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  • How Will Brexit Affect UK Farming  By : Declan Ellis
    The UK farming and agricultural industry face a nervous and uncertain wait to see whether or not they will still receive European funding following Brexit.
  • A Strategic Engagement With The European Union  By : Jill M. Clevenger
    With Modi having developed an excellent rapport with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, it would make economic and strategic sense for India to partner Europe. The Franco-German project can be a starter
  • Is the Senator a Corporate Man?  By : RA Jones
    Recently I stood with millions of other clear mined Americans against HR 1599, the Dark Act What this Bill will enact is to make it illegal for food or food products that are or contain Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) to be labeled as such within the borders of the United States Of America
  • Menagerization – Illusions of the Elite  By : RA Jones
    Menagerization – Is the process of creating a false world view or representation designed to convince a target audience that the presentation is a representation of reality The practice of Menagerization is a form of management of animals or lesser humans for the benefit of an elite class
  • What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?  By : Jerry Gahan
    The Trans Pacific Partnership is a disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, the environment and the foundations of American democracy. It will also negatively impact some of the poorest people in the world. The TPP is a treaty that has been written
  • 6 Myths and Lies About Terrorism  By : Paul A Philips
    The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayers’ money in the name of protecting its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of reasons…
  • Voting 4 Reasons Not To and 1 Reason To Vote  By : Paul A Philips
    Voting is an illusion of choice. There is no democracy because the major party politicians are there do the deeds for the corporations/banks… ultimately they don’t serve we-the-people…
  • 911 Cover-Ups Crimes and ‘Coincidences..?’  By : Paul A Philips
    So, given this, not an exhaustive list, but here are some of those startling ‘coincidences’ related to 911. Do they suggest hidden crimes contrary to the official story..?
  • Paedophilia, Satanic Abuse And Our Culture Of Denial  By : Paul A Philips
    There have been many accusations and allegations related to establishment paedophilia and satanic abuse… involving certain individuals in high places…
  • Can’t Remove The Right To Bear Arms? No Worries, We Will Just Remove The Arms  By : RA Jones
    On 26 Aug 2014, I was sitting in a waiting room just waiting for my name to be called when I noticed a newspaper sitting on the chair next to me The newspaper (Washington Times) was open to the Commentary Section
  • Paul Chehade – How We Can End The Poverty In America.  By : Laura Moore
    I propose a goal that, in order to be accomplished, returns America to prosperity by creating an economy so strong that it will enable us to end poverty in America. Paul Chehade.
  • Deliberate Illegal Immigration and The Globalist Collapse Of The USA  By : Paul A Philips
    Currently, in the case of the North American Union, as part of the intentions to create this super state, to fuse together the neighbouring countries, secret plans have been put in place to not only allow but also fund mass illegal immigration across the borders and into the United States.
  • President Obama’s Clean Air Initiative  By : Edward DuCoin
    President’s Clean Air Initiative, Thoughts on President’s Clean Air Initiative, What is the President’s Clean Air Initiative,
  • Nigel Farage, UKIP Victory and 4 Things You Should Know About Voting  By : Paul A Philips
    Recent Euro-triumphant Nigel Farage and UKIP have indeed been splashed all over the UK newspapers. With so many voters leaving their traditional choices; labour, conservative and the lib-democrats in favour of UKIP… does UKIP’s success create real possibility for politics? Is this the start of having a system that will be based more on fairness, truth, honesty and integrity towards we-the-people..?
  • A Cold Economic Winter  By : Dennis Stapp
