 3rd April 1930 and was named after the then Prince of Wales. Rio Rita, a romantic musical opened h
  • Design Your Own Tattoo: An Achievable Goal  By : Charles Falls
    Designing a tattoo is an obtainable goal and with a little direction and some sound reasoning, an endeavor anyone can accomplish. Just do not panic and take it a step at a time. Beyond that, have fun doing it.
  • It Can Be Easy, Inexpensive, And Fun To Make Your Own Stickers  By : David Sheath
    Many do not realize how truly simple and low-cost it is to make your own stickers. Whether for a crafting project, kids’ activity, or even for affixing to holiday cards, special stickers add a little something extra that gives the finished product …
  • Five Ideas For Personalized Calendars  By : David Sheath
    Few things in life are as exciting as a personalized gift. The gift shows the recipient that the giver cares and took the time to create something special. Personalized calendars are easy gifts that anyone can create in a few moments, using …
  • Acting On Broadway: Anthony Galde  By : Lynn Stallings
    How to get a job on Broadway. Star or Wicked shares how to make it in New York as an actor.
  • Making Customized Mugs  By : David Sheath
    Everyone loves the idea of making holiday gifts by hand, but it can be incredibly difficult to come up with realistic ideas. Very few people are capable of creating stunning artwork or sewing clothing for their friends and family members. The …
  • From A Beginner To A Perfect Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    The great art of magic is a combination of many ingredients but there is no recipe for a perfect magician. Anyone who would like to become an illusionist should know, that stunning tricks and natural talent are important factors – but practice and a long learning process are crucial for the artist, to develop skills and become a world-class entertainer.
  • A History of Punch and Judy  By : Zed Lawrence
    A History of Punch and Judy going back to his first recorded appearance in England in May 9, 1662, which is traditionally reckoned as Punch’s UK birthday.

    This is when Samuel Pepys recorded seeing a marionette show featuring an early version of the Punch character in London’s Covent Garden.
  • Mingling Colors And Shapes: Unleash Your Imagination With Mosaic Projects  By : Mack Goodwin
    Discover what creativeness you have inside you through mosaic art.
  • 7 Tips for Excelling as a Radio Guest  By : Pam Newman Morin
    As a past radio show host, I know it can be a little overwhelming for guests. I have provided you 7 tips to help you excel as a radio show guest. Remember, people just want to know how your information or product can help them. So focus on key benefits for your radio audience.
  • In The Moment With Teen Actor Spencer Daniels  By : Diane Christiansen
    Hollywood teen actor, Spencer Daniels, shares his rise from a co-star on televison’s “Cold Case” to feature films with director David Fincher’s “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and Judd Apatow’s “This is Forty”. Spencer studied acting with award-winning acting coach, Diane Christiansen, who interviews him.
  • The Language Of The Face: An Interview With John Sudol  By : Holly Powell
    John Sudol shares his technique: Language of the Face and discusses the four myths of acting and the seven universal emotions.
  • Things To Be Aware Of When Booking A Corporate Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    Hiring a magician is like taking a bet on a football game. This is particularly so if you have no prior engagement with the individual you are contracting. If you make the wrong decision, you may end up with a scruffy amateur who can only perform a few tricks your grandfather once taught you!
  • Booking A Great Magician  By : Arren Weathers
    When you want to book the services of a great magician, the most crucial thing is to ensure you book a professional. A part-time or amateur magician may be capable of performing miraculous magic but there is a lot more in magic than that.
  • Differences Between Modern Art And Pop Art  By : Stacey Hammel
    At first glance, some people may have trouble distinguishing a Pop art piece from a Modern art piece. There are definitely some similarities between both movements, but there are stark contrasts as well. This article discusses some common areas where Pop art and Modern art differ.
  • Design Your Own IPhone Case Or Let A Professional Do It Your Way  By : David Sheath
    Whether you are looking to customize an iPhone case with a photograph of you and a loved one, or you want to design your own art for the case, you’ll need to know a few tips before getting started. In most cases it is best to design your own iPhone …
  • Personalized Buttons – Fun Flair!  By : David Sheath
    Many people use buttons to display their own style, favorite sayings or some picture that makes a statement about their personality and adds a touch of flair to their outfits. Personalized buttons go that extra mile and allow the button wearer to …
  • Art And Its Impact On The Human Mind  By : Stacey Hammel
    Art is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed, and knowing the powers it can have on the human mind is certainly an added bonus. This article explores the impact art has on the human mind and how to positively harness the impact and minimize any negativity.
