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Astral Projection Vibrations - Close to Separation

     What are astral projection vibrations and what are they all about? Well there is both a simple and a complicated answer. It's important to understand that they are a key component of understanding and achieving astral projection. Don't worry about the details too much, but follow along.

Astral travel is all about leaving the bounds of the physical world and traveling through the astral realms. Now, whether you believe that you detach from your body or that you simply have a remote viewer, the end result is the same.

As you pass begin to achieve your point of detachment you will most likely feel a buzz, or perhaps feel a tingling sensation or have some kind of electrical spark like images in your head. These are what most people refer to as astral projection vibrations.

These vibrations are simply a sign that you are reaching the astral realms. It can take some time to go from a focused meditative state and pass through the vibrations and onto the astral dimensions, but once you begin to feel or see the vibrations, you are well on your way.

The more complicated explanation involves the way your brain functions. We have all heard of the alpha state, beta state and so on with respect to our minds and body's.

There is a particular frequency, which is a different way of saying vibration, where astral projection, detachment and travel occurs. It is typically referred to as the Lambda or Epsilon range. This is the frequency our brain is functioning on when we are able to access the mystic levels and astral projection.

As you focus your thoughts and guide your mind to achieve astral travel, our brain waves slow to this point. As you brain passes into this frequency range, that is when you experience vibration and these exciting and interesting experiences.

This is referred to generally as the vibration state. Astral projection experts suggest that when you first reach the vibrational state that you practice that you practice coming in and out of vibration. This will assist you in maintaing control of the experience.

It can also be helpful after you achieve the vibrational state to exercise detaching slowly and in a controlled manner. Perhaps roll out of your physical state, but slowly. Or imagine first stretching out a leg, or an arm. Some practitioners will also imagine stretching parts of your body, but then bringing them back to the physical.

These are exercises that you can practice when you achieve vibrational state. The aim is to increase control and therefore give you more interesting and prolonged astral projection experiences. Like most things, the more time you invest in practicing the better off you will be. And of course, the happier you will be with the results. Happy Travels!

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Dalai Lumer is an Astral Travel and Projection Expert. For more information on astral projection vibrations, visit

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