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  • Ways To Increase Response With Mobile Marketing  By : Laura Moore
    Be a leader in mobile marketing, not a fan. Mobile advertising is still the wild, wild west when it comes to technology and imagination. There are a great deal of options readily available on the market to consider, yet don't only choose exactly what's out there. Look at your target market and strategize on brand-new ways to reach them using mobile. You may develop an effective mobile messaging option at a fraction of the rate of a paid solution!
  • Whose Cow Is That? 5 Tips For Branding In The Digital Age  By : Bubba Mills
    Branding is all about identity. And for Realtors today (as it was for ranchers), it's vital because there are so many of you out there and you have to let people know whose cow is yours. Branding is also more complicated than a swift, blistering poke with a hot iron. The internet -- with websites, social media, mobile technology, etc. -- has added layer upon layer of added to-dos to your marketing to-do list.
  • Oysho: Tasteful Loungewear & Underwear in Cairo Festival City Mall, New Cairo  By : Cairo360
    Despite the never-ending shopping scene in Cairo, finding tasteful, quality undergarments and nightwear has often presented a challenge. Started only recently in 2001, Spanish clothing brand Oysho is now an incredibly successful, world-wide franchise, with over 500 stores across the globe.
  • Creative Way to Raise Brand Awareness With Promotional Zipper Earbuds  By : Chris Arranaga
    Zipper earbuds are becoming a trendy item that many people want This makes them ideal for use as trade show giveaways and promotional products or as a fundraising tool
  • What You Should Know About Brand Management  By : Jason Smith
    What exactly is it Brand Management Associates do when it comes to creating a successful brand management or brand marketing strategy? The answer is that solid brand management is the effective use of marketing strategies to a certain product or branding campaign. Basically in basic terms, it is the application of creativity into a product or service image or item brand. It is recommended for almost any business as it looks to enhance the product's observed importance towards the buyer and for that reason improves the strength of the brand's franchise and equity.
  • Best Reputation Marketing Tips For 2014  By : Sherman McFarland
    What exactly is it that is important when it comes to creating a successful brand management or brand marketing strategy? The answer is that imaginative brand management is the application of brand and image marketing strategies to a unique product and service or branding campaign. Simply put in basic words, this is basically the application of ingenuity to some product or service image or product or service brand. It is crucial for almost any organization since it intends to enhance the company's recognized worth for the client and thus improves the strength of the brand's franchise and equity.
  • Learning The Secrets Of Brand Marketing  By : Jason S. McDonald
    What exactly is it that is important when it comes to creating a successful brand management or brand marketing strategy? The answer is that creative brand management is the use of brand and image marketing strategies to a unique product or service or branding campaign. Simply put in easy words, this is basically the implementation of ingenuity to some product image or product or service brand. It is crucial for just about any organization since it seeks to boost the product's identified importance for the consumer and thus boosts the strength of the brand's franchise and equity.
  • What You Must Know About Brand Management  By : Margaret White
    What exactly is it Brand Management Associates do when it comes to creating a successful brand management or brand marketing strategy? The answer is that creative brand management is the application of marketing strategies to a specific product or branding campaign. In other words in basic words, this is the activation of imagination into a product or service image or merchandise brand. It is important for almost any company since it seeks to boost the product's perceived importance on the buyer and for that reason boosts the strength of the brand's franchise and equity.
  • Brand Protection: Are You Protecting What's Yours  By : Kimberly Nasief
    What is brand protection, and why is it important?
  • The Truth About Celebrity Branding  By : Cali K
    Celebrity branding is a method of advertising which uses the services of a celebrity to promote a product or service with the help of their fame and status in the society.
  • This Is Why Branding Agencies Dominate Organic Search For Their Clients  By : Michael Savoy
    Ever wish you could you reverse engineer the SEO strategies use to dominate the top fold of organic search results? It'd be awesome if you could...wouldn't it? Of course it would. To be up there with the big boys, most folks will choose to pay for ...
  • 6 Ways to Make Your Branding Better  By : Daniel Ryan Adler
    Branding is a complicated business. These tips are intended for those who can't brand on their own, who need an SEO company NYC.