  • Pop Art Artists: The New Faces of Positive Change  By : Stacey Hammel
    Clearly Pop artists have taken philanthropy to the next level, moving it outside of just their artwork. However, most of them hardly feel that this is enough. Although their art pieces are beautiful contributions to many local communities around the globe, their extended volunteer work, donations and messages of awareness ring out as positive markers in the community as well.
  • Capturing Memories With Studio Portraits  By : Billy Brown
    When we were children, my mother would drag my siblings and me to the mall twice every year to have family portraits taken. According to mother, she was capturing memories that we would learn to treasure
  • Ways To Turn Ordinary Artists Into Practitioners Of Pop Art  By : Ryan Andrews
    The evolution of conventional art practitioners into pop art practitioners is usually an interesting phenomenon to watch. This article looks at some ways in which such artistic evolution normally takes place.
  • Insider Tips For Doing Your Best Commercial Auditons to Book Jobs: Part II  By : Carolyne Barry
    TIps for successful commercial audtions that will help actors book jobs.
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto  By : Morgan D
    The article Reviews’ the work of the japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto
  • How To Design Your Own IPhone Case  By : David Sheath
    People who have iPhones know the importance of having a phone case. If the valuable and expensive phone falls to the ground, the case will often protect it from breaking. Even with phone insurance, buying a replacement can get rather costly. Sure, …
  • Original Versus Reproduction: How To Determine Whether A Map Or A Print Is Original  By : Amanda Smith
    Figuring out whether a map or a print is an original or a reproduction is something that can be done by any purchaser as long as one knows what the determinants are. A trustworthy seller is also a factor in determining whether a print is an original or not.
  • Different Types of Antique Prints And Maps And How To Differentiate Them  By : Amanda Smith
    When we talk about antique prints and maps we are simply talking about historical prints made from books and atlases which have been published over various centuries. These prints are usually made using the ancient printing methods and coloured using the hand if coloured.
  • Gift Ideas That Are Rich In Thought And Meaning  By : Amanda Smith
    People always talk about breaking conventions for marching forward towards a greater glory. When it comes to gift ideas all those conventional practices still dominate and this mentality is being clearly reflected in the case of various concepts such as Christmas gifts, Valentine’s gifts or birthday gifts.
  • Portrait Photography Inspiration  By : Faith Lantz
    Before getting into the details of the portrait photography inspiration,it’s better to understand basic concepts regarding it. Although it is one of most common forms of photography, a creative mind can make this form more interesting and challenging.
  • An Overview Of The Great Illustrators Of 18th, 19th And 20th Century  By : Amanda Smith
    amazing works of the great Illustrators of 18th, 19th and early 20th century have always been a great source of inspiration for a huge number of people all over the world, but most believe that the purchasing of original prints from these masters are just a distant dream.
  • The Evolution Of Map Printing  By : Amanda Smith
    The history of Cartography has been in the centre of the map making industry for the longest time. This makes detailing modern day maps even more efficient in terms of accuracy. Cartographers have worked diligently over the years to ensure that map making is virtually flawless.
  • Dance Movement For Actors  By : Joe Tremaine
    Dance uses different muscles and helps actors move and get out of their heads. Chryssie Whitehead, whose credits include the role of Kristine in the 2006 original Broadway revival cast of A Chorus Line and the documentary film Every Little Step, Kathy in the New York Philharmonic production of Company with Neil Patrick Harris, is also a movement coach who loves helping actors get out of their heads and into their bodies.
  • Indulge Your Inner Beauty With Photo Therapy  By : Karen Fitzpatrick, PWP
    Women of all age, sizes and shapes love Dominika de Koster for bringing out the best of them when taking their photos. She believes being not-photogenic simply does not exist and if only, it’s just the wrong camera angle.
  • Design Your Own IPhone Case And Show Your Style  By : David Sheath
    The allure of having a new iPhone is its ability to streamline your life in a way that is customized to your lifestyle needs. Why stop at the phone and apps? The iPhone case is not just for device protection. Custom design your own iPhone case and …
  • Top Features to Make Your Parties and Functions More Exciting  By : Tristian Stokes
    When you host a party or function of any kind then it’s always going to be all eyes on you. This is your planning, these are your decisions and it’s your guests who are going to be there which all means that it falls to you to make sure it’s a good time.
