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Mobile Phones Makes Reaching People Easier

     Mobile advertisingreaches more people than internet advertising does, mainly because the number of people who carry mobile phones with them is greater than the number of people who have desktops and carry laptops and tablet PCs. Globally, the total number of working computers is more or less, 1.1 billion. The total number of working mobile phones on the other hand, is at 5 billion. Mobile phones are much easier to carry around. In addition, several malls, coffee shops, and restaurants have Wi-Fi zones, so mobile advertising is likely to have better chances compared to those advertisements that require a PC to be viewed, or those that can only be seen on television.

In countries like Spain, France, and Japan, mobile advertising is prevalent. No less than 60 percent of mobile phone users in these countries receive mobile advertisements. In Japan, at least 40 percent of mobile phone users actually click on mobile advertisements. The industry's overall worth in that country alone is 900 million US dollars. The use of mobile banners, SMS advertising, MMS advertising, and even videos is very popular. There are even occasions when promotional videos are pre-loaded onto the handsets before they go on sale, which proves just how effective mobile advertising can be.

There is software for creating mobile banners, like the Banner Maker Pro. The price is $39.99, which really isn't so bad a deal, considering what it does, or what it allows you to do. The instructions are pretty simple and are therefore quite easy to follow, and whether to use JPG, PNG, or GIF as the format of the banner is entirely up to you.

There are also mobile apps that had been designed for advertising, for example, the iPad's TRON: Legacy advertisement. Advertisements are usually considered to be something that gets in the way of an experience such as watching television. However, in this case, the advertisement itself is the entertainment.

The advertisement comes in the form of a banner, which had been placed within the application. After the user clicks on the advertisement, more options are presented, and yes, it is up to the user to decide on what to do next. They can either check out the characters or listen to how the film's soundtrack came to be, or decide which part of the experience to skip. By giving the audience the control, mobile apps are able to keep their attention and at the same time entice the viewers and to encourage them to see and learn more about what's being promoted.

Aside from mobile apps, it's also possible to advertise on mobile phones even if one does not have a mobile phone. Of course, seeing as all the other brands such as Apple and Blackberry will not be included in the people that will receive the advertisement, this may look like a weak solution. However, this is just one of the options, and you can always use other mobile apps while utilizing this method as well. The combine effects should make all the difference.

Are you looking for more information regarding mobile advertising? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding mobile advertising? Visit today!

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Are you looking for more information regarding mobile advertising? Visit today!

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