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Printing Tips That Can Save You Money

     Many companies concerned with the environment or their image, add do you really need to print this email at the end of their emails, which may or may not make much difference to the planet, as that three hundred page reports will be printed just for the sake of it by some. This advice could save on printing costs if you take heed. Of course you can save all your personal files onto discs and print them out at work, but remember your firm wants to save money too -- and your job.

Although the urge is strong to sponge off your employers in the current climate, because you believe you're feeling the pinch more than the company, just check your conscience (we are in a recession no matter what they say) and use refill ink cartridges at home to save money. Go even further by using compatible ink cartridges which are manufactured to high standards, and are much cheaper, as you're only paying for the name anyway with the more expensive brands allegedly.

There are many things you can do before printing, to continue saving money. For instance, instead of printing a whole page, half of which are advertisements and cartoons anyway, why not highlight and use the selection button in the page range function on the computer, to print out the required text or picture. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, look in the how to print in word section. No links are available in this article as I'm assuming only computer literate people will read this. Try a thorough proofread of your own, along with word's spell checker, before printing out entire documents, and then you won't have to reprint pages, because of bad habits with grammar. Use print preview more, and actually check the document before printing, as there is nothing worse than printing two hundred pages of symbols and text, because the file is corrupt.

At work give the reprographics department, specific instructions to print double sided. And make sure your originals, whether hard copies or digital are correct before submitting for print to avoid time consuming page changes or expensive reprints. Printing is less necessary nowadays, because documents are on tap, and with mobile smart phones and tablets, you can work on them anywhere because they can be stored online. If you're listening to advice and printing less at home, remember to run a print test once a week, to prevent the print cartridges drying up, as the objective is to save money on printing, not finding ways to waste it.

Colour print cartridges are more expensive than black ink cartridges. It makes economic sense to use the latter more, especially for internet printouts and documents for your own use. Set the printer properties to greyscale to print out black copies only. Before you buy a printer, do your home work first. Check out the cheapest ink cartridge first, and then find out which printer comes with it.

The best advice is refill ink cartridges. It really saves you money in this climate or any other for that matter. Don't worry, you get used to the mess.

Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Cartridge World, the UK's leading specialist in printer cartridges, including toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Cartridge World (, the UK's leading specialist in printer cartridges.

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Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of Cartridge World, the UK's leading specialist in printer cartridges, including toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

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