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  • Formality With a Plus  By : Robert Corter
    There’s always been a question pertaining to knowing the right occasion to put on plus size formal wear The answer is more complicated than one would imagine
  • The Life and Troubles of a Rancher  By : Clifford Woods
    Value of a Ranch Owner to the Society: A ranch owner is of great value for a society as he provides for the basic needs of the people living in the society. A rancher goes through all the ranch troubles in order to raise the animals whose meat and other products are then used by the people of the society.
  • Is the Ocean in Jeopardy of Dying?  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    It may seem impossible for an ocean to die, but when the marine life that lives within the oceans start to die and as more and more species of fish and marine animals die it makes you wonder if the oceans aren’t beginning to die Mankind has done a lot to rush this death on too
  • Threats Against Seals  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    Hundreds of common seals, also known as harbour seals and grey seals are rescued from UK shores each year Some seal pups become separated from their mothers and injured during storms but others, both pups and adults, have injuries that we humans have caused and that could have been prevented
  • The Metaphysical Properties Of Incense  By : Roger Marlow
    The word incense is derived from Latin word incendiary which means to burn Basically incense is a compound with aroma which releases pleasing scents when it is burnt
  • 5 Things Regarding the Sunshine Act  By : Greg Garner
    The Physician Payment Sunshine Act, signed into law by legislation in 2010 under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enforces physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and medical supply manufacturers to report all monetary transaction and payments to the Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • 3 Things to Know About the Sunshine Act  By : Greg Garner
    The Sunshine Act was passed into law in 1976 in order to implement a greater transparency in governmental agencies by allowing every agency meeting to be open for public observation This act helps involve citizens of the U
  • Alexander Von Humboldt, Polymath and Renaissance Man  By : Ryan Paulin
    According to Charles Darwin, the Prussian explorer, geographer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt was “the greatest scientific traveler who ever lived” In fact, it was during his famed voyages in Latin America that von Humboldt cultivated his modern scientific concepts and ideas, which garnered him prominence within the scientific community at that particular day and age
  • 7 Things You Need to Know About the Sunshine Act Training  By : Greg Garner
    Healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacist or vendors that work with hospitals and medical clinics, are required to attend quite a large number of training courses as part of the credentialing system One of these numerous courses is the Sunshine Act training and listed below are some things any medical professional should know about this course
  • The Victorian Ethos of the Discovery and Exploration of a New World  By : Ryan Paulin
    The zenith age of the Industrial Revolution coincided with the beginnings of the Victorian Ethos What characterized the Victorian Ethos was an undying passion and curiosity for exploration, for the discovery of the unknown
  • 6 Main Points That Sunshine Act Training Entails  By : Greg Garner
    Sunshine Act Training courses are offered by numerous healthcare training companies and they help make the healthcare system more transparent and prevent manufactures of medical supplies or physicians from abusing their powers However, it might be difficult for a healthcare professional to understand what these courses are really about before joining one
  • 2 Ways to Improve Your Business and Life With Sunshine Act Training  By : Greg Garner
    The Sunshine Act and Physician Payment Sunshine Act, as part of President Obama’s Affordable Care legislation, more commonly known as Obamacare, requires greater transparency between monetary transactions between pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and distributors, and the physicians and medical schools who receive their products
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Sunshine Act  By : Greg Garner
    It is definitely a disconcerting thought when you think about whether or not your physicians really care about you and your general health or if their relationship with pharmaceuticals companies is more important The Sunshine Act requires greater transparency between these sorts of relationships, and therefore it requires that all monetary transactions, including things like dinners and gifts given by major pharmaceutical companies to individual physicians and doctors, are recorded and made easily available for public viewing
  • The Ocean is Endangered Like Many Marine Species  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    Have you ever wondered if the ocean as a whole is endangered With all of the pollution and the drastic change in the climate many creatures of the sea can no longer be found
  • The Culling of Seals Must Be Stopped  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    It is much to the chagrin of millions of people around the world that seal culling still exists when so many seal populations are in danger of extinction In Canada, more than one million seals have been murdered in less than three years
