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Price William Married Kate But Obama Brown Was Not Invited

     On April 29, local time, Britain's prince William will join long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton matrimony, entered the new century, holding a "fairy tale wedding." The wedding is the focus of world attention, also carry too many expectations. Critics say, economic crisis in the British royal family, to tighten our belts, but also need such a celebration for the British economy downturn ChongXi ", and this "reshape a positive image of the royal family.

According to reports, the British royal wedding will be held for three decades the largest and most expensive, the most spectacular wedding spectacle, but also influenced by the British public and chase the guests all over the world. But in fiscal tightening of Britain, wedding cost pay except let taxpayers, the queen, the prince and Kate home also want to own.

According to the present the material, said the wedding day will have a big military parade and royal air force flight performance, but the marriage gauze, wedding ring, diners to food and so on a series of announced wedding locale can eventually "classified", is also a prurient interest royal lovers, the focus of debateamong.

- car
With old car sent to save money princess-in-waiting
Earlier reports said the prince William and Kate will break through the British royal family tradition, strive to low-key and modernization. The bride will be in cars rather than carriages arrived in Westminster Abbey) cathedral Westerminster (wed. Responsible for carrier will go to church the bride is a car in 1977 black Rolls-Royce restoring antique cars.

According to reports, the black Rolls-Royce antique cars is the seat of the driving prince Charles. Around the car and a little episode, last December, it by load Charles and camilla travel was, when body is full of demonstrators attacks have destroyed eggs besmirch, glass. But after maintenance, the car looks refurbished new, it will take on the 29th bride-to-be sent to the church to task.

Glass carriage or for the new block rain
According to reports, a church wedding ceremony ends, William, the couple will take roofless carriage began the day parade, if god "doesn't make the United States", the new cruise plays it, two current can be blocked the rain will be turned into aboard the glass carriage. The glass that princess Diana carriage is to st Paul's cathedral, the carriage ride.

Wedding day, although ordinary people can not enter the race Westminster cathedral wedding at the wedding, but the marriage ended, we can glimpse at the roadside charac-ter. Royal chariots and horses team Royal family members and Kate family will respectively take 5 carriage, after parliament square, downing street parade, the royal cavalry guard landmarks such as returning to Buckingham Palace. Among them, followed by new DaTouZhen groomsman and bridesmaids, flowers with small children, queen Elizabeth and prince Philip a. three carriage, both parents will jointly by the fifth carriage axis.

- clothing
Marriage gauze into "top secret" royal face. Symbol
In an authentic western-style wedding, the most indispensable, is the bride body that all women are yearning with white gauze. With only one day, the world from wedding still don't know the bride of William leaping into the princess from civilians will celebrate his dress up in which variable phoenix on the branches.

The British media reports say, Kate's this marriage gauze may with ivory color for fabrics, decorated with satin lace and pearl button, 3 meters long skirt. Marriage gauze WangFeiDai Anna from late part elements of get married in dress, this is Kate's request, is designed to prince William mothers. However, modern fashion lines of be particular about is concise and fluent design, Kate also hopes to show her slim figure. People familiar with the matter say, Kate had once studied art history, "no matter who's wedding dress designer, this is all (including) Kate (design) marriage gauze."

Fashion magazine editor British edition in 1 article recently shulman points out that: "this wedding dress in a far more than just." Shulman points out, "in Britain is in the middle of an economic depression moments, she (Kate) dress is not only for her marriage gauze, is also a major mark, symbolizing her taste, fashion faith (or other), and the money manner."

Global audience or first witnessed than William wedding gown
Reports say, global audience via television broadcast first saw big marriage than William day in wedding gown in father, Kate, and pictures of the help into the church.

Prince William may become the wedding last saw Kate marriage gauze "ZhenRong", because Kate want to as a surprise, outfit until the last again "offer" to William.

- guest
"Old love" couple invited
Who will become the big wedding many high brow functions? According to the understanding, William married invited guests included more than 1,000 relatives and friends, the bride and groom more than 50 members of the royal family, more than 40 foreign nearly 50 countries of the royal family, head of state, more than 200 government, congress, and the envoy, etc.

Beckham, Mr Bean actor RON atkinson were invited. News also said the U.S. pop diva beyonce north, and rap heavenly king Jay - Z may also to Britain as William married, the performer.

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