  • Reviving Legacy Brands  By : Nissin Laby
    Legacy brands have long standing reputations that are born of their storied, rich histories and they are often associated with experience, performance and value that transcend cost. So when the need to revive legacy brands arises, the question you should ask is which elements of my brand are dormant, and which elements still have value?"
  • Developing And Branding Yourself  By : Daraline C Witherspoon
    Branding yourself is one of the best ways to get noticed online and offline. It is one thing that you truly want to do if you plan to do business over the internet and anywhere else. I always like to start by giving the definition of the subject ...
  • Benefits of Choosing a Good Branding Company  By : Prad Jeddy
    In the ever-evolving business environment and stiff competition today, it has become a necessity to position your brand in the most compelling and unique manner to earn a competitive advantage, the profits of which you can reap for years to come.
  • Okay Fine, But Does Your Brand Pass The Test?  By : Peter Williamson
    Many business owners feel that their branding is complete when the logo ink dries, but branding is as much about the message (if not more) than the symbol. So what's all this hoopla about branding, and can your brand pass the "sense" test? This article addresses new ways to test your branding.
  • Could Your School Benefit From Better Branding?  By : David Wheeler
    Every school needs to continuously build its reputation but outdated websites and promotional material will deal a real blow to the school's marketing efforts.
  • Brand Your Business Identity With A Noteworthy E-Letter!  By : Chris M. Hunter
    Is your company looking at sending an e-letter? Read this article to discover why and how it can best be accomplished to gain interested potential customers!
  • Branding Services - Importance Of Acquiring A Good Brand Name And Identity  By : Louis IEA
    The market is full of business persons and organizations which are trying to make profits. Most of these organizations are producing goods and also offering services of different kinds to the same people. This has led to stiff competition and only the strong are surviving. There are still some companies have strived harder to create a name for their own.
  • Design Management: What Is It All About?  By : Sarah Vineyard
    Design management encompasses a wide range of activities applied to different projects. But, its importance is felt even more so in construction, a huge industry in itself.
  • Branding Services - Why Should You Brand Your Products And Services  By : Louis IEA
    Every day there is a new company or enterprise that has been launched in the business world. Many people are casting their nets into the deep waters of the business universe to see what they might get out of it. The main reason why many people start companies is to make profits and this is also another reason why the competition is extremely high. Do you want to stand out from your counterparts- then be unique and brand yourself.
  • Properly Position a Brand to Gain Optimal Benefits  By : Prad Jeddy
    Unless one has a clear notion of the underlying concepts of brand identity design, it is difficult to understand the true significance of it.
  • How Can Effective Brand Building Strategies Help Your Business Grow  By : Prad Jeddy
    It is through branding strategies that businesses establish their identity and reach out to their customer and clients.
  • What Elements Do You Use To Represent Your Brand  By : Liz Uram
    A recent article title 'Can you describe your business in one word?' has generated a lot of buzz. This little question is creating a lot of unexpected conversation on LinkedIn and in my networking circles.
  • Understanding The Power Of A Strong Brand Image  By : isaacamor
    Discovering the power of a strong brand image and doing what it takes to develop this is but a fraction of everything you must do in order to gain and maintain the trust of your market. It is also important that this image be consistently managed and that you ensure that every area of your business is delivering according to the expectations of consumers. If you team does not deliver brands in the right manner, all your branding efforts will be a waste of labor and time.
  • Tips to Help Your Branding Efforts  By : SkyTip Media
    Tips to Help Your Branding Efforts was Written by Branding Expert Chase McMullen. He gives a few very helpful tips to consider when branding.
  • How Important Brand Consulting Is For Business Success?  By : Prad Jeddy
    Why should potential customers purchase only from you and not from your competitors, or which strategies should your business adopt to stay relevant in the market? Only a professional brand consultant can give you a satisfactory answer for all these questions along with many others and help you in developing your brand for a successful business ven
  • "Whole Package" Branding  By : Deborah Genovesi
    One frustration many small business owners have in common is that they would like to have a steady stream of ideal clients. They find it difficult to forecast income from month to moth because they have no way of knowing what is around the corner for them.