  • Re-certification: Three Companies in the Baur Group Have Their Environmental Management System Successfully Inspected  By : Lisa Wand
    They were excited about the successful inspection of the Baur Group’s environmental management (from left to right): Baur division manager Erhard Ströhl, DQS auditor Dr Knut Stärker, Baur environmental management commissioner Meike Jung, Baur department head Frank Mechtold and the chairman of the Baur Group board Horst Bergmann
  • Ruby Jewellery – The Birthstone For July  By : John S Stewart
    Ruby Jewellery

    Rubies are stones in the corundum family, which are basic aluminium oxides, coloured by other minerals Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are all essentially the same stone, with different coloration, but rubies, especially the very precious and rare ‘pigeon-blood’ ones are the most sought after of all
  • Are They Glad You’re In Their Lives?  By : Allan Cox
    Who are the most significant people in your life How do they view you
  • Japanese Grocery at Your Doorstep  By : Ken Dillo
    It seems like you can buy anything online these days You can even purchase your groceries online
  • Alarming Decline in Seal Population in Scotland and Britain  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    There are actually two types of seals in the UK and Scotland that make permanent homes there On occasion other seals will stop in while making their way to different homes
  • Jewellery From India  By : Vivek Agarwal
    Indian Jewellery has for centuries been admired and sought after The beautiful designs, expert craftsmanship and use of precious stones like diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralds encrusted in Gold and Silver have been aspired and sought by generations
  • Helping Seals to Survive  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    Conservation of all things natural is necessary This includes conservation of marine animals such as seals
  • Are Seals Secure in the UK?  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    Millions of people believe that seals are safe and secure in the UK They are under the belief that seals are being protected by the Conservation of Seals Act of 1970
  • Timeshares In Britain Including New Year Traditional Hogmanay In Scotland  By : Dean Nixon
    Timeshares throughout Britain come in all formats

    They’ve shown to be specifically well-liked in Scotland, presumably a result of the ready accessibility to amazing mountains, magnificent landscapes along with an incredible shoreline
  • “Clever Mobile Phone Disposal” Campaign: State Secretary Melanie Huml Receives 180 Old Mobile Phones From Baur Group Employees  By : Lisa Wand
    In May and June 2012 the Bavarian Ministry of State for the Environment and Health set up collection boxes for old unused mobile phones in various schools, agencies and companies with the motto “Clever mobile phone disposal” The goal of this campaign was to sensitize the public to the topic of raw material recycling
  • Lessons I Learned From 50 Shades of Grey  By : Kim Olver
    Recently, I got a lot of mileage about two articles I wrote for wwwyourtango
  • Search and Find Your Happiness  By : Mat Veni
    What is happiness, how to be happy, am I happy, to be happy I need
  • Significance of Studying Ethics: 3 Areas Under Ethics  By : Greg Garner
    There are many things in life that we can avoid studying without any dire consequences Few of us study, for example, molecular biology or quantum mechanics, but most of us are able to live quite well without any of the knowledge that makes up such disciplines
  • Is There Any Room For Ethics in Our Present Society: 3 Points  By : Greg Garner
    Ethics is something seriously neglected in our contemporary society Today, we are so often driven by the spirit of the age and our lives are so busy, that we literally forget to be humans
  • Don’t Ever Think You Can’t Be a Victim  By : Doug Harper
    A violent Crime every 17 seconds A woman raped every 45 seconds in the United States
  • Unusual Facts About Storm Drain Catch Basins  By : Kana Pipeline
    Are you aware storm drain catch basins were used by ancient civilizations Basins played a vital role in helping farmers acquire water to irrigate their crops
  • Think You Won’t Ever Be Attacked? Think Again  By : Doug Harper
    Whether you are a man, woman or child your chance of being attacked, robbed, molested or raped is one in five Whether you’re a former military person, police officer or martial arts expert you need the proper tools to defend yourself against surprise attack
  • Timberland Pro: They Go the Extra Mile!  By : Jake Ambrose
    If you’re looking for a really good, quality and comfortable boot for a construction job – you need to look no farther than Timberland Pro boots These boots have a touch and rugged sole that allows your boot to grip to the surface, but these boots also offer a strong shank, roomy toe area and a steel toe option as well
  • Using Japanese Translation To Increase Trade  By : Charlene Lacandazo
    Of all of the cultures of the world in which to do business there can be none where etiquette in daily activities and those in business are more important Communication with businesses in Japan needs to show respect for their culture and traditions and the best way of doing this is to use a Japanese translation service to ensure that all of the business communication you deliver is wholly appropriate in tone and content
  • National Lottery Needed  By : Louis F Mlecka
    Establishing a National Lottery in the United States is the best course for Congress and the President to take that will raise money to help meet the budget.
