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Four Things That Only A Mobile Shredding Service Can Provide For You

     A mobile shredding service will drive a big ol' truck right up to your place of business, and they'll permanently destroy every document you've got that you want permanently destroyed. The best will let an employee watch, either live or through closed-circuit television, so that you know full well that no documents escaped and that the shred-tendant didn't look at anything before it got obliterated. When the shredding is done, the leftovers are taken to a recycling bin to be reduced to their component molecules and rearranged to make newspaper and other paper goods.

There are four things you can get from a mobile shredding service that no other similar organization will give you.

Secure Containers at No Cost

When a mobile shredder does business with you, they provide large, plastic, locked containers that have only a slim 'in' slot that allows documents to enter. The moment that one of your employees notices that a document has reached the end of its lifespan, it goes into the container, and stays there until the shred-tendant comes to pick it up. When that happens, the container is wheeled out to the shredder, unlocked, and then dumped into the shredder, garbage-truck style, where it gets annihilated without any further eyes on it.

Certificates of Destruction

It might seem like a relatively silly part of the process if you're not a litigious type, but any good mobile shredder will give you a Certificate of Destruction for each container's worth of documents that was destroyed. What that does is tells any future law enforcement or court officers that if the document pops up somewhere later, it's not your fault, because we officially destroyed your copy.

100% Obliteration

No other form of shredding -- not in-house shredding or off-site shredding -- gives you the guarantee of complete data obliteration that a mobile shredder does. We don't leave shreds that can be found in a landfill and pieced back together -- we leave ground-up, irregular chunks of mushed paper that get taken to the recycler's and dissolved in a pool of similar papers. By the time we drive away from your data, it's been broken down on the molecular level and on one can ever put it back together again.

Proper Witnesses

The biggest problem of in-house or off-site paper shredding is that there's always some point in time at which someone -- who may or may not be trustworthy -- is left alone with your paperwork. Mobile shredding service gives you the most effective of all forms of blame-deflecting: a life witness who watches the data get reduced to an indecipherable form as it happens. If a court asks you 'what happened to document XYZ', and you have someone there who can testify, "I saw the entire container of documents that included XYZ get ground up and baled," it's as close as possible to a sure thing that no one at your company was at fault for any of that data getting out into the wild.

There's simply no better defense against a charge of improper data handling than having an outsourced shredder to take care of your data destruction for you.

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