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Before Removing a Bee Hive

     During a bee hive removal; there are many things to take into consideration, as this is not a job for amateurs. Most people want to do it themselves and save money, but it is hard to do and the chances of getting stung are great. To attempt a feat of this nature, make sure that you have a great knowledge of bees and their colonies. People who do not know how to handle this situation calling an Orange County Bee Hive Removal expert would be the best solution. Make sure you keep children away from the hive; children tend to be very curious and they are too young to understand the consequences of playing near a hive. Here are some tips about Bee Control in Orange County.

1. Any Disturbance To The Hive Can Be Trouble

When the bee hive is disturbed, the bees become angry. An angry bee is going to sting. If you donít have any knowledge about how to properly handle them, it is best left for an expert. One hive can have 50,000 or more bees and messing with them can be devastating to the untrained person.

2. Beware of Sprays and Chemicals

There are plenty of sprays on the market that tell you they can kill them all. In fact, there are some good ones, but there is nothing that can guarantee that all bees will be killed. In fact, just a few left behind in the hive can be enough to cause real damage to an arm or leg. Also spraying these chemicals, even from a great distance, can leave the hive angered and most likely the bees will try to flee quickly. Never take a garden hose to try to knock down a hive; this is a recipe for disaster.

3. Always Treat At Night

For some reason, the bees tend to always be in a sedated fashion at night. Night time is the best time to treat a bee hive. When the bees are not out flying around and not usually buzzing about, this is the best time to attack. This dormant state allows a person ample time to spray and run. Even in a slumber, they still will be agitated and could fly out. Because of this, you always need to be on guard.

4. Wait 3 Days After Treatment

After an expert from Accurate Termite and Pest Control, treated the hive make sure to give ample time for the chemicals to work. So many people think they can go out the next day and tear down the hive. Sometimes new bees will come back to the nest, or there are a few that still may not be dead. While most extermination kits will kill on contact, there are always the few that may not have passed.

Keep in mind that all situations may be different. There are about 4000 species types of bees in the US, and all behave different and may need a different kind of treatment. Not all treatments are intended to kill the bees many companies save the hive, so they can take it to a professional who takes care of bees.

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Calling a professional from Accurate Termite and Pest Control can save you a headache, and in many cases an injury. If you have a bee hive at home and you need assistance to remove it call 949-Termite.

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