  • Stage Fright – Tips to Get Through a Speech  By : Ben Greenwood
    Stage fright can cause anxiety and trepidation in even the most confident of people Whether it be an important business pitch, introducing yourself to a new group of people or a best man’s speech, public speaking can be an absolutely nerve wracking experience
  • 10 Tips to Help You With Your Stage Fright  By : Ben Greenwood
    Public speaking and performing on stage are some of the most common fears of most human beings Negative reactions of the performer will also add to his or her stage fright
  • Vintage Long Sleeved Dresses Make Sense  By : James Brooks
    Style and elegance abound in dress choices, with many dress shapes to chose from, but no more so than with the long sleeved versions When you need to exude class, sophistication & mystique rather than glamour, exuberance or party-readiness then give the low cut, strappy styles a miss and go for longer sleeves
  • Jump For a Woman’s Playsuit  By : James Brooks
    Derived from practical work-wear, playsuits and jumpsuits don’t have to look like garments for going to the building site or factory in But would you be happy arranging if the banking clerk or travel agent was wearing a playsuit, even if it was a woman
  • How to Use Psychic Runes For a Psychic Reading  By : Rachels Saxon
    Runes have been used for hundreds of years and the use of these in a psychic reading can give you both wisdom and insight into a problem that may be in your aura at present Each symbol on a rune stone has a special meaning and it is amazing how accurately they tend to portray your current situation
  • Find the Best Ways to Connect With Your Psychic Side  By : Rachels Saxon
    Most people are born psychic and almost have no difficulty in connecting to that side of the brain A great many times that side of your brain is dulled down in childhood as a result of adults scoffing at invisible friends and not taking adequate care of the development of the intuitive side of a child’s brain
  • How to Get the Best From a Psychic Reading  By : Rachels Saxon
    Being psychic myself I have spent a great deal of time around other intuitive people, both beginners and veterans The sum result of this is I have listened to and received many readings myself
  • How to Develop Your Inner Psychic Abilities the Real Way  By : Rachels Saxon
    Most people have psychic abilities even if the majority of the people take little or no notice of them How many times have you started to move towards the telephone even before the first ring
  • Find Tea Leaf Pyschics Online  By : Rachels Saxon
    Tea leaf psychics are very interesting although this method is somewhat dated I had my first tea leaf reading when I was twelve years old and it left a decided impression on my mind
  • Do Your Part In Fighting Crime  By : Cori N. Baker
    We are all wary about our personal safety but we must have to admit that most people are not really conscious about doing something to keep everyone else safe or to contribute to the safety of all aside from our own selves Contributing to public safety may be overwhelming at first thought but it is not actually difficult to do
  • How To Safely Use Stun Guns  By : Cori N. Baker
    One of the most popular ways to employ self defense these days is the use of modern self defense methods More and more people prefer to use them since they provide a lot of benefits
  • Timberland Pro: Giving You a Choice in Your Footwear  By : Jake Ambrose
    Timberland Pro is one of those shoe brands that really give you a wide array of choices Whether you are lacing up for your job or you simply want to relax and have some fun on your off time – Timberland Pro has everything you need to get your day started
  • Timberland Pro: A Cut Above the Rest  By : Jake Ambrose
    When it comes time for you to start shopping for a new pair of boots for hard work or play, you should really start thinking about higher cuts of Timberland Pro boots A lot of the work boots out there are simply a different version of “sneakers” – they use different materials, but they offer little protection
  • How to Market For a Theatre Performance  By : Ben Greenwood
    One of the hardest parts of putting on a theatre performance is knowing how to actually get people interested in watching the fruits of your labour What may have seemed straightforward at first becomes vastly more challenging when you realise that you have to spend hours of rehearsal time on marketing and advertising, but the good news is that there are a lot of ways to make things easier for yourselves
  • Solaris Medical Wellness Appreciates Patient Feedback  By : Gen Wright
    Dr. Ken McWilliams, providing hormone replacement therapy in Chandler, encourages patients to leave reviews of Solaris Medical Wellness to help improve care offered.
