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  • The Need for Marley Floor and How to Care for It as a Dancer  By : Mark Etinger
    What is marley flooring and how should it be cared for?
  • The Little Mermaid And The Disney Renaissance  By : Robert Nickel
    It may not be common knowledge to those who grew up watching Disney films, but the studio was very close to creative (if not financial) bankruptcy in the 1980s. Walt Disney’s death in 1966 had cost the animation giant more than just a founder: they were lost and aimless without him. Their animated features went from sure-fire hits to middling misfires. It wasn’t just a matter of a few bad films, either…
  • The Art of Northern British Artists  By : David Tatham
    For centuries, northern British art has been held in great esteem. Possibly due to the fact that many artists that specialize in such work, display a genuine feel for the people and the areas that they paint and draw. The tough, gritty north of England has its roots embedded in the hard toil of many thousands of workers in the factories of Lancashire, Yorshire, and the north east. Many would have found employment in one of the many cotton mills.
  • Buy Oil Paintings And Get Started On Your Very Own Art Collection  By : darellbelen
    Everybody has to start somewhere and if you love art and want to start collecting them, buying oil paintings would be a good way to get the ball rolling.
  • How A Person Should Store Art Drawings  By : David Tatham
    Being organized is one of the most important things for an artist to do. Every artist should be a person who is well organized. The drawings and paintings need to be kept safe and clean. This will show the seriousness of an individual in carrying out such an investment. There are many ways of keeping the drawings and painting safe from any kind of damage. It only needs a bit of organisation.
  • Roberto Bolle and Friends the 23rd of July in the Arena of Verona  By : Francesca Tessarollo
    The 23rd of July the show “Roberto Bolle and Friends” will go on stage in the Arena of Verona. The show will gather some among the most talented ballet dancers in the world, from the best international ballet companies.
  • Tattoo Artist’s Grim Reality  By : CM CAVE ART
    The Body Modification Industry has gained signifcant popularity and tattoos seem to be becomming a norm. The question is, as a Tattoo Enthusiast, do you know you are recieving the best quality service? Tattooists and “self-taught” tattooists are popping up to perform the service. So how do you keep your Grim Reaper Tattoo as only a tattoo?
  • Academy Award Nominees: Mexico  By : Robert Nickel
    In the previous instalment of this series we covered the few people and films from Mexico that have earned an Academy Award. Now we will move on to those who were nominated, but never actually won. It’s important to understand that a nomination without the actual award is still a lofty achievement. Liken it to achieving a silver or bronze medal at the Olympic Games, still at noteworthy accomplishment! So, let’s take a look.
  • A Custom Pet Portrait from a Photo Can Certainly Become a Befitting Gift  By : Nitin Tyagi
    A custom pet portrait can definitely hold a special place in the heart of the person who receives it. It comes as a loving from a friend or relative that will create memories which can certainly last a lifetime
  • The Best Way To Sell Art.  By : David Tatham
    Artists often struggle to market their work , as many methods are simply not financially viable for them. Some even end up withdrawing the idea of selling their work. An artist should endeavour to show their work in a way that it is viewed as a marketable commodity in a creative manner. One has to be visionary and optimistic in order to succeed. Creativity has to be used and the product made as attractive as possible.
  • How To Operate An Art Gallery Successfully  By : David Tatham
    Art is amongst one of the old forms of expression on the planet judging by the numerous rock drawings in various parts of the world. People have for long appreciated art and it remains an important part of their lives. It has since become a serious business raking in millions of pounds each year and has also seen schools that are wholly dedicated to it opened. This is a look at how to operate a gallery successfully.
  • What We Should Know About The Art Student  By : Mario Cora
    An art student is just like any other student working his way towards having a career. But, in a way, he is also different. In what ways is he different?
  • Walking Dead Now Hiring – I Wish  By : Sean Michael
    How cool would it be to get a job on the Walking Dead tv series or be part of the team that makes the Walking Dead Comic Book?