    This past winter was a little crazy, cold, and many people were paying high prices for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as the winter ‘crisis’ unfolded. Here is Alabama we had investigative news stories on local LNG dealers gouging customers. While I would like to say that all that is past, I think that this upcoming year might even be worse.
  • Blaming Single Moms  By : Jessica Rector
    Why are certain Republicans in the House blaming single moms for ruining the fabric of America? It’s as though they single handedly are doing harm to society. What happened to all the men who have left them as single moms? Where is their responsibility or does that not exist? According to these Republicans, it’s only the single moms who are responsible. Discover why they think so and what their solution is.
  • The Money Deception And US Dollar Symbolism  By : Paul A Philips
    The usurping of peoples work energies and money earned: Lack of money, scarcity, financial hardship, debt, poverty…etc created by the greed driven enslavement agenda of the hidden powers that be and their corporations / banking systems for the NWO agenda continue to rule by our fear. Fear of not surviving…
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: My Reasons Why The Official Explanation Is A Cover Up  By : Paul A Philips
    The official explanation of what happened with the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 does not add up. Following the plane’s mysterious disappearance and grossly incompetent handling of the flight’s radar signature, the Malaysian government want us to believe that it crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean… This does not add up for a number of reasons. Suggestions of an obvious cover up has been left out in mainstream media…
  • South African Women  By : Bobby Buys
    Since the watershed democratic elections of 1994 many laws have been passed to oust gender discrimination in South Africa. On paper, the country has one of the most progressive legal frameworks for protecting women’s rights. However, the gap between principle and practice persists, and in real life South African society is still largely a conservative, patriarchal one.
  • The Conflict In Crimea, Ukraine And Russia  By : Alex HD
    The crimea crisis and the will of the people should be respected. The governments of the west should not intervene. If the people of Crimea want to be with Russia, the wishes of the people should be respected.
  • Mexican Energy Reform: Will Politics Continue to Stall the Reform?  By : Edward DuCoin
    Mexico has been struggling to keep up with its own demand for electricity for decades. So far it’s been able to keep its head above water – but just barely. With little “operational margin” to work with, the Government owned electricity distribution monopoly has stayed mere steps ahead of demand.
  • Hot Topic- America Has A Chemical Relapse Problem!  By : Pastor Sabra Johnson
    The Chemical relapse rate (Which is returning to a behavior one attempted to quit) for addictive drugs ranges from 50% on the low end to 90% on the high end [Adolescent Illicit Drug Use-Understanding and Addressing the Problem. (2005).] In a recent survey, 66.5% of high school seniors reported drinking alcohol and 31.5% reported using weed in the last 12 months. Pastor Sabra Believes Jesus is the answer.
  • Hot Topic- America Has A Criminal Recidivism Problem!  By : Pastor Sabra Johnson
    Crime and Punishment in America. Pastor Sabra believes the justice system in America including it prison systems are meaningful pieces to curb crime; however, Pastor Sabra Sabra says Hope, Compassion and Shared- Ownership are equally effective in curbing crime. A look into the justice system.
  • Hate Without Borders  By : Devon Grey
    Since Vladimir Putin outlawed public displays of affection by gay couples in Russia, there has been a major backlash in political gestures from world leaders and social media. Vague statutes within this no-touch law, gays are not only facing punishment for kissing but even for holding hands and walking together on the street.
  • Tuffy The Obama Rodeo Clown Wants His Life Back  By : Tuffy Gessling
    After numerous death threats, political censorship and being deprived of the ability to make a living, Thomas Gessling (Tuffy the Clown), is ready to talk about what really happened on the 10th of August 2013 when he did what he always had done in the past; entertain the rodeo fans.
  • Is $8-$10 an Hour Slave Labour?  By : JamieMcIntyre
    Original article by Jamie McIntyre published in 21st Century News

