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  • Most Expensive Rolex Watch in the World – Would You Buy It?  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    What is the Most Expensive Rolex Watch in the World

    When you are looking for the most expensive Rolex watch in the world you have to know that this is not just any Rolex, but it is a “Paul Newman” Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Daytona”
  • Communication Strategies: How To Make New Friends  By : Rachel Hill
    While some people take their ability to use communication strategies to make new friends lightly, there are other people on the planet who are unable to boast such skills. Communication is a skill set that most people take for granted. Most of us can walk into an interview, meeting, a party and even a date and be confident that we can hold our own with an armoury of conversation starters.
  • Cheap Summer Handbags – 5 Shopping Tricks to Save You Money on Designer Handbags  By : Major Sherry
    We all know the prestige and class that are associated with those that do not choose one of the cheap summer handbags, but instead go with an expensive designer handbag that makes them look like a celebrity The great news is that these name brand purses are no longer just for the rich and famous
  • Shopping for the Best Rolex Watches is Fun  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    Why You Should Invest in The Best Rolex Watches

    The bottom line is that the best Rolex watches will hold their value much longer than many stocks will You do not have to worry about a Rolex fluctuating in value or going broke
  • Where to Buy Rolex Watches – The Top 5 Choices  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    The Necessities When it Comes to Where to Buy Rolex Watches

    There are many ways to learn where to buy Rolex watches, but you have to know a few things first There are some that will try to pass off a fake or replica watch as a Rolex
  • Proven Techniques On How to Get a Girlfriend  By : Chase Parker
    Are you tired of being by yourself? You like evenings out with your pals and hanging out with the guys, however, you would really like different things as well. If you had the choice, you would in all probability prefer to wake up alongside an attractive women rather than alongside your pal on his couch.
  • What Are Expressionists?  By : Eliz Guide
    One who sees the world and then captures it using spirituality and emotion is considered an expressionist This style of art work dates back to the early twentieth century and is a beloved genre within the artist culture and those who admire it
  • Spring and Summer Handbags – 3 Ways to Spend Less on Your Bag This Year  By : Major Sherry
    There are many choices when it comes to spring and summer handbags and many women want to own the best of the best for the season This is a fashion statement and one that can make you look great or can really make you look less attractive
  • Choosing One of the Top 2011 Summer Handbags  By : Major Sherry
    The Top 2011 Summer Handbags are About to be Released

    You know you want to find one of the top 2011 summer handbags for your shoulder so that you can look luxurious and like you are important This is not only an accessory to all of your outfits this summer, but it will also be the way you tote around all the different things you need
  • 4 Signs You’re Codependent  By : Vera Esther
    The truth is, if you are perpetually in relationships where you are the doormat, you may have some codependent tendencies because, if you didn’t mind being alone, why would you withstand an unhappy relationship?
  • The History Of Chopard Watches  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    Chopard Watches are Swiss and the company was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard He was only 24 years of ache when he first started to create precise pocket watches and chronometers
  • Finding the Best Rolex Watches is Not Always Easy  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    When you want to find the best Rolex watches you have to know the best places to look and there are a few places that you may not have thought of You need to have a variety of options because you want to make sure you find the right watch for your wrist
  • Where to Find the Top Rolex Quartz Watches  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    When you are looking specifically for the Rolex Quartz Watches that are out there you have to know how you can find these easily online and offline There are many options when it comes to finding the right Rolex for you and you have to know what you are looking for
  • The History of Citizen Watches  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    Citizen Watches was started in 1918 and the founding fathers decided on the name because they wanted it to be close to everybody’s heart They specialize in many different types of timepieces and have created many watches and designs before any other company