  • A Brief Overview on Online Branding  By : Linda Beech
    Being the owner of a company, it is important that you come up with new and innovative techniques and strategies to keep up with the online competition. You cannot expect your clients to search for your company within millions of search results. They would normally prefer a result from the first five suggestions.
  • 10 Ways To Make Your Brand Great!  By : Deborah Lillis
    There's a lot of talk about branding in marketing circles today. Read this guide on how to maximise your brands potential and get the edge over your competitors.
  • Giving Your Brand A Brand New Look  By : David Wheeler
    For every company, there comes a time when how it's presented needs to be re-evaluated. This is done to reinforce in the minds of customers the quality of your brand and the confidence they can invest in it.
  • Benefits Of Branding Workshops  By : David Wheeler
    For any business to consider it successful, it has to have an instantly recognizable and lovable brand. Building a brand takes time, resources and skill and most businesses starting out may not have all these things.
  • Making Your Brand Memorable In Online Marketing  By : Darin McGilvra
    Your brand is so important to the success of your business. Making it memorable should be the focus of any online marketing campaign, whether you do it yourself or have a Web design company do it.
  • Envelope And Sticker Printing Enables You To Enhance Brand Identity  By : evikram kumar
    Creating brand awareness is the art of promoting a product or service that will remain in the minds of the customers or clients for over a period. You strive to create the right impact on your consumers with selective inputs of branding
  • Create Your Brand Before Starting Custom Logo Design  By : Darin McGilvra
    A brand is a powerful tool for any company. You need to carefully craft your brand before delving into custom logo design with a web design company. While the logo for your company is a big part of developing your brand, it is not the brand itself. A brand is not something that is tangible. It is more abstract. You could think of it as the personality of your company that you want to project.
  • Brand Should Be The Focus Of Web Design And Development  By : Darin McGilvra
    Once you have defined what your brand is, it should be the focus of your Web design and development. This should be understood when you seek out a Web design and development company. Proper Web design and development is critical to developing your brand. A poorly designed website reflects poorly on your company and that can become an unwanted part of the brand.
  • Consider Custom Webinars That Demonstrate the Power of Your Brand  By : Michael Urmann
    Vibrant, informative webinars have the ability to exhibit the power of your brand to an audience of senior finance professionals.A professionally produced custom webinar is a good way to build your brand while offering timely solutions to corporate finance professionals.
  • You Must Market and Protect Your Internet Brand  By : Chris M. Hunter
    Does your company understand how to protect its internet brand and respectability? Read this article to learn just what reputation marketing is and why it should be a part of every company's marketing effort!
  • The Role of Right Branding Strategy  By : Prad Jeddy
    A branding strategy is the way businesses reach out to people and establish their identity. Successful marketing of any product or service is possible for you when there is an implementation of ideal strategies for getting the intended results.
  • How To Establish Brand Identity Successfully?  By : Prad Jeddy
    Development of identity of a brand requires proper planning and brand positioning strategies. Nowadays, there is help available through Internet marketing options that allow organizations to reach a wide range of audience successfully. There are different marketing tools available that help to establish brand image and increase product sales.
  • How Organizations Can Benefit From The Services of Branding Companies?  By : Prad Jeddy
    Many times organizations are not able to deal with their marketing and brand identity needs on their own. In such scenarios, branding companies have a vital role to play in the creation of a positive image and spread awareness regarding a company and the products it has on offer. This is especially beneficial for businesses, which are just starting
  • Does Your Brand Have Any Value? It's Your Brand, Be Remembered!  By : Wyn Davis
    Since 1873 Heinz Ketchup has dominated. That domination has created a company that is now worth nineteen billion dollars!
  • Methods To Create A Successful Brand Identity  By : Prad Jeddy
    The success of a business depends heavily on building a right brand identity. The identity of a brand is the image of a business and its products.
  • How To Design A Logo For A Non Profit Organization  By : Camilo Atkinson
    Non-profit organizations make a difference in the world fighting poverty, their mission is to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of an specific population
  • Creating A Good Business Brand  By : Belinda Wright
    What does it take to build a good business brand, one that defines your company's product offering, elicits a buying response, positions your company as the proverbial market leader and has a logo and theme that is instantly recognizable? Granted, it's a loaded question. However, it points to why building a successful business brand doesn't rely solely upon coming up with a catch phrase, or launching a new product, or designing a new logo.
