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Clue for Mind Over Body and Sense of Self

     What does mind over body really mean?

It is when your sense of self is not of the physical body. It's when you are feeling great about yourself in a more abstract way, rather than focus of self in the concrete or the physical body. The ego's the aspect in you that thinks you are a body, perceives everything as a separate whole, including other people.

The ego does not believe in the power of mind over body, and is against communication except for its use in furthering separateness. It would rather believe in matter over mind, and continues to build its own communication system based on sense of self as of the body and its need to receive and survive. Its only concern is to protect itself and it has no need otherwise to communicate.

The ego will fight to the bitter end to defend its ideas and its own separateness when it feels threatened. This is why its way is to stockpile the most bombs.

The ego is not evil, nor is it the devil although the ego will quite often project a concrete image of evil, perhaps an angry old man with horns growing out of his head who lives in fire.

But simply put, the ego is nothing more than the "wrong-minded" side of, or corner of, or piece of, the whole mind; it's the piece that made the error of dreaming up a separate thought from that of reality. It can't believe in mind over body or mind power, or truly know sense of self.

Reality is complete and absolute wholeness, no matter how you choose to look at it.

This erroneous thought of separateness, called the dream of separation concretely seen as the "bite into the bad apple" gave birth to the first tick of time and abstractly is merely only an instant of eternity. This is the instant we live in now, and because of this error, the ego is always fighting for dominance.

The ego-based mind is filled with guilt about something always, and makes itself judgmental as a defense tactic. With all this talk of the ego and its ways, I'll bet you can think of someone at this very moment who fits the mold. If so, it is the ego in you doing the molding, where you will not experience mind over body.

Have you ever decided not to speak to someone who has upset you because you don't like his or her stance on a controversial issue?

Their position on the matter seems to threaten you and your position; therefore you immediately start thinking of ways to defend your ground. Or have you ever felt ashamed for some of your own poor behavior, but instantly begin to conjure up excuses with a defensive thought, such as "This is my story and I'm sticking to it"?

This is all quite the opposite with the One Mind, or spirit, which only knows sense of self as abstract and not concrete; it reacts the same way to everything it knows is true, and does not respond to anything else. Nor does spirit make any attempt to establish what is true. It doesn't have to. Spirit knows that what is true is everything that is real, unseparated, and eternal.

The concrete ego has its reasoning for everything. The abstract needs no reasoning because it is exactly what it is. It cannot be altered, adjusted, or bargained with. It cannot be reinvented or diminished or exaggerated. It is Whole, and leads the way.

To your sense of self

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