  • Finding Rolex Watches on EBay  By : Benjamin Robert Ehinger
    What You Might Find with Rolex Watches on eBay

    When you are searching for Rolex watches on eBay you have to be careful because if you find the wrong watch you could end up with one that will simply not be a real Rolex It all depends on what you are looking for and most of the time you are going to see many replica watches and that is fine as long as they are clearly marked
  • Natural Anti Inflammatory and Painkillers  By : Frank Yaconis
    People who suffer from ailments that are typically or traditionally linked to inflammation, such as back pain, arthritis, even migraines, sometimes turn to anti-inflammatory drugs for relief

    These nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, also known as NSAIDs, have their own serious side effects, however, including gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack, and stroke
  • The Facts About the Pombero a Creature of Cryptozoology  By : Robert Benjamin
    The Pombero remains to be one of the most famous and infamous monsters throughout the world This creature stems from the Gurani mythology which describes it as mythical humanoid monster that is relatively small in size
  • Flowers and How They Make the Society Colourful  By : John Shoane
    If there are things that bind men and women, flowers would certainly be one of those things Men find it very romantic to give flowers to their women while the later would certainly be sent into blushes upon receipt of the colourful blooms arranged beautifully and all wrapped up in special packages
  • Thai People Overseas Send Flowers To Bangkok  By : Marc Chiesa
    The Thai society is among one with the strongest family ties in Asia Thais value family relationships that much such that separation from their loved ones is among the most difficult things that could ever happen to them
  • Why Send Flowers to Your Wife in Bangkok  By : Marc Chiesa
    Bangkok women have strong preference for flowers over other things as gifts Your wife is not different from them
  • Why Salvatore Ferragamo Belts Are a Must For Every Man  By : Andy Lau
    There are many people who do not see the significance in a belt but that should not be the case Salvatore Ferragamo belts is a designer belt that have been made for the fashion enthusiast
  • Cultivating Fame at Screenwriting School Toronto  By : Adriana Noton
    With the popularity that is derived from doing productions that can draw international acclaim, many people are searching for good induction centers The need for training to make films, documentaries and script masterpieces is well deserved
  • Making a Fashion Statement Without Being Inappropriate  By : Leah Pisay
    Over the years, fashion has taken a turn for the more liberal We found clothes that revealed a little bit more skin as the years went by, and accessories that deviated from the norm
  • Plan Urges Commonwealth Leaders To End Early And Forced Marriage  By : Daniel Kidd
    Ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia, the Royal Commonwealth Society and Plan International have issued a joint call for action in a new policy paper

    Entitled Empowering Girls: what the Commonwealth can do to end early and forced marriage, the paper reveals the shocking prevalence and damaging effects of early and forced marriage on girls across the Commonwealth
  • Where to Find Art Prints For Sale  By : Dominik Hussl
    When a person is looking for art prints for sale, they can look in many places There are, of course, art galleries and stores, auctions, and now there is the internet
  • Abstract Paintings Make For Unique Decorating Ideas  By : Eliz Guide
    Definite unique and great conversation pieces that can be the center of attention for anyone’s room or office are abstract paintings These pieces are beautiful and can tell a story of their own to each individual
  • Online Art Galleries Offer Choices  By : Eliz Guide
    In today’s new technologically advanced world, it is easier now more than ever to sell and purchase original artwork or lithographs from an online art gallery There has been a profound increase in the interest of the online art gallery worldwide because it is fast, incognito, and it is buyer and seller friendly
  • Giclee on Canvas  By : Eliz Guide
    In the early days of art, people had to replicate pictures by hand, but that all changed when people could put Giclees on canvas Giclee prints revolutionized the way the duplicating process was done
  • Giclee Canvas Prints Defined  By : Eliz Guide
    What exactly is a giclee canvas print What does that word mean
  • The 5 Tips To Having a Successful Long Distance Relationship  By : Andrea Carless
    Are you in a long distance relationship right now? Remember these tips when you are in one and let your relationship bloom and flourish even if you are miles apart.
  • Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Role Models  By : Ryan Letterman
    Media today is constantly bombarding our children with images and messages of how they should act and how they should dress Even Disney shows like Hannah Montana that we assume would be fine for our children to watch, portray a girl that has a hard time hearing the word “no” and often dresses much older than her age would warrant
  • Libertine-Libertine Fall/Winter 2011  By : Philip Stace
    The Libertine-Libertine line of clothing is still relatively young It was established in Copenhagen during summer 2009 by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Schwarz and Perter Munch Ovesen
  • The Effects of Deregulation on Electric Prices  By : Dominik Hussl
    Electric prices are set in part by the Public Utilities Commission or PUC in markets where the commodity is regulated This organization oversees the utilities and governs what they can charge the public
  • How is Natural Gas Pricing Devised  By : Eliz Guide
    Natural gas pricing is derived using an equation commonly known as rate making which is overseen by the PUC or the Public Utilities Commission This organization makes sure that the rate that you pay is fair
  • Conserving Energy Helps Grid Function  By : Kelley Wilson
    A major commodity in the United States displaying a continuous increase in demand is the essentially needed power, and because of proceeding escalation in these demand loads a venture of conserving energy has been made Almost every aspect of modern day living conditions and life styles require some formulation of power usage by consumers
  • The USA is Striving to Conserve Electricity  By : Kelley Wilson
    Today many homeowners in residential communities are searching for accurate methods in conserving electricity The movement to preserve power in the United States is an expanding goal that multiple consumers are attempting to reach
  • PG and E Contaminate Ground Water  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Growing up in a small town is a wonderful way to spend your childhood You know all your neighbors and most everyone greets you with a smile as you go about your daily business
  • Get Details on Potash Stock  By : Adriana Noton
    Today there is a huge demand for potash because people are interested to consume quality food Potash stock is also increasing in value since a lot can pay for products that are more than just standard
  • The Retail Side of Electricity  By : Eliz Guide
    The retail side of electricity involves the final sale of power from an electricity provider to an end-use consumer Sale of electricity ranges from the service for a large manufacturing facility to that for small businesses and residential households
  • Brixton Hats Fall/Winter 2011  By : Emily Goldthorpe
    Brixton Hats is a line with soul, inspired by music and culture It was created in 2004 by three friends who desired products with designs as unique as they are
  • Wal-Mart Inc. In Trouble For Violating America’s Clean Water Act  By : Lawrence Reaves
    Before the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, there were very few regulations to keep businesses from negatively impacting people and the environment around their operations During the time of little to no regulation many people died as a result of irresponsible business practices that contaminated the air, drinking water and other resources
  • 6 Things You Can Do Today to Help Save the Planet Tomorrow  By : Sunny Miller
    You’ve probably heard that lowering your carbon footprint is the “green” thing to do but you might not know why or even how to do that At first glance, it seems like doing so could be really expensive or cause you to make some significant lifestyle changes that you might not be ready for
  • From Friend to Faux: The Journey of Fur  By : Craig C Harrison
    The journey of animal fur as human clothing and fashion item is a fascinating one, and has happened in three steps Our prehistoric ancestors would have seen a fur pelt as an essential garment for getting them through the depths of winter or surviving the cold nights of the Savannah
  • From Tundra to Brighton Front – the Parka  By : Craig C Harrison
    Fashion has a peculiar way of transforming clothing and making highly functional clothing into something that just goes well with a certain look Quite often the original purpose – usually protection against the elements, be they hot or cold – is forgotten about as the style adapts to urban life
  • Seascape Paintings  By : Bobbye Stone
    Perhaps no other image has been captured as often as seascapes Everyone loves the ocean and the waves and its mystical allure
  • Its Easy When You Know How To Make Conversation  By : Rachel Hill
    One challenge many people have when meeting someone new is how to start a conversation. This isn’t necessarily true because a person is shy. Often people overlook the need to learn conversation skills. This happens to people every day where small talk, possibly quite innocuous, is needed as a component for social bonding in any setting.