    How can Australians feel wealthier instantly
  • The Real Voice of America  By : David Curtis
    November 19, 1863 – Four and a half months following the defeat of the Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln stood at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery and delivered one of the most influential speeches in …
  • The Women’s Voice Is Revolutionary: Women and the Arab Spring  By : Zaha Kheir
    A brief account on how seven female activist from Egypt introduced their work to Germany and changes my view about the revolution, the women’s movement and political activism.
  • Waking Up To The Tyranny Of Too Much Government  By : Shane Flait
    Some of you know, some have an ‘inkling’, and some haven’t a clue. But the fact is your government is growing continually bigger, becoming more controlling of you, slipping into denying you rights that historically have been considered fundamental or inalienable, and criminalizing segments of society who’ve done nothing wrong. Most western democracies now fulfill these characterizations and thereby tyrannize you.
  • Quincy Timberlake: Who Will Defend Kenyans Should the ICC Fail Us?  By : Wolf Blitser
    PlaCenta Party of Kenya’s presidential candidate Quincy Timberlake has been known to fight, humiliate and expose Kenyan Government officials for their impunity, corruption, toxic graft, extra-judicial killings, forceful deportation of targetted communities, unequal wealth distribution based on ethnic lines and so forth. He also organizes peaceful protests.

    He was forced into exile after narrowly escaping bullets fired by unknown assassins.
  • Cold War and U.S. Intelligence  By : Albert Kenneth Carrozza
    The current budget for intelligence in the United States of America is in the billions of dollars range, the actual numbers known only by those privy to accurate figures, at the same time KGB funding by Russia increases under the Putin regime.
  • The Andrew Mitchell Fiasco  By : Peter Burton
    An article that expresses my sadness and despair about the way a British politician and police officers have been embroiled in a ‘yes you did’ ‘no I didn’t’ tussle for a whole year.
    This as a result of the weakness of the criminal justice system’s approach to dealing with issues of this kind.
    I suggest that using a restorative approach in situations like this is the best approach.
  • Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Know  By : Jean Claude Dehmel II
    cursory analysis of senate immigration bill s744 by immigration attorney opposed to the legislation
  • Who Shut Down the Government?  By : Thomas Sowell
    Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans. …
  • Why Tell The Story Of Philip Reid After Slavery?  By : Dr Eugene Walton
    One of my major interests in Black History has been American Slavery and how it shaped the attitudes of Americans, black and white. At the root of this negativism has been the tendency of historians to view and report on enslaved Black in cld,impersonal terms, such a “slaves,” with no human attitude or emotional aspects mentioned.
  • Why No Liberty Cap On The Nation’s Capitol?  By : Dr Eugene Walton
    Why No Liberty Cap on the Nation’s Capitol?

    Thomas Crawford created a statue for the dome of the U.S. Capitol, including a Liberty Cap..( worn by Roman freed slaves to signal the change in their status to free men and women). But Lincoln’s Secretary of War JEFFERSON DAVIS (future President of the Confederacy) rejected the Liberty Cap design and forced Thomas Crawford to redo his submission without the cap.
  • The Future of Australian Economy in Jeopardy With Government Attacks on Small Businesses  By : JamieMcIntyre
    Original article by Jamie McIntyre published in 21st Century News

