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Mountains and Valleys: Helping Your Loved Ones Through Waves Of Addiction

     Here are eight suggestions for helping your loved one overcome addiction:

1. Set an example

Adopting healthy habits for yourself can encourage someone you love who is struggling with addiction to make changes in their life. Staying sober, being active and finding productive hobbies will help the person struggling with addiction to not feel alone and more likely to stick to a more positive, healthy lifestyle.

2. Encourage exercise

Physical activity is an excellent complement to any lifestyle, and everyone can benefit from adopting an exercise regimen. Addicts are particularly vulnerable to stress and working out is a great tool to help manage mental health illnesses. Exercise encourages respect for yourself, helps in setting goals, and is a healthy habit for anybody.

3. Be realistic

Understand that you are dealing with someone who has an addiction and what that means. Their reliance on a substance makes them likely to sacrifice their relationships, and it does not say you are not supportive, loyal or kind enough. Be there when you can, but understand that sometimes this illness changes the people you know and love.

4. Donít be discouraged

Changes wonít happen overnight, and setbacks do not negate all progress. Be positive, be accepting and donít pass judgment. It is okay to be firm, say no and set boundaries but be understanding and encourage the person struggling with their addiction to come to you when they need support.

5. Encourage hobbies

Keeping busy with a productive activity is a way to help people struggling with addiction stay away from environments that could encourage relapses. It is also a way for them to discover new passions and channel their energy into something they can take pride in, which will build self-esteem.

6. Understanding extended problems
Often addicts in recovery will be faced with problems they do not feel capable of coping with. These can include financial worries, issues within relationships and feeling directionless. Suggest seeking a specialist, such as a financial advisor or family therapist, and let your loved one struggling with addiction know they are not alone.

7. Support sobriety

Spend time with your loved one in an environment without substances and stay sober during time together. Explore new hobbies, like going to the gym or doing fun activities like classes and workshops.

8. Be educated

Research addiction for a deeper understanding of your loved oneís addiction. Knowing the tell-tale signs of a relapse, as well as how to avoid one, will help you help your loved one.

Facing an addition can be a road filled with both peaks and valleys. This is true not only for the addict but the people around them who love and care about them. Kitt Wakeley of Vizown Advanced Residential Treatment & Recovery Center in Tecumseh, OK strongly suggests knowing how to be helpful and supportive with show them that you intend to be a positive and supportive influence as they face their challenges.

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Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a women's treatment center in Oklahoma. I'm extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life. I love spending time outdoors, learning, being with my family, and growing my business. I love making a difference in somebody's life.

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