  • 3 Devilish Tricks To Turn Heads With Your Camera Or Phone  By : Joseph Peter
    Special effects photography gives the photographer the opportunity to appear as a distinct artist. It gives them the chance to use their own creative abilities to craft images. To take from the scene inspiration that can be intensified, altered and enhanced in any number of unique ways.
  • The Art Of Discovering Thoughtful Gift Ideas  By : David Sheath
    There are numerous times throughout the year when you will need to come up with gift ideas. Whether you are looking for something to give to your family, friends or colleagues you want something unique that will make the person feel special. …
  • Avoiding Spoilers  By : Sean Michael
    How to avoid ruining the suspense of the upcoming Walking Dead Season and comic book series.
  • Yankel Ginzburg- Life of an Artist  By : Amit k
    Yankel Ginzburg is a world renowned and sought after artist due to both his skill and versatility. His skill in a wide range of mediums including paintings, sculptures, and tapestries has gained him respect from critics, peers, and collectors alike.
  • Flamenco Dancing : Where to Go for Lessons?  By : Justin Kirk
    In the last few years, the popularity of flamenco dancing has continued to explode. Not only is it now difficult to find a US city without a club that offers regular flamenco dancing nights, but the number of places that you can now go to get lessons in the intricate dance is also on the rise.
  • Areas In Our Daily Lives Where Art Is Prevalent  By : David Tatham
    Art is one of the widest subjects known to man. Although many have reduced it to mean the paintings and prints that artists draw, it happens to be wider and more complex than that. It encompasses a lot of disciplines making it an important part in the human life. The following is a look at the various facets of this discipline and how it is intertwined in our daily lives.
  • Great Tips And Tricks For Every Photography Enthusiast  By : Savaj
    People who are new in using a camera need to have some tips to improve their shots, making them into clear, interesting compositions. The following article contains some great ideas and tips on how you can go about getting started on the path to becoming a good photographer.
  • Common Kinds Of Latin Dances  By : Michael Dierson
    Latin dances include a broad variety of movements, but can be basically characterized as a dance which has extremely provocative movements with focus on hip movement. This type of dance has developed into more specific kinds of dances, and has continued to be recognized all over America, as both a means of exercise and to make friends. These kinds of dance are usually for couples each with different routines. Still, individuals can master them even without a partner.
  • Where Should I Store My Digital Pictures?  By : Autumn Lockwood
    Many people are confused when it comes to storing their digital pictures, and end up storing them on a hard drive where they are at risk of being deleted or damaged. There is a better alternative: print them off! This article looks at why you should print off your pictures and store them the old-fashioned way.
  • Studio Glass  By : Bobby Buys
    Glass is a flexible material that lends itself to stunning, imaginative sculptures and decorative artworks. Studio glass is a recognized aspect of the international art scene.
  • Photorealism With Photomontage  By : Kimberly Smith
    Photomontage allows creation of photorealistic images through assembling different environments to any development and viewing it from different angles.
  • How To Get Inspiration For Your Airbrush Art  By : Jeff Parrish
    Sometimes when trying to come up with designs your mind can go blank. You find yourself unable to come up with a design for a certain project. While airbrush art
  • Pin Up Girls: Much More Data  By : Byron Dyson
    An overview on pin up girls
  • How To Prepare Various Surfaces For Airbrush Art  By : John smason
    When you begin an airbrush art project, you will first need to prep the surface. The prep work that you do will be determined by what type of surface you
  • How To Sing And Make Your Audience Laugh  By : Rick Rakauskas
    Singing for laughs is an art form that is really worth learning, as it’s a real hit with an audience.
  • World Of Manga Animation  By : Amuro Reyes
    The world of manga animation is limitless without any boundaries of age, education, religion or sex. What matters most is the passion and drive to watch and draw.
  • Tips for Professional Baby Photography  By : Kent Wrotham
    It is not easy to capture a baby in images. Sometimes, this task can be really challenging. Babies don’t really understand or listen to you when you try to click them. They move on here and there.