  • Understanding How A Stun Gun Works  By : Cori N. Baker
    A stun gun is a portable device used as a weapon that emits electric shock This is originally introduced as a device for police to subdue act of escaping and other crimes
  • What Are The After-Effects Of Taser?  By : Cori N. Baker
    We are not really living in a crime-free world so we should be prepared to defend ourselves against people who want to take advantage of us

    It is best to learn some martial arts like kickboxing, karate or taekwondo so when someone walks up and tries to do us harm, we can easily launch a straight-up kick or an upper-cut that will knock the attacker down
  • Honeywell Fined 11.8 Million Dollars For Environmental Violations  By : Lawrence Reaves
    In March of 2011 the corporate giant Honeywell International Inc registered a guilty plea during a case against them in a federal court located in Benton, Illinois The corporation was charged with one criminal felony that stated they had intentionally stored toxic waste without obtaining the proper permits
  • American Companies Are Going Green  By : Lawrence Reaves
    While many corporations are still clinging to the old way of doing things and are constantly fighting the Environmental Protection Agency and lobbying government to reduce regulations, some companies hae decided the capitalize on the rising popularity of “green” businesses among consumers These companies can be found in every market ranging from food suppliers to banks
  • Exxon Valdez Disaster  By : Lawrence Reaves
    While in recent years the gulf oil spill has become the most talked about oil tragedy of all time, prior to that accident the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989 was the largest oil spill in the waters of the United States The Valdez oil spill had a disastrous environmental impact that has been called one of the most crippling environmental disasters caused by man kind in recorded history
  • Advantages Of Using Stun Gun Pens  By : Cori N. Baker
    If you are planning to purchase a stun gun to secure your safety then you might want to consider choosing stun gun pens In this article, you will learn different advantages of this small-sized protection weapon
  • Why Turn Natural Gas in to Electricity  By : Dominik Hussl
    The common thought of natural gas being turned in to electricity as a fuel is restricting the possibilities in which this resource can be used, but experimenting with its chemical compounds and structure has led to the development of its usage all over the world Considered to be one of the cleanest burning fuels available to the human populous, natural gas has been applicable to multiple necessities demanding to be met by public needs
  • Things That Can Effect Natural Gas Prices  By : Dominik Hussl
    Throughout the world today natural gas prices continue to fluctuate due to significant characteristics These characteristics are based on several factors, including the consumer’s location and the type of market that the consumer falls under
  • The Plight Of The Huicol  By : Robert Nickel
    Mexico, it may come as a surprise to some, has a very ethnically diverse population. In fact, many Native American ethnic groups still call Mexico home. It has been suggested that there are as many as sixty unique ethnic groups in Mexico. With that in mind, let’s now have a look at one of the most unique.
  • Impressionists Paintings  By : Eliz Guide
    A type of style of painting that many people enjoy is an impressionist painting This style is created by the artist concentrating on a general impression that may be created by a specific object or even a scene
  • Cowgirl Costume  By : Robert Corter
    You can always enjoy the Halloween party or costume party that you are attending or the party that you are hosting But the fun part in a party like that of a Halloween or costume party is to see everyone bring up their best costume for the night
  • Darth Vader Costume  By : Robert Corter
    It’s the time of the year again when everyone starts their search for their own costume during the annual Halloween party This event during the year is one of the most sought after occasion as it can be considered as the most exciting and fun event of the season and of course this event can also become a way for you to express your true self and become the center of everyone’s attention
  • Geisha Costume  By : Robert Corter
    Are you excited about your upcoming Costume party at school or the October 31st celebration is drawing nearer everyday for the annual Halloween party but you still don’t have anything to wear Well, here is a great suggestion that you might want to consider especially if you are a girl; the Geisha Costume and the Jasmine Costume
  • Gladiator Costume  By : Robert Corter
    Hosting or attending a Halloween party could be one of the best days of your life It is really a fun experience where you see all your friends and family come together in an event wherein everyone of them are wearing a different kind of costume
  • Power Rangers Costume  By : Robert Corter
    Halloween parties or just even costume parties will make everything giggle to excitement The most fun part of this cool event is the part wherein everyone will be wearing a different kind of costume but sometimes, the not-so-fun part is the period before the party in which everyone goes gaga to find the perfect costume
  • Head Out For Fun and Excitement With Your Minnie Mouse Costume!  By : Robert Corter