    Local businesses should be given the opportunity to grow as small business is the engine room of an economy
  • MDC Files Zimbabwe Vote Court Challenge  By : Polly Crick
    The spokesman said his party has evidence of names which appeared more than once on the voters’ roll.
  • The Center For Political Accountability Is Aiding Corporate Political Spending Transparency  By : T. Narvaez
    Following its establishment, CPA has grown into a leading practitioner in improving disclosure of donations to political causes. From the beginning, the group has engaged shareholders and companies in the process.
  • Somali Piracy Interview  By : Jennifer Dodgson
    The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) is an international forum composed of nations with an interest in combatting the pirate threat. Given the number of navies currently engaged in patrols in the Gulf of Aden, a means of …
  • Do You Know The Demands of Aam Aadmi Party  By : Ankit Sharma
    : Nothing in this world is perfect. And when we talk about the Indian electoral system or the political structure or even the present governance of India, it can be easily concluded that they are far away from what we call perfection.
  • The Devolution of Al Qaeda  By : Katie Smith
    The Islamic Extremist movement has been undergoing a further devolution of late, one which prominent leaders within the network have been advocating for a number of years now.
  • The Futility of a War That Talks Could Have Ended: Reflections On The Afghan Conflict  By : Michael Noonan
    The incoherence of American and Western policy in Afghanistan, after the opening of talks with the Taliban. The very organisation which NATO had sought to vanquish by military means for the past ten years.
  • Recognize The Five Elements Common To Tyrannical ‘Isms’  By : Shane Flait
    Communism and Nazism are two of the tyrannical ‘isms’ that produced untold misery and death in the first half of the 20th century. Their propaganda seduced countless millions into their control. But more ‘isms’ of tyranny are now forming. If we don’t recognize their common elements we’ll succumb to them again – as we are doing. Here’s how to recognize them…
  • Politics In Belarus  By : Katie Smith
    After seven decades as a constituent republic of the USSR, Belarus attained its independence in 1991. It has retained closer political and economic ties to Russia than any of the other former Soviet republics. Belarus and Russia signed a treaty on a two-state union on 8 December 1999 envisioning greater political and economic integration.
  • Hooray For America  By : Faye Riva Cohen, Esquire
    I recently returned from a lovely trip to Prague, the Czech Republic and Rome and Sorrento, Italy. Although I have visited Italy many times, and I am always impressed by its beauty, history, excellent food and fine design, the trip to Prague was an …
  • A Brief Article on John F. Kennedy  By : Bonny Blake
    In the life of this great country, a few of its presidents have emerged from the group as truly memorable historic much more than others.In current thought, there is probably no other president that brings up emotions of respect and appreciation as much as that of John F. Kennedy.
  • A Travesty Of Western Justice  By : Morgan McFinn
    Quilt of Western nations motivates U.N. trial of the Khmer Rouge. Little, if any, compensation awarded to survivors of the victims.
  • Why Bipartisanship Is Harmful To America  By : Corey L Rollins
    Instead of progress, what bipartisanship actually promotes, is the reinforcement of the failing status quo. It’s best to think of bipartisanship as a settlement. One in which financial lobbying interests reach a compromise. It’s not hard to see this, when you keep in mind the special interests of very powerful companies, unions, other groups, and how these special interest groups will be impacted by legislation.
  • Great Strategies To Counter Financial Crisis  By : Chris Snow
    That we are faced with a hideous financial disaster perpetrated over time by the deficit spending of governments and central banks, fractional reserve banking of fiat currency, electronic credit propagation of more fiat currency, excessive printing by way of quantitative easing of even more fiat currency, has all told decreased the value of the US Dollar by more than 95% since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was born to haunt us until our fiat end.
  • Who’s Really To Blame?  By : Charles Frank
    No one can deny that we’re in economic trouble. However there is serious disagreement on whose to blame for this mess that we’re in. In the midst of the finger pointing, the following article is designed to give you some “food for thought” on the real culprit(s) of the situation that we find ourselves in.
  • Public Housing Turns To Resident Advisors On Boards  By : Marie Hadel
    This is important because living in public housing can seem like you’re an invisible cog in a bureaucracy. Resident advisory boards can keep that feeling at bay by giving residents a chance to take an active role in what happens around them and helping them to build a social support network.
  • The Effects of the Financial Crisis  By : Chris Snow
    The financial crisis is well under way. We have already seen what central governments can do in order to induce local governments to pay off their debt. In the Cyprus debt crisis, depositors with more than the European Union guaranteed deposit of Euro 100,000 were levied a 40% tax on their deposits thus averting the country from going bankrupt. This is not to mention the bondholders and stockholders of various Cypriot banks who were wiped out.
  • The Growing Middle Class in Mexico  By : Mo Maya
    As of 2012, Mexico is the North American leader in middle class growth.The fact that Mexico’s middle class is growing should not be a surprise to most people: As an industrious and family-friendly nation, it was only a matter of time. However, the timing of Mexico’s rise of Middle Class Growth is quite impressive.
  • Is Rudd Good For Australia Even if He Failed As a Prime Minister?  By : JamieMcIntyre
    Australia could in fact be better off if ex Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is brought back as the leader of the Labor party, despite the fact that Labor is still not likely to win the election

