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Things That Can Scare Off Buyers

     When there is large inventory of homes and buyers are scarce, it is more important than ever that you treat buyers with respect and fair play. There are certain things that sellers do, even unwittingly, that can drive buyers crazy and prevent you from selling your home. This article will talk about instances in which the buyer-seller interaction has gone south resulting in fewer offers or buyers backing out of the sale. Being aware of these issues will make any home owner a better seller.

Lack Of Showing Times

In the past you could say that you wanted to only show your home at very specific times and you could still sell it quickly. This is not the case anymore however. With the more hectic lifestyle of today and the larger inventory of homes on the market the buyers that are out there are far more likely to want flexibility and for sellers to have more flexible showing times. If you are using an agent you will want to give them a direct line to get a hold of you as fast as possible so they can let you know if someone wants to come by for a showing. Keep in mind that more time you give to show your home the higher chance you having someone make an offer.

In the same vein, be sure to ask for a house lockbox for your home. Having a lockbox allows the agent to access your home without having your key. It is quite embarrassing for an agent to have the buyer show up at your home and then have to reschedule because they cannot get into the house.

Helicopter Sellers

Helicopter sellers are called this because they hover over the buyer while they are looking at the house. This will usually make the buyer very uncomfortable and will make them want to walk away from the home faster, not allowing them to see the entire house. If you have lived in the house for awhile and have made upgrades you might be anxious to point them out to people that are looking at the house. You feel that no one can point out the great features of the home better then you can so you follow people from one room to another during the showing. This can make a buyer feel awkward especially if they don't like the things you are pointing out, especially if they plan to change what you are bragging about. This can also cause the buyer to have a hard time picturing themselves in the house and if they have someone with them it will stop them from talking about the house and what they like and dislike about the home because you are just a few feet away. Because of this some agent will tell seller that they are not allowed to be in the home during showings. If you are selling the house privately you will want to give people as much space as they require and only say something if they ask you a specific question about the property.

Lack of Disclosure

The negotiation process can be very heated if all parties do not know what the true condition of the house is and what is included with the sale of the home. If a buyer thinks that they are going to be able to keep the appliances or special feature and then they find out that they are not able to it can cause the buyer to walk away from the deal. Because of this you will want to be as upfront as possible with people from the start of the process all the way through the closing. Also if the buyer does their own inspection and find out that there are insects, structural issues, or other major defects the buyer will assume that the seller was trying to hide things from them and it may cause them to walk away from the deal.

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Now is a great time to sell your house.  You don't need to wait for a market rebound either.  Honestly there is no telling when that is going to happen anyway.  You are able to sell your house now and avoid the headaches of dealing with traditional buyers.

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