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     If you are a car owner, and drive on a regular basis, there is a chance that you could receive a traffic ticket at some point in your life; possibly for things like, not paying attention, speeding on a public road or not obeying traffic signs. However, there are times when you are not at fault for getting a traffic ticket. Maybe there was another car or person involved, or an unusual circumstance, but whatever the reason you often don't get heard by the law and end up having to pay for someone else's mistakes.

What can you do if this was to happen to you? How can you fight for your right to be heard? Well here a few tips that may help you fight traffic tickets.

Be polite and most importantly, listen.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been pulled over by a police officer, his or her first impressions of you are very important. For instance, if you come across as rowdy and argumentative, then chances are the officer is not going to listen to your excuses and is less likely to believe you if you are not at fault. If you stay polite and really listen to what the officer has to say, you would be in with a better chance of either lowering the severity of your ticket, or best of all, not getting one at all.

Check for Inaccuracies.

If you have been given a ticket, then the first step is to make sure that you check the ticket's details while the officer is still with you. Read them carefully as sometimes what has been written on the ticket could be over embellished and untrue and you could end up being liable for even more than what you bargained for.

Get a Court Hearing.

Once you are happy with the details (or unhappy, which ever concerns your individual case) you then need to ask to take it further. By asking to attend court you are telling the law that there has been an injustice, so you need to stand firm and keep strong in the face of their inquisitions. Remember to always think about how you intend to ask for a court hearing as different states and towns have different regulations. Therefore, make sure you read your ticket thoroughly.

Prepare your Evidence

Once you have been given a date for your court hearing, make sure you prepare all of the information that may be needed, and any proof you have of your individual circumstances. Take photographs if necessary to show the court that the sign was covered, or the road markings were worn to further strengthen your case. Make sure you rehearse what you are going to say; if you trip over words or struggle to get words out, it will make you look dishonest and weaken your case.

Speak up, and speak out

When the date is nigh, and you are minutes away from your court hearing, remember to speak up during the whole process and be confident in your case. Never doubt, as this may show. Also, if the officer who gave you the ticket does not show up, you will be more likely to win the case.

Keep these tips in mind, and good luck on your fight against traffic tickets.

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