    Hypothetically, if Mr Rudd is in power again, he will seek revenge against those who removed him undemocratically from Prime Ministership
  • Will Australia Benefit by Turning Northern Australia Into a Special Economic Zone?  By : JamieMcIntyre
    The vision to develop Northern Australia and the opposition’s consideration to implement those plans is an essential step towards the economic progress of the country

    Northern Australia is a perfect spot for an economic zone to boost Australia’s wealth
  • Online and Bank Cash Advance Lending Legislation Begins With A Bill  By : Holly Petherbridge
    New legislation is on the horizon for online and bank offered payday loans, cash advances. A new bill has been introduced as a much needed response to Native American Tribes and bank short-term loans which are presently not required to follow state short-term loan regulations.
  • City Business Tax Late Fees  By : Mark Shapiro
    Every year, I called my S.J. company license dept. and asked why I never got an original invoice, only the late notice. The person always stated they did mail me their first notice several months ago; but after three years in a row, now I believe this may be a scam.
  • My Favorite Government Handout  By : Morgan McFinn
    This essay addresses the current political/economic crisis in the U.S.A. The author has lived abroad for 20 years during which time he has come to appreciate and respect where he came from more than where he has been. All the best to the U.S. of A.
  • Confronting the African Political Dilemma  By : Z. Allan Ntata
    The challenge concerning moral and productive political leadership in Africa is essentially the age-old conflict between patriotism and personal gain. For a long time in Africa, this conflict has favoured personal gain because of the agendas that …
  • ‘Ways to Improve Australia #2: Government Spending Should Be Removed From the Control of Politicians’  By : JamieMcIntyre
    Australia needs an Independent Board such as the Reserve Bank Board to oversee government spending

    I strongly feel of all the 101 Ways To Improve Australia I have listed in this book, this is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to improve Australia
  • Tired of All the Washington Gridlock and Congress Bashing? We’re Going to DC to Do Something About It!  By : Paula Vigneault And Delia Horwitz
    How important is collaboration and cooperation in your life Even more crucial than you realize
  • ‘Ways to Improve Australia #1: Create a New Political System  By : JamieMcIntyre
    The creation of a new political system is a radical concept, but why have political parties at all Do our current political parties really serve the citizens’ interest in the most effective way
  • Prohibition in a Market Economy  By : Jeffrey Dhywood
    Drug prohibition violates the law of supply and demand, and therefore is not practically and efficiently enforceable in a market economy, with catastrophic consequences. It promotes the emergence of a class of super-capitalists, the drug traffickers, operating unencumbered by the rule of law. Thus an activity declared illegal and therefore criminal lead to an explosion of real crime. Corruption and violence become the rule of law.
  • By Treaty, We Owe It To the Indians To Save The Salmon, We Can Do This  By : Ronald A Newcomb
    The author argues at some length that salmon can be saved along with most, but not all, dams currently impeding their passage by devolving the Kaplan generator back to a full Archimedes screw and slowing the flows to allow bi-directional fish passage. He provides additional resources, a website with more arguments, to back the claim. This is a century old problem as of 2013.
  • Tragic Death in Delhi  By : Peter B Yard
    If you feel outraged by the tragic death of the 23 year old woman in Delhi, this article suggests how to transform the desire for revenge into a more compassionate, heartfelt response using the power of empathy.
  • Politicians Can’t Seize The High Ground  By : Scott F Paradis
    Seizing the moral high ground has long been understood as a political tactic commanding power. People assume in the end right will triumph. The only down side to this strategy – those actually seizing the high ground must be moral.
  • The Best Policy On Afghanistan For The US  By : Morgan D
    The Article is Based on Best Policy On Afghanstan For The US.
  • The Selling of a President  By : Jerry Bader
    There are many things online businesses can learn from the recent American Presidential election and you don’t have to be an American to appreciate their significance Presidential elections are exercises in marketing big ideas, and big ideas are the key to marketing success
  • ASIC Chief is Doing a Good Job by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    I think Greg Medcraft, who’s been head of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for the last year, has done a good job compared to his predecessors