    Bring the magic of Disney to your games and parties with a spectacular Minnie Mouse costume This enduring, beloved character has made the leap from the drawn cartoon to the movies and video games, and now, she’ll be taking the leap into your parties
  • Scarecrow Costumes – Classic Fairytale Fun For All Ages!  By : Robert Corter
    An enduring classic and one of the most popular stories for children, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a tale that combines the wonders of unreal magic and the power of friendship Written by Frank L
  • Pocahontas Costumes – Fantastic Outfits For a Great Costume Party!  By : Robert Corter
    A Pocahontas costume can be the perfect female attire for the next themed party With a design that’s simple in appearance yet beautiful in execution, this costume of the popular Disney character is a great choice both for kids and young adults
  • Princess Peach Costumes – Become the Mushroom Kingdom’s Leading Lady!  By : Robert Corter
    When it comes to video games, no other character holds a candle to the familiarity and popularity of Mario Conceptualized by Nintendo visionary Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario has enjoyed over 30 years of video game superiority, with titles such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario 64, and Paper Mario and many more ranking among the top must-buy games of generations of gamers
  • Put Some Prehistoric Power to Your Party With a Fun Caveman Costume  By : Robert Corter
    Make a bold statement and a stand-out entrance to your next costume party with a Caveman costume This interesting costume is something that only the most outspoken and confident partygoer can implement, given its eccentric concept and (at times) its controversial lack of garments
  • The Benefits of Taking a Boating Course  By : Adriana Noton
    If you are operating a boat with a motor on any waters in Canada, you are required to be able to produce a certificate indicating you have completed the registered boating course This is a legal requirement that’ll help you stay clear of a $250
  • Oil Painting Artists  By : Eliz Guide
    There is just something special about the pictures created by oil painting artists A person can just get lost in their work
  • Giclee Reproductions Offers Fine Art Altermantives  By : Eliz Guide
    The way art is duplicated has changed drastically with Giclee reproduction Before this method of duplication, the only way to make multiple copies of a work of art was to do it by hand
  • Botanical Paints Common Oil Painting Theme  By : Eliz Guide
    Botanical prints are probably the most commonly bought and exhibited art theme It doesn’t matter what style of art that is painted, they can be found in all of them
  • Picasso Paintings and Cubism Go Hand in Hand  By : Kelley Wilson
    Throughout multiple exhibits displayed in museums all over the world, Picasso paintings have provided a significant starting foundation for various artists both during and after his life time Although he is well known for his co-founding of the Cubist movement, this profound designer experienced different periods of painting techniques
  • Penfield Fall/Winter 2011  By : Philip Stace
    For Life in the Open – That is not only Penfield’s slogan, but a lifestyle which they are committed to when producing their amazing line of jackets, fleeces and other outerwear products
  • Basic Cleaning Tips to Observe in Your Workplace  By : Myer Donsley
    This article discusses some basic sanitization that you should observe in your work area This is important to know to make sure that you are working in a clean and healthy environment
  • How to Hunt For Holiday Bargains  By : Adriana J. Noton
    When the pressures of work and everyday life get too much, many people turn their thoughts to travel However, not everyone can afford to pay through the nose for a luxurious break and they may need to search for special offers
  • Types of Showcase Displays That Can Boost Sales  By : Adriana J. Noton
    A showcase display is a great way to promote a product or service Many people and businesses use showcase displays to highlight a product or service or emphasize a particular attributes of a product or service
  • Printing on Canvas: Methods  By : Dominik Hussl
    Printing on canvas brings beautiful pieces of artwork into the price range of the general public One way that printing on canvas is achieved is called lithography and has been performed for many years
  • Giclee Prints Provide Alternative  By : Eliz Guide
    Giclee prints have come upon the scene in the art world in the past few decades This art form has taken off in popularity as these prints have surpassed the older, preferred method of reproducing works of art called lithography
  • Canvas Photos Make For Great Gift Idea  By : Eliz Guide
    Canvas photos have metamorphosed canvas art and world of art, melding it with the advancements in technology, thus creating a new genre of art Your digital images of photos or art can now be transferred onto premium quality canvases in either a matte or semi-gloss finish
  • Technology Bulimia – How Being Overly Connected May Be Eroding Our Sense of Humanity and Decency  By : Maritza Parra
    In today’s world of instant communication gratification where you almost feel like you’re responding to an inanimate object – the computer or the phone – it’s become commonplace for people, even normally sane ones, to spout hate and criticism. Do you have Technology Bulimia?