  • Wall Graphics And Wallscapes Escalates Your Business  By : Sasha Singleton
    The Los Angeles area is a prime area for your marketing campaigns. With the numerous tall skyscrapers so abundant, more and more companies are seeing the advantages of adding wallscapes to their marketing strategies.
  • Choosing An Illustrator Around London  By : Peter Walliams
    All about artists and art work
  • What Is The Benefit Of Working With A Talent Agency To Book Corporate Entertainment Options  By : Paul Malcolm
    Today, more businesses and corporations are using the services of talent agencies to acquire the corporate entertainment they require for their particular event. When you hire a talent agency, you will benefit from wide variety of entertainment choices which will allow you to find and book the right corporate entertainment that will be enjoyed by your guests.
  • Making a Child’s Hand Print on a Ceramic Tile  By : Andres Edwards
    This is a fun craft to do with a group of moms and their kids, one child per adult works the best. Each mom will need:

    —One soft brush, any
  • Video Editing with Adobe  By : Luther Oneill
    You can easily install Adobe on your Mac or PC without encountering much difficulty. You can use a demo version first so that you can assess if the program can
  • Things To Consider And Know About A Live Music Experience  By : Paul Malcolm
    Live music has a long reaching history that will be passed from one generation to another. There are great moments in history that you will always wish you were there. Music concerts or performances have impacted many people in different ways and those who have witnessed some of the historic concerts will tell you that watching a live concert is the greatest thing to ever happen to them.
  • Ceilidh Bands and Ceilidh Dances  By : Theresa Walter
    The initial purpose of Ceilidhs would be a Gaelic party with folk music and dancing and took place in Scotland and Ireland. They were opportunities for the young people to court and select future marriage partners and were the primary social outlet for rural communities of Ireland and Scotland. They would be located in informal settings for example
  • How Not To Look Like An Idiot Singing Karaoke  By : Rick Rakauskas
    Karaoke is fun, but you need to be prepared so you don’t end up making a public idiot of yourself at the office do.
  • Live Music Concerts Are The Ultimate Source Of Entertainment  By : Paul Malcolm
    Music can serve a lot of purposes — it can be used for passing a particular message across, transforming emotions, and entertaining the masses. However, the amount of entertainment you get from the music depends on a number of factors. One of these factors is the type or style of music that you watch or listen to. Over the past few decades, live concerts have become the most common form of entertainment.
  • Bel Canto Singing  By : Rick Rakauskas
    Bel Canto singing is an advanced technique that was originally developed for opera but can be applied to pop and rock singing as well.
  • Getting Cornhole Decals  By : Byron Dyson
    An overview on cornhole decals
  • How to Become an Actor Fast  By : Penny Sonja
    Acting is an attractive career opportunity that many people want to have. However, it takes efforts and times to become famous in acting profession. If you dream about becoming a skilled actor, these are some stages that you should go through. Make sure that you are ready to survive in times of despair. Nonetheless, being patient and putting some efforts, you will be able to go up the ladder of acting career. Here are some tips on how to become a famous actor quickly. Perform search on casting firms in your neighbour areas. Look through the internet where there is plenty of options to select from. In many towns there are talent searching firms. Perhaps, there are also some in your neighbour areas. Address to your local District Theater Directory for information on coming projects or auditioning procedures. If you study at the university with a film department, ask if the same will offer movie projects. Theatres obtain movie projects from different universities and are looking for actors. Make sure that you use such a possibility, because theatres are searching skilled actors also. The next way that you can start your acting career is by becoming popular. Search for customers that deal with TV ads and published ads. You can look for reliable talent agents in your neighbor area that will give you advertising opportunities. Using ads
  • Acting Is Psychic Channeling – Why Emotional Disorders And Drug Addictions Are So Common  By : Penny Sonja
