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Leaking Shower? Where Can You Find the Best Shower Sealing Specialists?

     If you have a leaking shower that needs to be fixed quick then there are a lot of options, finding the right solution for your leaking shower can be a time consuming endeavour so the aim of this article is to give you some handy hints on what to look for when hiring specialist and some of the dangers of leaving your shower leaking for too long.

What are some of the dangers of a leaking shower to your home?

Here are some of the dangers that a leaking shoer represents to your home;

As soon as a leak develops the timbers surrounding it become saturated and breed fungus and mildew which in turn weakens and decays the timber. This is bad news for the structural integrity of your home.

Water can leak out from your shower damaging your floorboards or carpet areas and the worst thing is you might not notice until your home is completely saturated!

If you live above another person your shower may begin seeping into their home! Or if you have a multilevel residence it could start leaking into your children's or other loved ones bedroom!

What can cause a leaking shower?

There are many causes for leaking showers but here are the most common causes;

Structural movement of a house as it settles

Leaks around taps ad tracking behind tiles

Badly sealed connections and junctions

Degradation of grouting

Overuse of harsh chemicals which attack resin in fibreglass waterproofing

Insufficient adhesive on bathroom tiles

Shrinkage of surrounding timbers

What to look for in a shower sealing specialist

If you're looking for a specialist there are a few things to look for when deciding which option is best for you.

Experience- The best shower sealers are the ones with the most experience.

Guarantee- Does the shower sealer professional you are thinking of hiring offer any guarantees on the craftsmanship of their work? If so how long is the guarantee? The longer the better because it will give you a sense of the professionalism of the crew you are working with.

Technology- Some companies offer customers the latest in shower sealing technology. These ted to be the companies that specialise in the field and they will offer superior advice and service to other companies who only see shower sealing as one arm of a larger business.

Hopefully this article has shown the importance of finding the right professionals for your shower sealing job and the need to get the job done as soon as possible to minimise the chance of further damage to your property.

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Shower Sealed has over 20 years experience in the industry, we have expert knowledge on how showers and bathrooms are constructed from the ground up.We intimately understand the variety of conditions that ultimately result in water penetration to the surrounding areas of any dwelling.

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