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Is Your Honesty A Testimony To God?

     When Laban and Jacob were parting ways, it was time for Laban to pay out Jacob for his years of work. In Genesis 30:32-33, Jacob proposed that Laban give him the spotted, specked, and dark-colored animals of the flock as payment. He suggested that any animal found in his possession that was not spotted, specked, or dark-colored could be considered stolen.

The key phrase we should focus on in Jacob's proposal is "…my honesty will testify for me…" Can we say the same? Is our honesty a testimony? Let's consider some ways that we can make our honesty a testimony to God.

Our time spent at work

Have we been honest with our work time? If we work an 8-hour day, do we honestly spend eight hours working? Studies have shown that most employees are actually only productive for 2-3 hours of each work day. What is happening to the rest of the time?

Are we spending too much time checking our personal e-mail accounts? Are we surfing the internet for personal reasons?

Are we taking too many personal calls or spending too much time on our cell phones - whether that means talking or texting?

There is nothing wrong with taking breaks in between tasks. Our brains do need time to refresh so that we can stay focused when we are working. But there is a point where we start to take advantage of the situation. Even if no one points it out to us, we know in our hearts where that line is.

Our access to supplies at work

Our employers want us to be able to perform our tasks with ease. They try to make sure that we have access to all of the supplies necessary to handle our responsibilities.

However, the temptation to use the supplies for personal needs can be great. How often do we try to justify taking home that pen or the pad of post-it notes? Who hasn't made personal photo copies or printed out personal paperwork from the computer and printer at work? It didn't cost that much, right? But that little cost will add up pretty quickly if every employee thinks and responds that way. What effect does that have on the company's bottom line?

Transactions in various stores

Honesty is not only an issue at work. We can also consider our honesty when we are out shopping. For example, what should we do if a cashier happens to ring up our items incorrectly or give us back too much change? Do we tell ourselves that it's not our fault and try to talk ourselves into believing that it's a blessing?

On the contrary, it's possible that God was giving us a chance to be His witness for that cashier. That cashier may not know God, and that was our opportunity to show the cashier the love of our God.

To take it a step further, how would we feel if we later found out that the cashier was fired for repeatedly being short on the cash register? Our silence may have not only cost one person their job, but it may have also devastated a household. The cashier may be a single parent, the sole provider for the household, or supporting an ill or elderly family member.

It's funny (but sad) that we will be quick to point out an error when it is not in our favor, yet we are quiet when it looks to benefit us. But, as we can see, our little actions can have big impacts. Let's pray for a shift in our thinking so that we can use those moments of honesty as a testimony to the world about the God we serve.

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Ozeme J. Bonnette is a financial coach, speaker, and author. She began her career at Merrill Lynch, and now works to increase financial literacy. She teaches and speaks to groups and organizations throughout the U.S. She earned 3 Bachelor's degrees at Fresno State and an MBA at UCLA's Anderson School. Find her at

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