    Why almost all actors and actresses have problems with their psychic health? Almost every day we hear about celebrities who consumed anti-depressants or pills. Most of these conditions are revealed by medical specialists as nervous illnesses, injured self-esteem. Conventional medical treatments failed to get rid of this popular problem. There are lots of metaphysical details about actor profession that most people do not know about. As this information are overlooked, most actors and actresses will abuse in drugs. Acting is a kind of channeling. This kind of channeling can be various. For example, it can resemble psychics communicating with spirits and various non-physical things. This form of channeling is concentrated on emotional reactions associated with certain events. Actors either get their emotional reaction from their personal experience. When they hear the command “Action”, some of them even get into trance and become the characters they depict. Just think about the global informational bank where all the thoughts, words and feelings of past, present and future are saved. The right level of consciousness will help you to get this information. It is a unique cosmic place where all the information, emotions and thoughts are recorded. It is similar to data saved on PC hard drive. When an actor channels the feelings that they obtain for the role, they should also
  • How Do They Select the Most Brilliant Actors; 5 Steps Of Oscar Awarding Process  By : Penny Sonja
    If you are a movie fan, you might want to get to know about the process of awarding Oscars by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Well, it is complex process of choosing actors and actresses who will be awarded by Oscar. The nomination to Oscar has been practiced for many years already. The process goes well, though there are some comments to the ad campaigns surrounding the awarding process. 1. The first step is selecting the best actors in movies as part of main awarding of the Academy Awards. This Academy is created for men and women who are specialists in fields of making and producing movies. A roll of nominees is appointed by the Academy to come up with the names of famous actors and actresses who will be set before the enrolled members of the Academy as candidates for Academy Awards. The actors and actresses are set up for their work in films that were created and launched in theatres during the last year. It is obvious that a nomination for an Academy Award is one of the greatest prizes that a person who works in the films can get at any age. 2. After the nomination process, choosing the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences happens. The voting process applied by the Academy is more entertaining when it comes to giving awards itself. For instance, all of the actors who are enrolled members of the Academy vote for the most brilliant actors and supporting actors who have been suggested for Oscars nominations for their roles in
  • Barrel Art Origins  By : Marie Freeman
    “Wine barrel art” is the range of aesthetic objects made from wine barrels through an artisan’s skill and creative imagination. These objects make great “wine décor” for decorating and accessorizing wineries, tasting rooms, bars and restaurants, as well as home wine cellars and bars.
  • An Overview about Various Forms of Visual Arts and Its Importance  By : StuartOwens
    All these forms of arts stated above were believed to be find arts. It is said that science was also included in arts. As years passed by people started to distinguish science from fine arts. Fine arts considered any kind of creativity that was meant to please our senses. These forms included music, dance, opera and literature.
  • Sure, Kids Can Study and Have A Great Time!  By : Katherine Borman
    If you wish to know the best way to inspire your kids to master maths, think about making use of color by number printables. Thus, small children are going to select colours as per assigned figures. Consequently, they will learn numbers and fool around with color by number pages which most children love. In this article you’ll discover information on varieties of coloring printables, their key benefits along with tips to buy them on the web.
  • The Best Ways To Use Color By Number Games In Early Childhood Education  By : Katherine Borman
    In case you want to know how to inspire your kids to learn the ropes of math, consider using color by number printables. So, small children can select colors according to assigned numbers. Consequently, they’ll learn numbers and also have fun with color by number pages which nearly all boys and girls love. In this post you will discover information on varieties of coloring pages, their major benefits as well as suggestions to find them on-line.
  • Care Instructions For Airbrush Art Tattoos  By : Morgan Cooley
    When doing airbrush art tattoos there are some things that must been done to ensure that the airbrush tattoo ink sticks to the skin and does not fade quickly. When
  • A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops  By : Arnoldo Watson
    Learning airbrush art from books and videos can only take you so far with your art. To take things to the next level and gain some insight straight from an
  • Tips For Face Painting  By : Cruz Larson
    Face painting is not only fun, but it is also a very popular activity among many people. Face painting interests people form young children to older adults. There are some
  • Various Forms of Dance That Have Originated From Animals  By : StuartOwens
    On the other hand, how many of us would have heard about the Lion Dance. Most forms of lion dances are performed in China and Japan. In fact there could quite few differences between Chinese Lion Dance and Japanese Lion Dance. Lion Dances are performed during festivals. Some of them could be a competition between two groups as well. Lion dances are one of the toughest forms of dances. It involves a lot of concentration and stability.