  • How To Dance Salsa On1 Versus Salsa On2  By : DanceClassesOnline
    If you’ve been Salsa dancing at any popular club or dance social recently, you may have been asked if you dance On1 or Salsa On2. What?!? Isn’t there just one way to dance Salsa? Well, no.
  • An Easy Way To Make Your Own Stickers At Home  By : David Sheath
    Stickers are fun for children to personalize their things and a good way for adults to organize shelves and files. Homemade stickers are even better, because they can have unique and personal designs that are special for each person. It is easy to …
  • Customized Ornaments For Every Occasion  By : David Sheath
    Decorating the Christmas tree is a beloved family tradition for millions of people around the world. To make this experience more fun and personal, many people choose to decorate their trees with customized ornaments rather than with ornaments from …
  • How Can I Learn to Fly and Not Spend a Fortune?  By : Blaze Estrada
    How Can I Learn to Fly? Here’s what we found on the topic.
  • Create Your Own Gift Depicting Pictures Of Loved Ones  By : David Sheath
    As the holiday season approaches, once again, many of us are turning our thoughts to gift giving and that same old question – what can I get them for Christmas? Buying for the people that seem to have everything is always difficult, so this year perhaps you might want to consider something different – create your own gift that is specifically designed for the person in question……
  • Ice Age Free Online Offers Enthralling Missions For Every Gamer  By : Willie X. Covey
    Consumers now days search for the lowest prices and the best qualities- Internet games present the same field of opportunity, as many browser games today can be expensive and not exactly what the participant expected- Ice Age free online is guaranteed to provide some of the most exciting experiences online today.
  • Discover The Many Uses And Unique Design Options For Personalized Buttons  By : David Sheath
    Personalized buttons are used by schools, retail organizations, political campaigners, non-profit groups and craft makers. Buttons are affordable and easy to order in bulk quantity online. Whether a small business is advertising a new promotion …
  • Personalized Phone Cases Make Great Gifts Ideas For The Holidays  By : David Sheath
    Make your own phone case using children’s drawings – this is an awesome idea for any parent of young children. The process is simple – take the child’s drawing and scan it into your computer, upload the image to a photo gifts web-store and proceed as you would with any other photo. This design makes a fantastic idea for one parent to give to the other. Of course I offer many other great ideas on how to design your own personalized cases….
  • Digital Photography For Beginners – Improving Your Results With A Theme Photo Shoot  By : James Redder
    Are you just getting started in photography and not quite sure how to get started with your photography projects and ideas? Join us as we discuss a professional photography technique utilizing themed photo shoots. Start reading now about it here (…)
  • How To Become An Audiobook Narrator  By : Julie Williams
    Audio book narration is one of the fastest growing fields in voice-over today. There are literally thousands of books awaiting audio book narrators, and anyone can audition for them. Voicing audiobooks is not the most lucrative voice-over genre, but for those who love to read aloud, tell stories, and leave a tangible legacy, it doesn’t really feel like work.
  • Games Of Thrones – Underestimated Masterpiece or Complete Flop?  By : Jackie Wither
    “Game of Thrones” is your classic tale of a TV series that was highly underestimated right from the beginning, by critics and avid television viewers alike. Were the assumptions right or is the “Game of Thrones” a series on HBO that would soon set records, leaving other television shows trailing in the dust?
  • Digital Photography For Beginners – A Three Step Process For Taking Professional Looking Pictures  By : James Redder
    Are you an amateur or beginner photographer who is looking to take more professional looking pictures? Find out how you can start implementing the same strategy that is used by professionals everyday. Read more in our digital photography for beginners series here (…)
  • The Supernatural Story: 10 Years In The Making  By : Jackie Wither
    For those who want to enter the world of the paranormal, “Supernatural” provides exactly that priceless opportunity. While it may not allow you to enter the world of the paranormal in real life, the story is something that is sure to captivate anyone who enjoys immersing their mind with the thoughts of supernatural forces being real.
  • Fairly Legal – It’s Mixed Opinions…  By : Jackie Wither
    Sarah Shahi has spent a lot of time trying to find her prime spot in the world of acting, and with the opportunity that she took to star in “Fairly Legal” this just might be the career-changer that she’s been waiting for this whole time. Or it could turn out to be quite a devastating experience.
  • Dance Industry Professionals  By : Joe Tremaine
    “Step Up Revolution”, “Rock of Ages” and Rihanna’s “Loud Tour” choregrapher Tony Belissimo, Lindsay Webb, Keri LaGrand, and Glee Choreographer, Zach Woodley, share tips for dancers including: What do other Dancers wish they would have known when they first started? What did that successful working Dancer learn along the way that helped boost their career?