    Regulators should work cooperatively with the industry to better regulate industries they oversee
  • Does Australia Need a New Political Force? By Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    According to a recent article in the Australian Financial Review, if an election was held now and voting wasn’t compulsory there would be record low voter turnout because on the whole, Australians aren’t happy with our current political leaders and choices

    As shown in the Queensland election, Labor voters have deserted their party in droves and it appears largely based on Federal issues
  • The Gillard Government Has to Go; And the National Broadband Network Plan in Tatters by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    As highlighted several times, the NBN is one of the biggest wastes of money any Australian Government has ever committed to And according to Kevin Morgan of the Australian Newspaper it, “is hopelessly behind schedule and its plan in tatters”
  • Do We Have Free Press and a Democracy in Australia? And the Fairfax Saga Continues by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    According to Treasurer Swan, Gina Rinehart becoming the major shareholder in Fairfax is a threat to democracy

    I find this interesting
  • Trends Support Australians Want a New Political System and Don’t Like Compulsory Voting by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    One fifth of eligible voters, almost 3 million people choose not to vote according to the Financial Review

    It appears the land of compulsory voting is breeding non voters in large numbers
  • Payroll Taxes Imposed by Greedy State Governments Will Lead to a Continued Loss of Australian Jobs by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    State governments impose taxes on companies who employ staff in their state

    The rates vary slightly between each state but generally it’s 4 – 5% tax on top of each employee’s salary above a low threshold, capturing almost all small businesses and larger
  • Australia’s Debt Tops $200 Billion After Government Borrows $100 Million Per Day – Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    On Friday our nation’s debt went over $200 billion for the first time ever We borrowed $3
  • Abdel Aziz of Mauritania Should Step Down Now  By : Weld Bessid
    His government nothing more than a pack of lies and his regime a dictatorship bent on oppressing the people of Mauritania, it is past time that Ould Abdel Aziz stepped down His illegal seizure of power in 2008 remains to be addressed honestly
  • The Hispanic Trayvon? Self Defense Laws Gone Awry  By : Todd A. Smith
    In his historic letter from a Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King, Jr stated “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
  • Honest Graft  By : Morgan D
    The Article is based on the book Honest Graft it will Discuss The Century Politician George Washington Plunkitt.
  • Chad Holley, Martin Cases Show Black Male Life Has No Value  By : Todd A. Smith
    Sorry Black men, but your life is worth nothing It is worth nothing in the eyes of the law, which allows others to brutalize you and murder you without any repercussions
  • The United States is A Neighbor in A World Community  By : Jim Ford
    There is no reason that as a country, if managed correctly, we can be self-sustaining, while also being a friend and active participant in our world community.
  • Why President Obama’s 2008 Campaign Was Successful  By : Morgan D
    The Article will give viable reasons as to why President Obama won the 2008 elections.
  • Recent Events Show Relevance For Civil Rights Organizations  By : Meta J. Mereday
    According to Ryan Dody, a contributor on ehowcom, civil rights organizations were in the forefront for the underserved in the United States
  • The Missing Debate  By : Rick McBride
    What can people do when their sort-of elected public employees (presidents, senators, congress persons etc.) deliberately fail to take care of business?
  • 2012 Republican Primary Shows GOP Not Concerned With Diversity  By : Todd A. Smith
    At the Sundance Film Festival, Spike Lee stated that as America becomes more diverse, it is smart for the entertainment business to become more diverse, in order to capitalize on the dollars of different ethnic groups

