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Use Ramblr to Share Your Adventure With the World

     It is very common, when a person returns from an exciting outdoor adventure, for him or her to want to share that experience with others. However, many aspiring bloggers have found that the traditional storytelling mediums are not an adequate way of communicating the precise emotions and details of the adventure. Luckily, an application has been created to help users share their experiences through a combination of maps, statistics, pictures, and written descriptions, all of which will capture the imagination of the reader and allow him an approximation of what the author's adventure. This article will discuss the blogging app, Ramblr, and how it allows users to tell geo located stories.


There are numerous features that can be employed by the user to better share his or her geo located story.

Show the Route

One of the best ways to convey exactly what happened during an outdoor adventure is for the user to record the route that he or she took. This recorded route can then be uploaded to the Ramblr app and posted next to the rest of the geo located story.

Track Statistics

Another excellent way to give more information about the trip is to show statistics. Ramblr is able to track, through a person's mobile phone, a wide variety of statistics including the distance a person has traveled, how fast he or she traveled that distance, the highest point he or she reached, and how long the trip was.

Record the Trip

The two main ways of recording the trip is to take videos and pictures of highlights. Audio and text descriptions are also available to better help explain exactly what went on during the course of the adventure. These forms of recording the trip can be tagged to various places along the route that was recorded in the first bullet point.

Easy Upload

Not only is it easy to upload all of the information from the trip, but it is also easy to share with friends on Twitter and Facebook because all of the applications are linked to one another.

Built in GPS

The Ramblr application has a built in GPS that will provide the person traveling with information about where he or she is, as well as directions regarding how to get to his or her next destination.

Trip Planning

If a person does not want to go through the hassle of planning a trip him or herself, he or she is able to download trips that other have gone on that have been highly rated. It is also possible for a user to search for specific trips through the app by searching for particular audio clips, map locations, and keywords to find exactly what he or she is looking for. These public access trips make travelling very easy and enjoyable when it might otherwise be fairly stressful.

Essentially, Ramblr is an application that can be used to record a person's route when he or she is exploring the outdoors, take pictures and video clips, and track statistics. All of this information can be uploaded to help a person share his or her experience.

Billy Ray Cyrus is an outdoor blogger who lives in Cleveland. He regularly explores the Metroparks, in between reviewing apps for bloggers, especially those that allow for geo located stories to be told.

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Billy Ray Cyrus is an outdoor blogger who lives in Cleveland. He regularly explores the Metroparks, in between reviewing apps for bloggers, especially those that allow for geo located stories to be told.

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