  • Dixie Chicken And Little Feat  By : Robert Nickel
    There is so much music and culture to enjoy in the southern United States, but one area in particular seems to have the market cornered on the sounds and food of the south. It is the birth place of jazz, blues, and R&B.; It is also home to some of the tastiest food you will ever have.
  • Make Your Own Gifts Using Your Own Photos, Logos, Designs And Text  By : David Sheath
    Given the rise in popularity of photo gifts and the corresponding number of websites that have sprung up to meet the huge demand, it is now easier than ever to make your own gifts! When you design your own gift it allows you to make a statement to the recipient; the gift can be easily personalized with a meaningful photo along with a special message or commemorative text. Such creativity allows people to
  • Insider Tips: Doing Your Best Commercial Auditions – Part I  By : Carolyne Barry
    Insider tips for doing the best commercial auditions. Don’t rush. Stay focused. Motivate out.
  • The Savvy Actor: Steps To Ignite Your Acting Career! An Interview With Kevin Urban And Jodie Bentley  By : Holly Powell
    Being an actor means learning how to be savvy about marketing and branding your product, which is you.
  • Good Ideas For The Use Of Personalized Calendars  By : David Sheath
    Personalized calendars are available from many online sites. These sites allow anyone, even the computer-impaired, to easily create a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone. Most sites that feature these calendars have creation tools to allow users to …
  • Customized Ornaments: Not Just For Grade School Children  By : David Sheath
    When the term “customized ornaments” is thought of, it is generally associated with the fond memories of grade school years and, therefore, with attempts to create something unique for parents or grandparents as a holiday gift. Well, maybe twenty …
  • Insight On Joining Dance Lessons Walnut Creek  By : T. Narvaez
    Many individuals are finding that styles from different parts of the globe can be highly appealing. It’s also a wonderful way to learn about different types of music and cultures. Such styles might include anything from belly dancing to Latin styles, like Salsa, Samba, Flamenco, and more. There are even classes that teach things such as hula or Tah
  • How To Design Your Own IPhone Case At Home  By : David Sheath
    In a world of hundreds of millions of iPhones, many people yearn to make their devices uniquely their own. While physical and online stores sell a variety of mass-manufactured iPhone cases, there is surely a better way to reach heightened …
  • Make Your Own Design: Regardless Of Your Artistic Skills  By : David Sheath
    Photo gifts are a wonderful thing; they allow absolutely anyone to make their own special and meaningful gifts for loved ones, regardless of the level of their artistic skills! Photo gifts allow you to make your own design and place it on hundreds of different products. Now, if you’re lucky enough to possess good artistic skills your options are limitless, however, the reality is, most of us aren’t privileged enough to possess such skills and
  • Casting Director Billy DaMota: Inside Hollywood  By : Kimberly Jentzen
    Casting Director Billy De Mota talks about demo reels, auditioning and shares stories you’ve never heard before. Billy says, “You want casting directors to see that you can act.”
  • So Many Uses For Personalized Magnets  By : David Sheath
    It is safe to assume that most homes have a refrigerator, and it is also safe to say that most refrigerators serve two purposes. The obvious use for a refrigerator is to keep food cold, but refrigerators are also a perfect place to display …
  • Guide for Buying DJ Equipment and Systems  By : Landon Porter
    Getting DJ devices these days can be confusing. Today’s DJ has many options when purchasing their hardware, and there are a number of choices a DJ needs to make to obtain the appropriate DJ system for them. This write-up will help DJ’s decide on the appropriate DJ system and devices for them.
  • Information On The Different Types Of Playing Card Used Commonly  By : Ryan Andrews
    Let us know more about the different varieties of playing cards that are commonly used by people.
  • Ideas For Photo Handbags  By : David Sheath
    Photo handbags are one of the best new products that have come along in the handbag world. With so many handbags on the market that look alike, including many expensive designer handbags, it is nice to have a handbag with a personalized photo that …
  • Make Your Own Custom Shower Curtains  By : David Sheath
    Why settle for shower curtains matched to the taste and style of someone else when you can easily create your own custom shower curtains that are as unique as you are? Making your own shower curtain is not as difficult as you may think. This can …
  • Make Your Own Gift: It Can Be Great Fun And It’s Very Rewarding  By : David Sheath
    Although, more often than not, we all seem to have a tough time coming up with suitable gift ideas for our friends and family, there is an easy way to turn it from a chore to a great deal of fun! Don’t believe me? Read on and learn just how easy it really is! If you’re worried about other people thinking of and buying the same gifts as you, you need to be introduced to photo gifts; photo gifts allow you to make your own gift with…..