  • The Particular Way An Internet-based Reputation Defender Can Help Defend Your Company Name  By : Kate Barton
    If everything you've tried are not good enough to downplay the negative publicity, an alternate way to take on online reputation attacks is actually by getting an experienced professional reputation defender. Reputation management professionals over the internet mostly deal with unfavorable feedback by promoting positive reviews on search engine results.
  • What is Strategic Brand Management?  By : bouju
    Brand reputation is one of those confusing marketing terms, which many people do not fully understand, thinking that brand and reputation mean the same thing and that the words can be used interchangeably. The two terms are most definitely linked, but there is a subtle difference between the two words and companies of all sizes spend lots of time a
  • Building Your Retail Store's Brand Equity  By : Ted Hurlbut
    Only a single minded clarity of purpose will build a memorable identity for your store, and brand equity that will earn long-term customer loyalty.
  • Social Media For Brands: The New Branding Tool  By : Russell Davies
    Facebook and Twitter have changed the nature of interaction enjoyed between brands and their consumers. Through usage of social media for brands and several marketing activities, there has been a considerable change in how companies introduce and ...
  • How to Choose the Right Brand Consultant?  By : Prad Jeddy
    While the importance of hiring a professional brand consultant is undisputable, choosing the right one can be little tricky.
  • A Guide: Developing Your Brand Strategy  By : Prad Jeddy
    While the importance of developing branding strategies is inevitable for a business, it is imperative to understand that it is not easy to have one.
  • Promotional Products Create Brand Awareness  By : Elroy Meadows
    In today's world of constant marketing and advertising, brand is everything. If you are not constantly communicating your brand, you are falling behind.
  • From Teenager To Retiree - Branding Yourself Is Essential For A Writer  By : Kenneth Evans
    I'll wager you never thought in terms of branding yourself. But now that you're a retiree who plans to spend some of those retirement hours as a
  • Learn Marketing for Massage Therapists Especially the Uniqueness of Massage Advertising  By : Joseph Gray
    If you are starting a healthcare practice or are trying to expand it, you know that having clients is what drives your practice. The question is how you go about getting clients to your practice. That is where marketing for Massage Therapists come in. And part of this marketing is learning to understand and use the uniqueness of massage advertisin
  • Highlight Your Brand Image With Smart Albuquerque SEO Solutions  By : evikram kumar
    Small and large businesses are turning their attention to creating an online presence to excel in their business and divert traffic to their websites.
  • 5 Key (And A Few Bonus) Ways To Find Your Company's "Unfair Advantage" Through Re-Branding  By : Peter Williamson
    This article addresses 5 key ways, plus a few bonus ways, business owners can find their "unfair advantage" and strengthen their "Branding Statement". Branding must be reflected in all areas of one's business, and no company wants to be branded negatively. This article addresses key questions to ask oneself to avoid the pitfalls of negative branding.
  • Developing A Following For Your Own Brand Name With Successful Internet Promotion  By : Mack Goodwin
    Get an web marketing expert to promote your internet site.
  • All Regarding The Value Of Reputation Monitoring  By : Richard Hitchens
    To the Internet, it doesn't take much effort or cash to disparage a business, a person or an organization. The bad comment is often posted simply on a free blog or web page.
  • Reasons Why Promotional Clothing Is Beneficial For Your Organization  By : T. Narvaez
    Giving away the apparel for free is a good idea. Give them away to any business associates you may have and even potential clients. This increases the number of people that you can reach within the same town and even outside the town or country. Giving away the clothes for free should not be an excuse for using low quality fabric.
  • Personal Branding Is About Building A Tribe Of Raving Fans  By : Mark Anastasi
    Yesterday I took everyone out to our favourite spot on the Akamas
    peninsula, to enjoy a nice dip in the clear azure waters.