  • Effective Self Defense Tips You Need To Know About  By : Cori N. Baker
    When it comes to protecting yourself, you should not take any chances If you are given the opportunity to learn about ways on how to defend yourself, you need to grab it
  • Survey: Americans’ Views On Health Of Nation  By : James Edholm
    Brief reflection on the state of the US health system and what the general public thinks about it.
  • Japanese Tsunami Aftermaths Don’t Make Us Wait  By : Natalia Krasnyanskaya
    Tsunami in Japan 2011 has become a major catastrophe, but not for Japanese people solely Its longstanding consequences are going to clash over other countries, which should be prepared to face it appropriately
  • Views of Motivation(Adolf Hitler)  By : Morgan D
    The Article Potrays the Views Of Motivation By Adolf Hitler
  • 5 Basic Self Defense Tips  By : Cori N. Baker
    Self defense is one important thing that people need to learn about but is not given due importance or attention Personal and property safety should always be a priority of any individual
  • Stun Guns And Tasers – Pros And Cons  By : Cori N. Baker
    If you have done even a little bit of research regarding self defense, you surely have encountered modern weapons such as stun guns and tasers These are just 2 of the most common and most popular types of modern self defense weapons available out there in the market
  • Important Facts About Stun Guns  By : Cori N. Baker
    Stun guns are basically gadgets or weapons which utilizes electric shock to temporarily disable the movement of a person It is very similar in terms of operation and popularity as the taser
  • How To Find The Most Appropriate Self Defense Devices For You  By : Cori N. Baker
    Personal protection can be accomplished in different ways The use of a self defense device is one of them
  • Kenyas’ Economic Aspect  By : Morgan D
    The Article is a discussion Of The Economy Aspect In Kenya
  • Power Up With Portable Solar Power Kits  By : Ryan Pauline
    Nowadays, our lives rely heavily on gadgets Most of our school, work and personal related depend on the newest and fastest technological devices
  • Australian Public Service and Environment  By : Morgan D
    The Article describes the Australian Public Service and Environment:
  • Fashion Forecast For Summer  By : AZURA C
    Fashion changes with change in season It is comfortable to dress according to the season
  • Demographic Analysis Of Chicago  By : Morgan D
    The Article will Describe The Demographic Analysis Of Chicago
  • Why Women Need Leather and Suede Jackets  By : James Brooks
    Leather jackets for women are probably a much more diverse affair than their male counterparts, spanning as they do the whole spectrum of formality, from the rough and ready tasselled biker jacket to chic and subtle evening wear This wide range of styles has ensured the leather jacket has survived many a fashion renaissance and will probably go on fitting the bill whatever direction style takes
  • Maxi Skirts – Take Fashion to the Max  By : James Brooks
    At first look, the maxi skirt is to the mini skirt what the Austin Maxi was to the Mini – a piece of 70s frumpery compared to its sexy 60s … erm … mother But that is to completely miss the point
  • Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Getting Pregnant  By : Nancy Morgan
    Making the decision to have a child is never one that can be taken lightly There are a lot of very unique and personal factors to be taken into consideration – your relationship status, your financial status, where you are in your professional life and many other factors are things that vary from woman to woman and will be a big part of her eventual, very personal decision
  • The People’s Program: People Helping People  By : Jacob Coroner
    It has always been said that networking systems work on the premise of people helping people And while this is not always true (some of these systems are associated with pyramiding and matrix schemes), a lot of people are still tempted to do this mainly because of one thing: very easy money
  • Nike TN Footwear – Read About It  By : Chad Henners
    Nike Inc has always been a pacesetter in the design of modern athletic footwear
