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Iran's Economy Collapse What Me Worry?

     It seems like only yesterday, the United States was worried about a single enemy, communism. However, fast forward to these modern times and it seems like there is a war on all things Islam, although it's closed by a sector of militants that are "extreme" in their faith and actions. Regardless of how you label it, there is a great deal of commotion going on in the middle east, and when certain countries see their economic structure collapse, they seem to get itchy trigger fingers. This is exactly what is happening with Iran's economy collapse scenario that we are seeing played out in the news. However, despite the lowering of their worldwide currency, they seem not to be worried, which in turn has the United States worried and could bring forth military action if the proverbial itchy trigger finger is reversed.

It was just last week that the currency of Iran collapsed to record lows, and talk broke out about the imminent fall of their quest for a uranium program that would give them a major weapon of mass destruction. Political analysts have all stated that it's not time to let down guards, however, as there is nothing concrete about Iran quitting the search for a great and powerful weapon of serious damage.

Ahmadinejad has been quoted as blaming foreign restrictions on trade for the problem with the financial collapse, and that there would be changes to come and revenue would return stronger than ever. While this might be optimism that is unshaken from the side of Iran, global analysts continue to ban oil imports completely from the country.

With such dire news, protests have created a political firestorm in Iran, yet no major deaths have been reported. Turmoil is nothing new for the Middle East, and with this latest development, it seems that no one is really making drastic moves, although nearby Israel is ready for revenge if strikes are made. Furthermore, the European Union alongside the United States have gone on record as stating that they will act fast if Iran reaches the capacity of a nuclear weapon.

Achieving enriched uranium is not illegal, however, Iran's intentions are not that of a power resources, but rather powerful weaponry, at least that's what military intelligence across the globe seems to be pointing at.

The thing that should be questioned and noted here is whether or not the Iranian people will finally rise up and overthrow their government of oppression. The regime change seems ripe, as the collapse of the currency should show signs that sanctions are working and will not end. However, even if there are many people that are anti the current regime, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of pressure that would create a hope for the change. Foreign pressure for change seems to go unnoticed often, so it can be stated as a zero factor that Ahmadinejad will go away anytime soon.

With the United States Presidential race heating up, Iran is a hot topic issue and one that both Romney and Obama have said will be a major concern when in office. However, the question remains, will Iran get their weapon and use it? Or will the United States once again intervene and overthrow yet another Islamic regime?

If you are looking for information on Iran's economy collapse, click on the link. Or visit

If you are looking for information on Iran's economy collapse, click on the link. Or visit

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If you are looking for information on Iran's economy collapse, click on the link. Or visit

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