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Industries That Use GIS Mapping

     Geographic information systems or GIS, is a relatively new form of technology that integrates geographic data with other forms of data to create different types of maps. GIS mapping can cover an area below the earth's surface or above the earth's surface, and is valuable for use with several different industries. GIS mapping is capable of using different types of software and tools to create interactive maps and data that can be used by any number of analysts and scientists to help in their respective industries or reaching certain goals.

One industry that uses GIS mapping on a regular basis is the mining industry. The mining industry consists of precious metals, potash and anything else that is mined deep below the surface of the earth. The technologies contained within GIS mapping can produce 3D computer models of the subsurface of the earth, which gives companies a more accurate indication of where to dig or drill. When they can pinpoint the location of what they're after, they are able to reduce the number mistakes and mishaps, which ultimately saves money and mines more product, whatever it happens to be. This method of mapping the subsurface of the earth also applies to the drilling industry, and is often used when drilling for oil.

Many industries are also able to use GIS mapping to their advantage above the surface of the earth. Large corporations can use it to determine whether or not it's plausible to open a new location in a certain area. This might pertain to department stores, restaurants, banks and other big business entities that are wondering if they need more locations to service the population. Using GIS mapping for this purpose cuts down on trial and error and counting on written surveys and other means to determine the need for more stores. When a big corporation can accurately predict when it's time to add new locations, profits will raise sharply because they can tell with virtual certainty that the customers will be there.

GIS mapping is also an invaluable tool in the direct marketing industry. Traditionally, direct marketing produces what many people refer to as junk mail, nearly everyday. A lot of people get frustrated and even angry when they see direct mail piled up in their mailbox. With technologies like GIS, both the consumer and the direct mail company can benefit. The company benefits because they are able to increase their profit per piece by sending marketing messages only to those who are in their proper demographic. The consumer benefits because he is spared messages he doesn't want, and is able to see offers he does.

In fact, just about any industry that uses the mail as a means of marketing can benefit from using GIS mapping. This might include dentists, health clubs, restaurants, car dealerships or any other business that wants to send targeted marketing messages to a specific demographic. The more targeted the message, the higher the likelihood a sale is made and the marketing dollars are spent wisely.

Helping solve earth modelling problems with GIS Mapping, enabling geoscientists to share their data.

Helping solve earth modelling problems with GIS Mapping, enabling geoscientists to share their data.

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Helping solve earth modelling problems with GIS Mapping, enabling geoscientists to share their data.

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