  • Supra Shoes – Read About It  By : Chad Henners
    Supra Footwear was launched in 2005 to create fashionable and stylish footwear for the skateboarding industry Angel Cabada was a skateboarder and entrepreneur who branched out from making skateboarding apparel to skateboarding sneakers
  • New Balance Shoes  By : Chad Henners
    Another leading supplier of athletic footwear in the world is New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc, or simply known as New Balance
  • Nike Shox – Read More About It  By : Chad Henners
    Nike Inc, the world’s foremost dealer of athletic shoes and equipment, has an advanced line of athletic footwear which provides improved stability, comfort and maximum performance: the Nike Shox series
  • Love the Cartoon With Nike Dunk High  By : Ryan Paulin
    Nike Dunk High is a very popular trend these days when it comes to Street wear One of the very cool ideas they have is to imprint famous characters on their shoes to make it more unique
  • Nike Dunk is Still a Statement This 2012  By : Ryan Paulin
    Nike Dunk is one of the most famous shoe styles in Nike They have been producing these types of sport wear shoes for 24 years
  • Nike Goes Feminine  By : Ryan Paulin
    Have you seen rubber shoes with heels Nike Dunk Heels are really mesmerizing
  • Nike TN  By : Chad Henners
    Nike, the world’s leading supplier of athletic footwear, accessories and sports equipment, has always been an innovator in the design of modern athletic footwear Their years of continuous research and testing to create the most user-friendly footwear have made them into the global corporation that they are today
  • Cosmetic Dentist In Roswell Stands Out Among The Rest  By : Gen Wright
    Dr. Wyman Martin, Roswell cosmetic dentist, offers exceptional dental service for patients of all ages.
  • Mining Face-To-Face Interaction Networks  By : Morgan D
    This Article describes the Mining Face-To-Face Interaction Networks Methodologies
  • If Public Schools Were a Business, All of Top Management Would Be Fired  By : Bruce Deitrick Price
    If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be comical Our schools seem to be run by Italian cruise ship captains
  • Let’s Get Busy Saving the Public Schools  By : Bruce Deitrick Price
    Many pundits note that our public schools are sunk in mediocrity Bill Gates concluded the schools are so bad they threaten the country’s economic future
  • Latin Culture  By : Morgan D
    This article will take you through history relation to language growth and top culture
  • Why Retro Sportswear is a Winner For Men  By : James Brooks
    We take sportswear for granted nowadays to the point where only a fraction of the clothing made by the big sportswear manufacturers is actually bought for performing athletic activities Walk into a modern sports retailer and you’ll see hundreds of types and brands of trainers, tops, caps and trousers (and the occasional pair of shorts) that will probably never see a running track, football field or baseball diamond
  • 1950s Dresses and Skirts  By : Sally R Johnson
    The 1950s era might seem like ancient history to anyone under he age of 21, separated as it is by two or three generations and filmed mainly in 2D black and white But the roots of our social and style attitudes can all be traced back to this period
  • How to Successfully Plan For Your Dream Wedding  By : Jessica Rampy
    The wedding day is among one of the most important dates you will experience in life, but there is a huge expectation on everyone to produce the most intricate wedding possible and this leads to huge price-tags You can take a few steps to rein in your spending and stick to a budget
  • Valkyries, Harpies, Angels, And Mother Goose  By : Michelle Snyder
    Prehistoric survival required knowledge of approximate astronomy, largely based on knowledge of the location of north; at one time true north was not the North Star, but Cygnus, the swan constellation in the Milky Way This constellation is at the root of many bird mythologies, carried through time with oral tradition, mythologies, and children’s stories like Mother Goose
  • Time to Get Sporty With Fashion, Girls  By : Sally R Johnson
