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How Bed Bug Reports can Cripple a Hotelís Business

     Since the late 1990ís, the bed bug population have made a resurgence in the United States and other large nations of the world. The rapid spread of these insects is due to their ability to travel with people while avoiding detection in many cases.

A main factor in the spread of bed bugs is a lack of awareness by the public, although this has increased with high profile infestations in places like New York. Because these bugs can hide on a person or in their luggage so well, they go unnoticed a majority of the time.

Many of the first cases that were discovered were in hotel rooms and thought to be a result of travelers unknowingly bringing these pests into the rooms. Bed bugs tend to make their homes in places like pillows, mattresses, luggage, and other places that are staples of traveling.

Most consumers can imagine the reaction that would happen if being confronted by bed bugs or bites on the skin upon waking up. Bed Bugs have become a very important issue to hotel owners that have to deal with infestations, as well as a struggling economy that has limited travel dollars.

Once discovered, patrons will no doubt leave with a bad opinion of the place and their cleanliness practices. Bed bugs have a bite that most people may not even feel, after which they return to their home and hide until the next time it is necessary for them to feed. Hotel patrons who wake up with bug bites on their bodies will no doubt have an unfavorable opinion of the hotel.

With the rise of social media and internet as a source for word of mouth opinion, a few bad reviews using the word ďbugsĒ in reference to a hotel can be a kiss of death. Social review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and other traditional social media sites can be a place where messages fly at light speed. The last thing that any hotel management wants to see in a top review on Yelp or Trip Advisor is that someone had an issue with insects.

The monetary damage from losing repeat business or having to refund a room can be extremely detrimental to a hotel trying to make it through a tough economy or a slow season. The added economic impact of replacing furniture, litigation costs, and other unforeseen costs could be a hotelís undoing.

The best strategy for hotel owners is to have their hotels checked regularly and act swiftly when attempting to eradicate these pests, should any bed bugs be found. Hotel owners should be sure to have regular checkups from a pest control professional in order to make sure this is not an issue. It has been said that the best offense is a good defense and this is true in sports and fighting bugs. Making sure there are not bugs and having a plan in place to prevent them could end up saving a hotel in the end.

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