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5 Professional Photographer Tips

     Most people these days have access to good quality cameras, due to how reasonably priced they can be. However, owning a good camera doesn’t mean the camera person is actually capable of taking a good shot. It helps to know some of what the professionals know, in order to take better quality photographs and more interesting shots. Read on for five great professional photography tips to help you get that perfect shot, time after time.

1: Understand your equipment

Make sure that you know your camera and equipment well. This includes learning about the various settings your camera uses and how to adjust them correctly. Not understanding your camera means you cannot expect it to accurately produce what you hope it will. So if you are looking to take macro detailed shots, or low light images, make sure you adjust your camera accordingly. A camera is only as good as the operator, and will only ever be able to take the kind of shots it is programmed to take.

2: Understand the resolution settings

Always make sure that you adjust the correct resolution on your camera settings. For quick fun snapshots you do not need to have a high resolution setting (particularly if you wish to conserve smart card memory), but for professional shots or images you intend to have blown up, the higher the resolution the better. Remember too that you can always scale down, but never up. For professional quality shots the best setting is to shoot the image in RAW, which can then be adjusted in a computer photography program.

3: Always clean your camera and lens

Im sure most of us have experienced taking a photograph and then realizing after we view it that the lens had a finger print, smudge or some dust or hair on it. This can completely ruin a perfect shot. Make sure that you get into a good habit of cleaning your lens and wiping down your camera. Take particular care of your camera if taking photos in dusty or sandy conditions. Small grains of sand or grit can easily damage the mechanisms of your camera, such as if you have a retractable telescopic lens. Take care in wet conditions by always using some kind of protective shade or waterproof casing.

4: Keep your camera with you at all times

It may not seem practical, but keeping your camera with you at all times can help you capture a perfect moment. If you do not always keep your camera with you then chances are there will be one really good photo opportunity that you end up missing out on. Keeping your camera on you at all times ensures that you are always ready to capture the right thing at the right time. Lastly, always make sure that your camera battery has plenty of life and that you have plenty of memory space. Consider purchasing back up batteries and extra memory cards, just in case your memory or battery suddenly runs out. That way you can be sure that your camera is always ready to go.

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