  • Successful Business Branding Using Promotional Clothing  By : Raymond Leggett
    One of the top priorities of a new company is business branding. Successful branding of your company is going to make your company more recognizable to everyone. From the moment someone sees your company logo, colors, or tagline, they are going ...
  • Planning To Rebrand Your Business?  By : David Wheeler
    Every business needs to be flexible to adjust with the changes in the market. There are right ways to go about adjusting to these changes in the market.
  • Brand Image: How To Promote Your Home Business With Your Brand Image  By : Charles Kiyimba
    Having developed a brand image, it's important for you to embark on the continuous process of promoting your business using it. You need to communicate your brand image to the people you are targeting in your business. Your success in creating your brand awareness will depend largely on your involvement in carrying out a number of promotional activities
  • How To Come Up With A Good Brand Name  By : Belinda Summers
    Your brand name will determine how people will think and remember your business. You will need to understand a few things so that you can come up with an excellent name.
  • What Is On Line Branding? - Seven Ways To Form Your On-line Credibility  By : Barrie Evans
    A few people are asking “what is on line branding?” Somewhat easy, it is where you take your brand on-line and make it popular. How do we do this? I plan to answer this issue here and help you to develop your on line credibility and begin to create your brand.
  • How Important Is a Unique Gig Graphic?  By : Ronald E. Hudkins
    Overviews the importance of brand recognition in a companies' marketing efforts. Analyzes how this recognition can be achieved by creating a visual identity with images suitable for an Internet business
  • Being BMW: The Paradox of Prestige  By : Simon Dell
    One of the golden rules of branding for any marketing company is that a premium brand can produce a standard variation of their product, but that a standard brand cant produce a premium version. So for example, if you made expensive watches, you could viably create a cheaper version and take it to the market successfully.
  • Consistency Is The Foundation Of Building Your Brand  By : Dr Rachna Jain
    Consistency in your brand refers to showing up the same way, all the time. Your focus should be on gaining and retaining appropriate attention. Branding is meant to make you instantly recognizable and easily understood. And consistency is one way to do that.
  • Tips For Branded Mugs To Promote A Business  By : Stephen Hill
    Now, the question is whether the branded mugs are effective and the truth is that they are. If one takes coffee in a branded mug every day, you can be sure that they will find it very easy to remember the advert that the mug carries. That is why businesses are colluding with restaurants to advertise their businesses on branded mugs
  • Corporate Clothing Boosts Employee Morale And Brand Exposure  By : Raymond Leggett
    In modern business, corporate clothing is the norm across both blue-collar and white-collar workplaces. Banks, law firms, grocery stores and factories all take advantage of branded clothing to create a sense of identity among their employees and ...
  • Building Retail Brand Equity  By : Ted Hurlbut
    Much of the commentary has focused on the loss of the local touch -- so long a hallmark of the department store business -- and the leveling effect of replacing these local stores with a generic, national retailing strategy.
  • Create a Brand Reputation with Holographic Labels!  By : Laser Sec
    Nowadays, on any product you purchase, you can see 3D shimmering stickers which are significant holographic labels. These stickers are the output of advanced technology in protecting your items.
  • Promotional USB Flash Drives  By : Nyle Reme
    A good USB company will help you through the process and design a drive that fits your needs and your budget. They will send you samples and you can also get a close up photo of a drive with your logo on it so you can see what it looks like before you buy it.
  • Profit By Investing in Your Brand Account  By : Giuseppe Mathis
    Branding involves creating symbols that potential fans or "targets" will associate with you or your product.

    Those symbols, when combined and attributed to your brand, are then known as your brands
  • Rebranding A Product Or Company To Attract New Clients  By : Christian Fea
    It is always a serious decision rebranding a company even when new clients have been few and far between. It's also a major decision for just a single product or service to be changed due to the resources required to make the necessary changes, but if sales have been slow and there is limited positive engagement with the target market a rebranding might be what the business needs to get new clients walking in the doors.
  • Which Comes First - Branding Or Content?  By : Fabienne Fredrickson
    Many people who are trying to get a new business rolling, struggle with what needs to get done first. Some will say that establishing branding is the most important step, with the name and tagline all flushed out. Others will lean towards figuring out the content. I hear this question a lot from clients who are getting started and I can tell you that the experts don't necessarily agree.