  • Art Education And Its Social Context  By : David Tatham
    With the rise of universal literacy, in the 19th century, the first tentative efforts to introduce arts and music into public education began in spite of objections from segments of the public. Their introduction was often described as educational reform. This was a privilege bestowed by the school on the young as part of a free public education. However, having a privileged status exacts its social costs.
  • All The Lives Of Florence Henderson  By : Helen V Hutchings
    She sings. She dances. Of course, she’s an accomplished actress and performer, truly an all-around entertainer. But Florence Henderson also Skype’s, and e-mails messages and photographs to family and friends, and surfs the net. Florence is very much a testament to the wisdom of remaining engaged and active–mentally and physically–for she too is “one of us”.
  • Film Video Competition  By : MANDY
    From Start to Finish, Producers Never Stop

    So you want to make movies. That’s great! You want to be a Producer.

    But what the heck does that entail? It’s probably the most common question I’ve been asked and have asked myself over the years of working in film and video production.
  • Can Your Kid Make It In Hollywood?  By : Diane Christiansen
    If you want your child to make it as an actor in show business, be a parent who listens and utilizes information given by Acting Coaches, Agents and Managers.
  • The Correct Way To Choose A Kids Dance Course  By : Mack Goodwin
    Tips on how to find the ideal kids dance institution.
  • Thinking About Getting A Tattoo? Here Are Some Issues You Ought to Critically Consider First  By : jos1woc1sh
    Tattoo artists fall into two different classes: those that have had formal coaching or an apprenticeship and “scratchers.’
  • How You Can Uncover Good Tattoo Websites  By : kev227oxfr
    Tattoo websites are the ideal guides to many ideas for tattoo patterns and facts on tattoos commonly. The top tattoo websites would be the ones that supply a consumer with all that he must learn about the subject.
  • Tricks One Should Know Before Hiring Magicians  By : Marlon Fredrick
    Before you hire any magical wizards, whether for adults or kids, there are
    a few useful tips to be aware of.
  • Innovative and Fun Finger Face Weather App  By : Tomas Rosputinsky
    There are certain devices available that help in determining daily weather conditions. General weather devices are very advanced and offer a detailed weather report. However, this information can be only understood by those trained in meteorological sciences.
  • The Importance Of Securing Art Creations And Inventions  By : David Tatham
    Art as we know it can be in various forms many of which a majority of people do not see a need to protect. Music, paintings and drawings are well known types of art which should be protected by laws which ensure that the original makers do not get swindled. The laws commonly enforced and known are copyright laws which protect music artists.
  • A Conversation With Hollywood Casting Director Caroline Liem: Part 2  By : Holly Powell
    Casting Director, Caroline Liem shares the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of auditioning for actors. The business of acting, the audition room, and pet peeves.
  • Who’s That Voice Actor? Disney Edition  By : Robert Nickel
    Voice acting is a funny thing. Traditional, professional voice actors are usually able to create a number of distinct-sounding characters, and may be relatively unknown or unrecognized to the public eye. But some actors have shown up in so many beloved roles that it seems like they really should be more well known. For Disney fans, playing ‘who’s that voice’ can often be eye-opening’ here’s the first round.
  • Things To Think About When Getting Your Wedding Photographer  By : Perry Ellis
    If you decide to go for a a larger studio, ensure the apprentice or assistant will track the photographer’s style so you’re confident a level visual style throughout.
  • Drawing Magic: Animation Hints From Disney Greats  By : Robert Nickel
    Two of the original animators at the Disney Studio, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, were real-life best friends. After their retirement, they continued to delight in teaching younger artists their craft, and wrote a book outlining the twelve principles of animation that they themselves had used during production of classics like Snow White and Pinocchio. This is an outline of the first four principles.
  • Peter Max – An Artist With Great Versatility  By : Amit k
    The diversity among Peter Max’s art has made him one of the most famous and celebrity modern artists. Max’s highly varied artistic history includes a number of different subject material, mediums, and historical contexts.
