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Divorce Is Difficult And Heartbreaking

     Divorce is the ending of a marriage, the abrupt change of the state of being married to the state of being single. It brings about all kinds of unknown situations that most of us really don't know how to relate to. It creates a situation of being totally lost and out of touch.

Many of the things that you took for granted just a few days prior, now seem distant and far away and a part of a life that seems like it never really occurred. Of course there were good times, or you would have never married. Those good times are now a dim memory, drowned in the tears and apprehensions of a new life that is facing you.

Random thought race through your mind as all of the negatives pummel you such as how are you going to make it emotionally, and where are you going to live? Even though you and your spouse have made the decision to break up, you are going to miss those times when you both were able to attack the world together, and now it's just you.

Divorce was the last thing on your mind when you became married to the most perfect person on the planet way back then. How could two people grow so far apart?

It didn't happen all at once, but little by little, a word here, a gesture there, or an offhanded comment, not meant to hurt, but some did. Then both of you learned that you each had other interests that became more important than your relationship. Causes that became bigger than the cause of your marriage.

Ego certainly must have entered in, as you look back there were times when both of you sought ways of achieving your own self identity. Then when the kids came along, the stress and time pressure in raising them along with all of the financial pressure seemed to suck all the togetherness away from the marriage and the resentment grew.

It was as though you and your spouse were really not prepared for the stresses that came about when it came to raising a family. While it was true that you were both successful with your careers, it was also true that recognition in those pursuits was the main catalyst in the process of growing apart.

So here you are, a person with a comfortable career, but a fractured family. The kids are in college and you are looking back with wonderment, hurt, and a bruised feeling, yet there is still an inner strength left, that you know that you will have to draw upon to make it.

You and your spouse were able to come to terms with all the property stuff and everything and there was no need to have alimony or anything like that. Fortunately you are both financially ok, and the kids college is basically paid for, so that is not a worry.

You will always wonder, however how divorce could have slipped up on you like that, but when you are honest about it, it would have taken a great deal more of giving on the part of both of you, more than you were willing to give.

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