  • Art on Canvas  By : Dominik Hussl
    Most enjoy art on canvas because of the texture and quality of the photo or painting We carry various pieces in our physical gallery and in our online gallery as well
  • A Halloween Party on a Budget  By : Lisa M
    Halloween is coming up fast Do you know what you are going to be
  • 5 Quick Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft  By : Tom Fitzgerald
    Identity theft is still on the increase and continues to be the fastest growing crime in the USA There are steps that you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft and this article will reveal the five key ways to reduce that risk
  • What to Consider Before Buying Pizza Ovens  By : Adriana Noton
    The market offers a wide range of pizza ovens to suit every customer’s needs and requirements Buyers range from restaurateurs who major in large-scale pizza production to homeowners who embark on casual pizza cooking
  • Monet As the Father of the Impressionist Movement  By : Dominik Hussl
    A major influence, and also founder to the French impressionist movement was an artist named Oscar Claude Monet, who strongly believed in the philosophic thought process of the movement He was born in Giverny, France on November 4, 1840 and was baptized a year after in May 20, 1841
  • History of Art Prints  By : Eliz Guide
    The duplication of work, also referred as an art print method, has been around for thousands of years dating as far back as the Mesopotamian civilization During this era art was printed upon clay tablets with cylinder seals and gradually advanced as the craft itself progressed
  • Fine Art Prints  By : Eliz Guide
    Many people enjoy and love to discover and purchase fine arts prints They love to see the work and enjoy the outcome that these types of services bring
  • What Are Limited Edition Prints  By : Eliz Guide
    There are various reasons to purchase limited edition prints, and some of those reasons include accommodating one’s fine art desires in obtaining authentic replicas Limited edition prints pertain to an art piece that has a predetermined count of authentic copies released or printed – with no additional copies to be made after the first release
  • Picture Frames And Custom Framing  By : Eliz Guide
    Picture frames for art work may vary in different materials such as silver, wood, bronze, aluminum, sea shells, and plastics Even with the variety of custom frames in Houston that are available, the most traditional and widely used are wooden picture frames
  • Canvas Art  By : Eliz Guide
    Canvas art is created on a fabric that is traditionally made from either cotton or linen that is stretched onto a wooden frame for display The use of this medium has been used for numerous centuries, and is still used by artists today to give their work a more classic or historical visual in order to obtain a sense of eloquent demeanor
  • Custom Framing Through History  By : Eliz Guide
    Along with the style changes among art, the frames that encase the pieces have evolved in numerous ways as well Dating as far back as the 2nd century Egyptian tombs, custom framing has been a method used to separate scenes among the illustrations
  • Wassily Kandinsky  By : Dominik Hussl
    To gain a historical perspective of abstract art it is necessary to first look at the painters that have had a profound effect on the medium Artist Wassily Kandinsky is one that has to be included in any discussion on the history of Abstract art
  • Artists  By : Dominik Hussl
    It can be argued that at the core of all art is the artist It is their eye and interpretation that has driven the evolution of art
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir  By : Eliz Guide
    During the Impressionist style in the art world, considered a main influence, French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir was recognized for his audible observations projected through his work on feminine sensuality and beauty Born in Limogens, Haute-Vienne, France on February 25, 1841, he obtained work as a child in a porcelain factory
  • Oil Paintings: How to Choose  By : Eliz Guide
    Purchasing an oil painting for your home or office is a great idea Many people also enjoy purchasing one as a gift
  • Lithographs  By : Eliz Guide
    Art transfer, also known as a lithograph, has become a widely used method of creating portraits within the artist community The experimentation with different techniques, use of materials, and canvases has become an ongoing epidemic as new generations of designers are discovered
  • Jackson Pollock  By : Eliz Guide
    Although many significant artists contributed to the abstract paintings and expressionist revolution in America, the most influential painter was named Paul Jackson Pollock He was born January 28, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming
  • Single Mothers in the United States  By : Alex Yew
    When you stop and consider single mothers in theUnited Statesyou might not be shocked to find that the majority of the caregivers are going to be females. In fact approximately 73% of single mothers in theUnited Stateswill be women compared to only 27% of single mothers that are male.
  • Eligibility for Financial Help in the United States  By : Alex Yew
    Families who are in need of financial assistance in theUnited Statesmay not really understand the eligibility requirements that they must meet to get any assistance. While each state might have their own guidelines that families must follow, you will find that most government agencies are going to rely on financial information and poverty guidelines in order to determine if a family is eligible for services or not.
  • Reflection of Peranakan Culture at Emily of Emerald Hill Exhibition  By : Rebecca hasim
    An exhibition displaying the Peranakan culture and its real artefacts. See how beautifully ‘Emily of Emerald Hill’, the famous play, is portrayed at the Peranakan Museum.
  • How We Fix the Public Schools ASAP in Four Steps  By : Bruce Deitrick Price
    Lenin asked his famous question in 1901: “What is to be done”

    Today in education, that question remains as hot and urgent as an oncoming hurricane

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