  • Disney Renaissance: Clements And Musker  By : Robert Nickel
    If your child is a fan of Disney, it’s likely partly due to the works released in the 1990s, an era known as the Disney Renaissance. This brief decade saw a revitalized zest shot into the Disney studio, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the death of Walt Disney in the 1960s. A lot of the success was due to two men: Directors Ron Clements and John Musker.
  • Peter Tosh – Jamaica’s Lost Treasure  By : Robert Nickel
    Although overshadowed by Bob Marley in his time with the Wailers, and during his solo career, Peter Tosh has none the less gone on to be one of the most powerful and political voices to come out of the Jamaican Reggae music scene. Peter released an impressive body of work and left a politically charged legacy that continues to influence each generation of fans. He may not have been as well known as Bob Marley, but his music is no less important.
  • After Walt: The Dark Ages Of Disney  By : Robert Nickel
    No one had expected Walt Disney to die in 1966; barely two months passed between the initial discovery of his lung cancer and his death. The Disney company, which had flourished under his hand, was left without a leader. Although Walt’s brother Roy stepped in as CEO, he died unexpectedly in 1971, resulting in the Disney company without the Disneys–a cult of personality that had lost its person.
  • Disney Technology: Deep Canvas  By : Robert Nickel
    Animation is one of the great silent heroes of the entertainment sector. The great and groundbreaking things accomplished in an animated film don’t receive the same level of attention as a really incredible stunt in a live-action movie. When it comes to Disney, there are those who will scoff that their animation department only existed to create products that could be shilled at theme parks.
  • Disney History: Snow White  By : Robert Nickel
    When you enter the gates of Walt Disney World, it can seem like the Disney company truly owns the world. A great deal of Orlando is dedicated to themed hotels, souvenirs, photo opportunities, and rides. As you scramble to follow your excited children into the fray, it’s easy to think that Disney has been this way forever–but that’s not the case. The modern iteration of the company would be non-existent were it not for…
  • Great Commercial Audition Preparation Tips  By : Carolyne Barry
    Preparation tips for commercial auditions can make the difference between a call back and booking the job! Arrive early. Prepare the material. Prepare more than one reading. Dress appropriately. Stay focused.
  • The Dark Ages Begin: Disney’s Death  By : Robert Nickel
    There aren’t many people today who acutely remember when Walt Disney was a man as well as a legend. It’s understandable; he left a vast legacy behind, and permanently changed the face of animation and filmmaking. For the entire first half of the 20th century, his studio lived or died by Walt’s decisions. When he died suddenly in 1966, the Disney Company spun into three decades of dark, directionless existence…
  • The Rabbit That Got Away  By : Robert Nickel
    Everyone knows Mickey Mouse. The character was the first big success for the Disney Company, and has remained the de facto mascot for the studio ever since. But if history had worked out a little differently, audiences might not know of Mickey at all.
  • Listening Part 3: Give and Take in Acting – Raising The Stakes  By : Kimberly Jentzen
    In acting, it is vital to use the power tool Kimberly Jentzen calls Listening. Actors must choose an Objective and work in Listening into the scene to really understand their character. It is important to give and take in a scene to create reality with other actors.
  • Family Portrait Ideas and Tips for Stunning Results  By : Nitin Tyagi
    Family Portraits are divided in three categories namely candid family portraits, traditional family portraits, and lifestyle family portraits.
  • Come To Be a Close-up Magician– Discover Exactly How From The Widely Known Ones Themselves!  By : Herman Smith
    Become a magician in no time by learning from the very best inside the trade.
  • The Kinds of Drama Schools London Has Available  By : williampollard
    The search term ‘drama schools London’ brings back a pretty long list of schools offering acting classes in and around the London area.
  • Glass Art Repair: In Pieces & Parts Professional Glass Art Restoration Is Your Best Option  By : Michael Bokrosh
    Whether it’s your favorite Murano glass sculpture or a prized Venetian glass figurine, what do you do when a piece is broken off? It’s not like you can just run to your local Wal-Mart and pickup Venetian glass replacement parts or Murano glass replacement parts.
  • The Disney Renaissance Goes Beastly  By : Robert Nickel
    Imagine that, after establishing yourself as a creative genius early in life and spending much of your middle years in a slump, you release a new masterpiece that suddenly rockets you back into universal good graces. While you were derided as a hopeless has-been, you’ve managed to prove otherwise; however, while you bask in the accolades, you know that your comeback will only be secured if you manage to prove that it wasn’t all just a fluke.

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