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5 Apps That You Must Have on Your Mac PC

     If you are using MAC OS X for quite a long time then you must have developed a set of practices that help you work faster with the operating system (OS). Undoubtedly, Apple has introduced many in-built features to transform its desktop operating system much handier. But in addition to that, to enhance your productivity with the PC, it has also included many third party apps in the MAC App store.

1Password, DropBox, LaunchBar, MercuryMover and Speed Download are five such apps that you must have in your MAC system to enhance your productivity and keep your performance always up.

1. 1Password

As everything is picking up the online form, it has become imperative to reinforce our online security, especially under those environments where we share information related to finance and intellectual property. In the modern age of quickly updating technology where cyber offenders are getting smarter than ever, it is not enough to just have any password but we need strong passwords that canít be cracked easily or at all. Furthermore, it is also important to keep the passwords secured from going into the wrong hands. Nowadays, we have passwords for almost everything; passwords for social networking forums, passwords for e-Shopping, and many more. 1Password is one powerful app that can help you in safe keeping and proper management of your passwords.

1Password is a password manager that secures all the passwords you use. It was initially launched for MAC OS X but now itís available even for Android, Windows and iOS. In the MAC App Store it is available for $20 but only for a limited time. It also has free browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on the Mac.

After installing 1Password on your PC, you need not worry about the safety of your passwords anymore as it is a highly secure storage space. In it you can save your passwords, notes, personal details, credit card banking information, banking information, software licenses, autofills online forms and lots more. The app can synchronize information across different devices like computers and mobile devices. It is also functional at generating strong and unique passwords that are difficult to hack.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a very popular app and many are already using it. But when the talk is about the must have apps for MAC, then not mentioning Dropbox will be a great miss. The usage of Dropbox is simple and very useful. It is basically a storage app that syncs with Cloud. The important files that you have stored in your MAC system are subjected to risk if on any day your system crashes. So, just store these files in Dropbox, and all the files will automatically get synced with cloud and from any computer you will be able to access your files. For the beginners, Dropbox is a completely free service and it is one of the most used services through which users are syncing their files and folders with different computers, without the use of any removable disks.

3. LaunchBar

Try out LaunchBar once and itís sure that it will become the most used app in your MAC. The app is instrumental at launching apps faster than any of the other methods available in MAC OS X. This feature of LaunchBar is delighting enough but there is so much more with it. It has a long list of features, almost 150 features. The app does calculations, fetch information from your address book to compose a tweet or an email, perform Internet searches to give you access to the history of browser, and likewise there is lot more that LaunchBar is capable of doing.

4. MercuryMover

MercuryMover is a new app that has quickly become one of the must have apps for MAC. Available for $20 it is not an app meant for all, it is for anal-retentive users who are keyboard experts and know all the shortcuts, hence prefer having all the command control right from the keyboard only. It is a great app and serves as a window-management application. Its job is to free the size and the placement of displayed windows from the tyranny of the mouse and to put those under the keyboard control.

Keyboard experts often find the mouse as an unwanted hardware as they can regulate all the computing commands right from the keyboard itself. Hence, they donít like switching between the keyboard and the mouse rather wants the keyboard to perform as the solo input device. If you are also one such users then MercuryMover is a must-have MAC app for you.

5. Speed Download

Who doesnít download and if you also require downloading too many things then Speed Download is a must-have Mac app for you. As can be identified from the name, this app is a download manager that has a pretty fast downloading engine and an FTP client. Using this app you will also be able to share encrypted files with other Speed Download users through P2P sharing (peer-to-peer sharing). The other useful features of the app are iDisk integration, speed downloading of YouTube video and support for RSS.

The main advantage of Speed Download over the built-in downloader manger of your Web browser is that it is much faster and also supports auto-resuming of downloads.

Of course, the article mentions just five apps out of a pool of thousands. The list of favorite apps will be different from person to person depending on their usage pattern, and needs. Yet the aforementioned apps are the most generic apps that almost all users will prefer to have on his Mac. For instance, who will not require a password manager, storage space with Cloud, a fast downloader or an app launcher? Hence, if you want to enjoy a secure, fast and smart computing, get these apps and benefit yourself.

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