    Lee stated that by 2045, America would no longer be majority-White and the current business model in Hollywood will become antiquated in the very near future
  • It Is Time To End DST  By : Mark Shapiro
    In my opinion, a more common sense and smarter choice compared to DST, both now and historically, is to just modify certain government, work, and school schedule hours twice a year, to better match up with daylight hours.
  • Communication And Involvement Are Keys To Change In America, Not Forced Policy  By : Jim Ford
    It has been proven time and time again, throughout history, around the world, in government and in business alike. Forced change results in rejection, resentment, and in many cases, retaliation in some shape or form. It leads to mistrust in …
  • America’s Real Problem  By : Scott F Paradis
    The American people remain gleefully, blissfully, ignorant of the real problem America faces. It’s not the fiscal cliff, or ballooning deficits and burgeoning debt. It’s not the easy money policies of borrow, print and spend. It’s not stubbornly high unemployment or a sluggish economy or runaway entitlements. All of these issues are symptoms of a more hideous disease. The real problem America faces is the misuse of personal power.
  • Voting Rights For Felons Should Be Restored  By : Meta J. Mereday
    With a major election year upon us and daily newscasts showcasing the high and low polls of an ever changing list of Republicans vying for their shot to run against President Barack Obama, we should take a look at another component of the election – the voting process

    More important – who, in fact, has voting rights is a major issue as there are a number of efforts taking place to restore voting rights for felons
  • Pros And Cons Of Globalisation  By : Terry Guile
    It is obvious that the world is experiencing an economic globalisation That is clearly stated in the development of the global trade compared to the total global production – the GDP
  • An Election for Partisans And Patrons Not Purists  By : Scott F Paradis
    Two types of voters, partisans and the patrons, drive the election process. They are the foot soldiers and standard bearers for both major parties. Partisans and patrons are most engaged in the fray. But a third group, a group moved by a different set of motives, is the only one that could ensure a positive result – these are the purists.
  • Demands of Fathers Rebellion Will Bring Back Constitutional Rights And Due Process Protection  By : Shane Flait
    Our nation’s family courts and its divorce and domestic violence industry tyrannize fit fathers by denying their constitutional rights to parent their children, controlling their own earnings, and unconstitutionally sending them to jail. Meaningful redress is nonexistent. So, demands must now be made.
  • Eric Holder The Overachieving Firstborn Brother  By : Robert Hurst
    Birth of the Boys Eric Himpton Holder Jr was born January 1, 1951 the firstborn child to Eric Himpton Holder Sr
  • The Big Issue of 2012 is God vs Godlessness, Not Democrat vs Republican or Obama vs Romney  By : Roger Himes, Esq.
    Any lawyer knows you must understand and address the big issues, or you lose your case in court. So it is in politics too. But the biggest issue of the 2012 election is not Obama vs Romney. The biggest 2012 issues don’t involve Republican vs Democrat. It involves God, and “In God We Trust.” The biggest issue involves a godless nation of people who behave like atheists.
  • State of Black America, Three Years After Barack Obama  By : Brie Crites
    Although many may not remember the date, Nov 4, 2008 is a day that most Americans of our time will never forget
  • Top Complaints in US Healthcare  By : Felix Chesterfield
    One would have to dig very hard to find a greater hot button political topic in the United States than healthcare It is a subject where every politician will publicly agree that change is necessary, but almost nobody can agree on what that change needs to be or how to enact it
  • 3 Things I Hate About Elections  By : Holly A Bell
    Elections make me ill tempered, surly, and curmudgeonly. Here are three reasons why.
  • White Americans Speak Candidly About Blacks, The Race Card  By : Renee Rivon
    If two men were applying for the same job and they were the same age, equally educated, identical experience, and both pleasant people, how would one chose What if one was Black and the other one was White, and they gave the job to the White man; would that raise an eyebrow
  • Political Change? Think Bigger  By : Scott F Paradis
    The real problem, which leaders of neither political party will admit to because it serves the parties’ interests, is we have concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few. We are headed in the wrong direction. It’s time to think bigger. It’s time to reform the system.
  • 10 Worrying Signs In America  By : Mark Anastasi
    A couple of years ago I watched a DVD by American journalist Naomi Wolf, titled ‘The End of America

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