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4 Major Reasons Why Asian Men Look Younger Than Western Men

     Have you ever wondered why Asian men look younger compare to other races especially Westerners? I have been watching Korean shows in the past few months and I keep on looking at Korean male actors and am amazed on their perfect complexion. And to think of it that some of them are not that young. I’ve seen some actor’s way back years ago and yet they still look the same. I keep asking myself what is their secret that maybe I can also use to make myself look younger since I am already over 30. So, I asked my Korean friend about it. I thought maybe he knows the answer since he’s from that country. He gave me four reasons and ways on what men usually do in Korea to make their skin look fresh and vibrant and I was shocked and laughing when I heard it from my friend.

Reason # 1: Asian men like Koreans seldom go to the beach and get a tan. They also prefer indoor activities since there is less exposure to the sun. Having a fair skin is a sign of beauty for Asians. Having a pretty face a slim figure and a white skin defines beauty including men. Back in the olden days a person’s complexion symbolizes your status in society. If you are white, then you are rich and dark skinned men are usually farmers and ordinary workers. Rich people do not often go out and expose themselves under the sun. Until now most Asians practice this kind of tradition together with the advancement of beauty industry in Asia.

Could you guess Won Bin’s age? At first I said 29… Only too find out he’s 35!!

Reason # 2: The second reason is that most Asian men are conscious of their skin. They use moisturizers, facial mask and get facial treatment. These processes are religiously followed together with a good diet and exercise. Facial products like moisturizers have so many benefits, like increasing the skins hydration which makes your skin more supple and younger looking. Also it helps in our skin rejuvenation which aids in making new skin cells for a healthy looking skin with less wrinkles and fine lines. Some of the best ingredients that are included on these products are Shea butter, aloe Vera and Glycerin.

Yes guys.. it does work! Just don’t tell your workmates.. LOL!

Reason # 3: Third, the availability and affordability of cosmetic surgeries in Asia like Japan, Thailand and Korea as year’s pass by. The law of supply and demand in Asia is definitely not applicable when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Botox, nose jobs and skin procedures are selling like hotcakes everywhere. It is the most fastest and effective way to enhance beauty. The government of some Asian countries even has surgery tours and demonstrations to visiting tourist. Take a look at the Asian cartoons or widely known as Anime. If you look closely you can see the characters with big eyes, blonde or brown hair and with white flawless skin. In today’s western influence, Hollywood and TV more and more Asian are trying to remake themselves to look whiter like western celebrities.

I can see why it’s become popular. I mean look at the difference! It’s astonishing!

Reason # 4: BB Cream or Blemish balm, blemish base, beauty balm and beblesh balm is one of the top popular beauty product in Asia, specifically in Korea. Originated in Germany, BB creams are basically used as a protection for the skin after cosmetic surgery and later on it was introduced to Korea and other Asian countries. Being a substitute for foundation, primer, sun block, etc. BB creams are preferred by Asians. It is not only convenient but it also gives many benefits. Asians like light and natural looking make up so BB creams are the best product for them and also suited for men. Most Asians especially Japanese and Korean celebrities use BB creams to enhance their complexion leaving it natural looking on TV.

One of the available BB creams for men in Korea. Maybe I should get one? As the saying goes, “Nearly all black and brown skins are beautiful, but a beautiful white skin is rare.” With that I rest my case and my curiosity ends. My friend really did answer my question. Maybe it’s his opinion or there are still more reasons out there. But basically tradition and trends evolve around a common community. And whatever the reason is as long as it benefits you there is nothing wrong with that. And I admit, most Asian men really look younger than Westerners.

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