  • Books for Beginners to Advanced on Airbrush Art  By : Albert Garcia
    When looking to learn on your own about airbrush art then reading is one area where you can gain a wealth of information to help you learn more. There a
  • Choosing Embroidery Thread  By : Garret Wong
    Selecting the right type of threads for any embroidery work is important because the color and texture of the design, and eventually the look of the final product depend on
  • Indulge Your Inner Hippie and Learn to Tie Dye  By : Nicky Michael
    Even if you’re not a child of the 60s, you’ve probably had the pleasure of owning and wearing tie dye clothing. If you’ve ever been to an event with a
  • How to Get Free Face Painting Designs  By : Colin Garza
    Many people who have an interest in face painting yet lack imagination for designs can find free ideas as close as their local library. If you lack the talent
  • Creating Rubber Stamps: Not All Methods Created Equal (Part 2 of 3)  By : Nicky Michael
    Welcome back! In part one of this three-part series, the advantages and disadvantages of laser-engraved rubber stamps were discussed. As discussed in the first article, although laser engraving
  • Your Resources For Free Face Painting Ideas  By : Quintin Whitfield
    There are many free face painting ideas out there that can accommodate us with either finding new designs and styles to paint, or have painted on us. Of course you
  • All About Post Cards  By : Isaac Small
    Post cards are a great way to let people know how you are doing and what you are up to when you are away from home. However, there are
  • Project ideas for Decoupage  By : Robbie Forbes
    Here are some varied ideas for new decoupage projects. We’ve even included some children’s projects as well.


    Boxes provide interesting results when done with decoupage. A variety of boxes are available
  • Airbrush Art On Automobiles  By : Luther Oneill
    By airbrushing art onto your automobile you can create a unique paint job that really shows off your style. Once you have the basics down on how to work the
  • Tattooing Like a Pro in 4 Simple Steps  By : Lane Cowley
    Due to the expanding recognition of body craft, the occupation of tattooing has actually boomed in current years. If you’d want to come to be a tattoo artist at that point it is actually critical to take all the ideal measures that will trigger an effective profession as a tattooing expert.
  • Airbrush Art-Taking Care of Your Airbrush  By : Daryl Jimenez
    One of the main things that you need to know how to do with airbrush art is how to take care of your equipment. Keeping your equipment in proper working
  • Buying Your First Purchase As An Art Investment  By : David Tatham
    When you visit the museums you may be in awe of the paintings and vases that are displayed. And when you visit the home of a friend you may be equally amazed at what they’ve hanging on their walls. As they tell you about the artwork they own you may see the value they place on collecting art as an investment.
  • There Is A System Available Which Can Help You To Actually Be Smarter  By : Kathy Jenkins
    The ZOX Pro Training System is developed to help make the reading aspect of learning go a lot faster. The ZOX Pro Training System promises you that you can read entire pages or even entire books in only a few minutes time. If you go through the program properly, by the end of it you can read very fast and recall what you’ve read when you need to.
  • Golden Globes Fashion: A Mixed Bag  By : Robert Trimvuller
    Awards ceremonies for films are used not only to draw attention to cinematic artists but also to show off great–and sometimes less than great–fashion. The 2012 Golden Globes were no exception, and the red carpet did indeed boast some dazzling gowns, as well as some mediocre and downright awful ones. Below is a brief rundown of some highlights and lowlights.
  • Why Attend Live Music and Live Concerts  By : Paul Malcolm
    Music is an incredible source of entertainment and has the ability to inspire the body, mind and soul. There are different forms of music and live music is popular across the globe. There is nothing like witnessing a live performance by your favorite solo artist or a group in a live music platform or at an entertainment center.
