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Top 10 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Check-ups

     Dental anxiety and the cost of treatment is the primary reason why people avoid regular dental visits. Ignoring periodic dental check-ups might lead to severe dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. If you choose a professional dentist in Green Valley, you can not only maintain your oral health but also obtain the treatment at low cost because they provide exclusive discounts to specific dental procedures. This blog outlines the top 10 reasons to visit your Green Valley dentist regularly.

- Mouth Sores And Spots: Mouth sores and spots can be painful and annoying. Mouth sores are caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infection or oral cancer. Even though they are not harmful, some sores can be severe and need the attention of your dentist.

- Jaw Pain: The most commonly reported cause of jaw pain is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), or it can also be an indication of tooth decay or growth of wisdom tooth which needs immediate attention.

- Usage Of Tobacco: Smoking or usage of tobacco in other forms may lead to tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. The dental clinic in Green Valley checks for oral cancer as it can be fatal. Tobacco usage increases the risk of getting oral cancer so regular dental check-ups will help your dentist to detect oral cancer at the earliest, and start the treatment immediately to cure it.

- Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is called as Xerostomia. It is a condition that results from a decreased volume of saliva in the mouth. Dry mouth can make it difficult to eat, speak and digest food and can lead to malnutrition. Xerostomia indicates a blockage in the salivary glands which should be treated immediately.

- Tooth Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity occurs when gums recede from the tooth. Desensitising toothpaste can provide you instant relief, or if you have a tooth that needs to be refilled or a crown to be replaced, these procedures can take care of your sensitivity as well. Routine dental check-ups can help to avoid tooth sensitivity.

- If You Are Pregnant: There may be many things to worry about while you are pregnant, but your dental visit should not be one of them. Routine dental exams and cleanings are safe during pregnancy.

- Bleeding or Swollen Gums: If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you should fix an appointment with your dentist to find the cause of bleeding.

- Hiding Your Smile: If you hide your smile due to missing tooth or crooked teeth, donít be shy about talking to your dentist.

- Diabetic: High blood sugar levels can put you at the risk of gum disease and serious cases left untreated can cause diabetes to worsen. By engaging dental problems early with the help of a dentist, you can maintain your sugar levels and reinforce your general health in the long term.

- Dental Surgery: If you have fixed dental implants, crowns, and dentures then you should visit your dentist to make sure that you are healing from the dental surgery.

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