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What Are the Best Self Defense Tactics When Being Attacked By Someone Stronger?

     If you are not as strong as your attacker, the easiest thing to do is panic. Fortunately, if you have learned the right self defense tactics for this type of situation, it won't be nearly as intimidating. The key is to make sure that your self defense training specifically teaches you moves that require power instead of strength as well as moves that equal the playing field. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for different ways to defend yourself in the event that you are attacked by someone stronger than you are.

In order to understand why learning power-based moves is preferable, it is important to understand the difference between power and strength. If your attacker is stronger than you, then that means that in the weight room, they will be able to lift more than you. However, in terms of self defense tactics, this is not as important as you would have thought. This is because power and strength are not as tightly associated as most people think. The strongest person will rarely be the person who can hit the hardest, that is because strength and power is different. That makes choosing the right self defense training (training based upon power instead of speed) a chance to gain an advantage over your attacker.

Now that you understand the difference, it is time to look at what types of self defense tactics will allow you to use power instead of strength. Power comes from all of your muscles working simultaneously together. By choosing moves that allow you to use multiple muscles together at the same time, you will be able to generate more power or force with each strike. You can also look into "equalizing moves", which are moves that allow to gain an advantage regardless of differences in strength or size. For example, kicking someone in the knees or striking someone in a pressure point will be effective regardless of a difference in size.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best self defense tactics to use against people stronger than you is speed. Strength comes from long muscles. While these muscles are stronger, they are also slower than short muscles. By learning moves that are based more on speed and power than on strength, you can gain a decided advantage over attackers that are stronger than you. Keep in mind that short muscles are designed to be used in short bursts and have very low levels of stamina. That means that you while these moves are effective, they cannot be done over and over again for long periods of time.

If your primary concern is being attacked by someone stronger than you, then there are some simple self defense tactics to keep in mind. When going through your self defense training, it will be important to try and pay special attention to moves that are based upon force and speed rather than strength. Not only will this allow you to use moves in which you are not at a physical disadvantage, you can often use these moves to gain the upper hand because you are faster.

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