    While sportswear doesn’t seem all that odd on men in a non-sporting context, it’s still relatively unusual on women It’s a strange thing, really, as both men and women engage in sport as participants and as spectators, so there shouldn’t be any more distancing in this respect
  • What is Microfinance?  By : Liz Strawford
    Ever since Kiva was founded in the USA in 2005, word has spread about microloans and their popularity has grown However, many people are still unaware of how microloans work, therefore a definition is required
  • Charity Gifts For Different Characters  By : Liz Strawford
    You may have heard about charity giving It’s been featured in the press several times before and the idea of “giving a goat for charity” seems to have caught the public imagination pretty well
  • Nostradamus 2012 And The Art Of Successful Prediction  By : Morten St. George
    2012 is proving to be a record-setting year on the sheer quantity of Nostradamus predictions Beyond the Mayan end-of-the-world event, a shaky global economy, an upcoming presidential election, and a looming crisis in the Middle East combine to create a flourishing environment for prophecy
  • Politician Mart  By : Rick McBride
    Respectfully recognizing politicians as the marketed commodities they are, and a broad suggestion for fixxing a broken political system: Once we love the concept, we’ll work out the details.
  • Richmond Heaters on the Go!!!  By : Dale Howe
    Richmond water heaters are one of the most reliable and best water heaters in the world These heaters are easily available for purchase through the internet as well as in ground retail stores
  • The Mysterious Green Man  By : Michelle Snyder
    Perhaps you know someone with the proverbial “green thumb” It seems every plant they touch thrives
  • Teenage Marijuana Use No Justification For Murder  By : Todd A. Smith
    I was sitting in a ninth grade science class when the classroom discussion shifted to teenage marijuana use One of my classmates, who happened to be White, stated that everyone at our high school had experimented with marijuana use in the past
  • Come On; Stereotype of Blacks, Chicken Not That Serious  By : Todd A. Smith
    Come on Black people I mean, you are seriously upset at Mary J
  • Introduction to Symbology: The Double Eagle  By : Michelle Snyder
    Pictures and images surround us every day, competing for our attention They tell us about things we could have, do, and avoid
  • Gothic Architecture  By : Morgan D
    This article will look into the history of gothic architecture in europe.
  • Explaining the Popularity of Denim Jackets  By : Chris Hake
    In the pantheon of casual wear, the denim jacket occupies an especially revered corner It’s the go-anywhere, do-anything jacket, equally at home on the red carpet sporting a designer label as it is flapping in the wind on a motorcyclist’s back
  • The Long and Short of Denim Shorts  By : Nigel Cooper
    Next time you’re in a vintage clothing store sliding your way through a pole of superb denim shorts, ponder this: many of them might have started life as an everyday pair of jeans, but some of them might have had even more exotic origins, such as being a denim jacket or a pair of dungarees And by the same reckoning, they might end their lives as a pocket or a button … but that’s probably too distressing to think about
  • GEEK Lifestyle and GEEK Tee Shirts  By : Asim SHEIKH
    Nerds, so, what are these individuals Nerds or even brainiacs actually are most commonly regarded as extremely savvy, excellent in academic hobbies, video gaming titles and moreover have actually any wide variety of pastimes together with participating in role-playing gaming applications, sci-fi and additionally comic books
  • Online Charity Marketing – Why It’s So Important  By : Mike Grindy
    One of the strange things about the internet is the fact that charities are rather poorly represented When have you ever come across a charity site by accident when looking for something else
  • Education: A Walk on the Wild Side  By : Bruce Deitrick Price
    [SUMMARY: Public schools are bad because the Education Establishment, for 75 years, has made them that way]

    Feeling brave

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