  • The Mechanics Of Singing  By : Rick Rakauskas
    Most of us take our respiratory systems for granted. But when we take singing lessons, it pays to know something about the different parts and the role they play when we sing.
  • How Face Painting Examples Help  By : Dominick Barker
    Face painting examples are very useful in the art of face painting. One of the greatest things about face painting examples, is that there are many reference guides both free
  • Helpful Tips To Be Able To Make Origami  By : Janelle Elizabeth
    If you want to learn a new hobby, making Origami could be a good choice. It isn’t only entertaining, but also an affordable way to design notable decorations and gift ideas.
  • Rampant Music Piracy And Broke Artists  By : Mark Etinger
    In a digital age with the commonality of music piracy, there has been the birth of starving famous artists.
  • Suggestions For Making An Investment In Artwork  By : David Tatham
    It is not always simple to make the proper descision when considerting buying a piece of art. Hopefully, these few sensible tips will assist a potential investor make the appropriate descisions.
  • An Obsession With Star News  By : Mark Etinger
    Everyday people seem to have a sick obsession with star news and celebrities.
  • Make Fine Art with an Ice Sculpture  By : Nick P.
    An ice sculpture is an unusual but very beautiful artwork that utilizes mainly raw ice as the medium.
  • Why Is Location Research For Spy Novels Important?  By : James Marinero
    Good location research, preferably on-the-spot, is mandatory if an writer of spy novels (or other thrillers for that matter) is to capture the atmosphere of a location and write with authority as the novel evolves and the ‘sense of place’ is created.
  • The Typical Stages of Drum Lessons  By : Adrianna Noton
    The rhythm of the drum is something that seems to be innate to the human species. Whether it’s a consistent, unconscious finger tapping or a very deliberate slapping accompaniment to a tune at a young age, we are wired for rhythm.
  • Hens Parties on Weekend  By : cascie wills
    A hens party usually has different characters, it does not matter who the visitor happens to be. All the guests are usually incredibly loud. Hens parties will usually brighten the evening for men who might happen come their way.
  • Antique Lamps – Japanese Kutani  By : Maurice Robertson
    Within the realm of recorded history we first hear of Kutani porcelain in 1655. Kutani is actually the name of a village, the name meaning, “Nine Valleys”. The Kutani village was situated in the province of Kaga, found in the centre of Hondo, the south island of Japan
  • Canon Rebel T3i Digital Camera and Canon Rebel Lenses  By : Wayne Rasku
    There is no need to get frustrated about choosing a new Canon Rebel lens. In this article, there are two outstanding recommendations.
  • British Art  By : David Tatham
    Looking at the early beginings of British art and how it progressed through the years.
  • PPI And DPI Explained – A Number Of Their Unique Properties People Ought To Know  By : T. Narvaez
    Different digital gadgets will have different pixels per inch. A professional should be knowledgeable of the fact that other digital cameras have higher resolution ability in comparison than others.
  • 4 Simple Tips For Selling Stock Photos  By : Wayne Rasku
    Selling your photos to stock photograpy web sites is one way to pick up some cash to help support your habit. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started making money with stock photography.
  • How To Enjoy Live Music Concerts  By : Paul Malcolm
    One common source of entertainment is the live music concert. It gives people a great feeling to watch their favorite musicians perform at a live music concert. Such concerts also serve as a platform for the musicians to showcase their talents.
  • Tips On Booking The Best Entertainment Talent Agency  By : Paul Malcolm
    When you host an event, particularly a business event, you want to make sure that you not only have the tasks associated with the business or core purpose of the event arranged to ensure success, but you also want to make sure that you have the best and most appropriate entertainment that your guests will enjoy. You will greatly benefit from booking your entertainment using the services of an entertainment talent agency.
