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Preparing For Survival

     When it comes to survival techniques, it is those in the military and armed forces, who have the knowledge and training to survive in many emergency situations. For the rest of humanity, this knowledge is limited and anything goes when it comes to surviving. However thanks to emergency preparedness and survival guidelines, almost everyone can now be prepared when a major crisis occurs. Being prepared for disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other adverse situations, can save hundreds of lives every year. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Emergency preparedness is preparing for the unexpected. Having a survival kit made up with essential survival gear, is an excellent start. Kits can be put together with everyday items from around the home. They can be stored easily into a bag which can then be stored in the trunk of a car should there be a vehicle breakdown, car accident or change in weather conditions. The portable kits are versatile enough that they can be stored in an office drawer or locker should there be an emergency whilst at work. Kits for home can be kept in an empty cupboard, which is easily accessible, should there be a major crisis.

Survival gear can include a variety of items, some of which can be purchased to suit individual budgets. But for any kit, the most important items to include are food, water and a first aid kit of some description. Food can be purchased in either cans or the dried freeze variety these are easily packed and save space. Water can be stored in canisters, or water purification tablets can be bought. The latter may come in handy for those who become stranded in woodland and require water from an alternative water supply. First aid kits can again be bought as a premade kit or can be individually made from first aid items around the home.

Spare clothing such as underwear and socks are always handy. Just remember to base clothes on the current season. Kits such as these, is that they can be altered accordingly to coincide with the time of year. A spare blanket or equivalent is always useful, especially when keeping warm at night.

Small tool kits or a multi-tool and knife, can aid in a majority of situations such as hunting and carving wood. Knives can be purchased in an array of sizes. Pocket and hunting knives appear to be the most common tool within any survival kit.

Heat and light sources also need to be considered when preparing for survival. Flashlights again, seem to be the most common, but don't forget the spare batteries. Fire starting kits, matches or lighters, are also common occurrences. Without these, there would be limited means in cooking or heating water. It has also been suggested that a book, playing cards and family photographs can be included as a way in which to boost moral when facing a major crisis.

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