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Why Are Slab Leaks Dangerous And What Should You Do When You Encounter One?

     Your house is built with many main plumbing lines encased in the foundation. You would think pipes buried in the foundation would not be prone to any problems. But do not forget about corrosion! These can cause pinhole leaks in your pipelines which can gradually develop into larger holes oozing more water. Floor cracks, wet areas or spots that seem unusually wet are all signs of leaks.

What Are Slab Leaks And How Are They Caused?

It denotes the leak underneath the concrete slab. They are a big deal if left unnoticed. However, they can be minimized with slab leak detection in Orange County. There are many reasons for a slab leak including:

- Ground Shift: As years pass by, the weight of your home takes a toll on the slabs eventually adding pressure to the pipelines leading to cracks and leaks.

- Faulty Wrapping: with normal usage, the pipes expand and contract, if not for the wrapping that covers the pipes, they would rub directly with the concrete and it wears over time.

- Nicked Line: Sometimes, water lines suffer significant damage during installation. While the damage might not be substantial enough to cause leaking during the first inspection, with time it may develop leaks.

- Electrolysis: Chemistry works! When copper in the pipelines interacts with minerals in the soil electrolysis occurs, causing an electrical reaction, which may erode the pipes.

Why Are Slab Leaks Dangerous?

You may not be able to view the slab leaks, which doesnít mean you can take it lighter.

- Leaking water can lead to the growth of harmful molds. Breathing in molds for a long time can lead to respiratory problems. For instance, if you encounter mold formation under the carpet or anywhere near the pipelines in your house at LA, go for slab leak detection in Los Angeles without a second thought. A professional plumber can detect the leaks and seal it.

- Even the small amount of water spilling can cause major damage to the structure of your home. And with pressure changes, the soaked walls and floor could crack. This can even lead you to invest in a major renovation need.

- Leaks can lead to water loss which in turn will increase your water bill.

This is why it is important to find and fix slab leaks as early as possible.

Take Action Immediately - Hire A Professional!

Once you notice or suspect a leak in your home at Riverside, take action immediately. Do not take a risk. As you know, a slab leak is tough to pinpoint and access, so donít tear your concrete slabs by yourself unless needed. Donít go for a blind job, call a professional who will have special tools for slab leak detection in Riverside. Then your plumber will expose the pipes and fix it for you.

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