  • Modern Picture Production  By : Jessica Moorhill
    Photography is an important part of modern life and a product of the evolution of technology. In the past, this entailed the use of solutions and films and other implements that made the transfer of captured images possible. Over the years and the development of new advancements has expanded the means by which pictures may be produced. This function has been effectively integrated into other devices. Moreover, there is the simplification of the process which resulted to the creation of the devices like the epson wokforce 610. This product is the most potent manifestation of photography technology at its finest.
  • Espionage Thriller Novels – Two Classic Foundation Works  By : James Marinero
    Find out how two early twentieth century espionage thriller novels defined the thriller novels genre. The stories exhibit techniques and plot devices in common use by modern novelists. For one of them, the true-life story is stranger than fiction.
  • One of The Tattoos Replacing Risk What You Should Know  By : Corick Stephunt
    Although most tattoos are applied with no problems in the least, there are some tattoos that lead to a not so good outcome.
  • Bachelorette Party Weekend  By : cascie wills
    Make your Bachelor party a memorable one with fabulous party supplies. Plan the perfect Bachelor party for a fun day at home or a big celebration out in town.
  • Benefits of Transferring your Embroidery Designs through Embroidery Digitizing  By : john1
    Most people are not satisfied with their embroidery designs. But at the same time they don’t have the knowledge that their designs can be computerized and created using a sewing machine with immaculate detail. Digitizing Embroidery is the process of converting an image or a bunch of words into a form that can be understood by the sewing machine.
  • Benefits of Outsourcing Embroidery Digitizing Task  By : john1
    One of the most commonly found trends among embroiderers in the last few decades is the outsourcing of Embroidery Digitizing tasks. This sector has seen significant growth in recent times because of the advances made in Internet technology in the recent decade. Instant communication due to Internet platforms and email has further facilitated the e
  • Ways To Locate Popular Film Stills To Purchase On The Internet  By : Dirik Hameed
    Film stills make awesome gifts for movie buffs. Find a wonderful range at Star Stills
  • Cinema Posters – Why They Make Great Presents For Friends Of Any Age  By : Dirik Hameed
    Movie posters are fantastic to give as a gift to people of all ages
  • 5 Things You Can Change To Take Better Pictures  By : Wayne Rasku
    Getting better pictures is sometimes a lot easier than you might imagine. This article will give you 5 things you can change to spice up your image output.
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – Marvel Comic’s Next Superhero  By : Mark Bennett
    Surprisingly, Marvel Comics and the producers have taken a lot of time in releasing the second installment of the most-awaited superhero, Ghost Rider. Here is a sneak peek.
  • Feng Shui – Ancient Chinese Science for Harmonious Living  By : prolificrandy
    Feng Shui can be roughly translated to wind and water respectively. The primary concept of this ancient science is the proper balancing of the energy called “chi”.
  • Museums That Take Us Back in History – Silent Time Machines  By : prolificrandy
    Most museums are well maintained with the respective governments or local bodies taking extra care to preserve the artifacts for the benefit of future generations. Most of the pieces were previously held in the hands of private collectors who had a passion to collect rare artifacts for the sheer joy of possessing a bit of history.
  • Great Bachelorette Party Ideas  By : cascie wills
    Planning a bachelorette party can turn out to be a tricky if you have never planned one before. The party requires careful planning and choice of games or activities for participants to take part in. You can get a host of these ideas written by Cascie Wills at the Art4Play website.
  • Canon Rebel T3i – Beginners’ Digital SLR  By : Wayne Rasku
    Camera manufacturers have introduced lots of new cameras over the past few years. The Canon Rebel T3i is among them. This article is about the new Rebel.
  • A Number Of Photography Tips For Beginners To Test Out  By : T. Narvaez
    Through testing out a number of things, it is possible for a single subject appear completely different in another picture. You may want to change positions and attempt various perspectives during the shoot. You could also make use of shade and light by modifying the positioning of your source of light.
  • Benefits of Interfone Flowers  By : Joney Franklin
    Interfone Flowers have been considered as the most perfect gift for a lot of occasions. They symbolize peace, love and prosperity. Flowers are a perfect gift to be given at any wedding or even at any corporate event.

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