  • Maximizing Your Possibility With Personal Branding In Commercial Industry Careers  By : Anita Gordon
    Personal branding is perceived to have been conceived by Tom Peters in 1997. What is valuable is that you basically determine the necessity of turning out to be head marketer of the trademark named as 'you'.
  • The Importance of Brand  By : brandoncastrejon
    A company owns many things, it owns assets, it likely owns trademarks and it hopefully owns some revenue too.
  • Can Branding Firms Greenville Benefit You?  By : Thompsonjerry
    Dont think you have a use for branding firms? Greenville businesses all have a brand whether they realize it or not. Your company brand can be as important to success as your product or service.
  • Killer Small Home Business Opportunities And Ideas At Social Media  By : Juhani Tontti
    Are you running small home business opportunities and trying to controll, what people are talking about your businesses? Do you try to order and to dominate, what the messages are? Have you noticed, that the world has changed?
  • Buying Corporate Apparel For Work  By : Adriana Noton
    Having a position in the corporate environment requires many things but one way to a great start would be to acquire corporate apparel. For women executives in the old days a three piece suit would be most appropriate but in today's modern times a nice conservative two piece dark suit will do.
  • Get Help From Branding Consultants To Reposition Your Brand  By : Linda Brodie
    Sometimes, a business website could find that it has developed a brand that does not work 100 percent. The brand itself could be perfect, but clients may be resisting the image that it conjures of the company.
  • Why Brand Repositioning Could Be The Best Solution  By : Linda Brodie
    While you have been working on a brand for a long time, it can be depressing to discover that it's not having the positive effect that you just hoped. Examining the brand equity for your website could generally disclose that there may be virtually no difference between marketing your company with the brand and advertising it not including.
  • Beyond Building Brand Equity  By : Linda Brodie
    As a website owner, you must know the significance of building an effective brand for your site that encourages customers to return. A strong brand can signify the difference between managing a small business and creating something that sticks within the mind and promotes your company a lot effectively than any other kind of marketing.
  • Significantly Building A Brand Identity Is A Must  By : Linda Brodie
    By creating and managing your own online business, you may generate big money and most website owners these days have a smart idea of the fundamentals, like making relevant subject matter which consists of SEO, and insuring that the online company has as sensible a reputation as a real-time business.
  • Why Online Presence Is Necessary For Projecting A Brand Through Service Logos Design?  By : Tammy Becker
    Here is an article providing some facts related to the importance of customer service logo designs for the people who are related to service industry and want to get their brand mark done but dont know how to use it online.
  • Profitable Company Branding: 4 Sound Solutions To Make Your Company's Branding More Effective  By : Adam Bauthues
    You've worked hard to grow a brand you are proud of. Now the thought on your mind is, how to make your company's branding profitable. Let's have a look at 4 of your practical options.
  • What Are Trade Show Display Cases  By : Walter Gates
    Trade show display cases can be made of many different types of materials. They can be large as in an entire booth, or they can found be in smaller sizes such as those designed to set on top of a table or counter.
  • Exhibit Design Consultants Within Tradeshows  By : Walter Gates
    The veteran businessmen and women of tradeshows will agree that exhibit design consultants are worth their weight in gold when it comes to knowing what does and does not work
  • Adding A Print To Glass  By : Walter Gates
    There is a new way to put images onto crystal, whether it is a window or a souvenir, adding a print to glass is an excellent way to advertise.
  • Using Custom Graphics  By : Walter Gates
    Custom graphics are used for many different applications in the world today. They are used in place of advertising methods were once painted or put onto surfaces where they were permanent.
  • Advertising With Pop Display Stands  By : Walter Gates
    In the advertising and marketing world, there are numerous cost effective ways to get the most for your advertising dollar, and pop display stands happen to be on that list of excellent solutions for the business owner.
  • Finding A Graphic Shop  By : Walter Gates
    Finding a graphic shop for those custom artwork needs is easy thanks to the internet.
  • Picking The Perfect Custom Banner Color  By : Walter Gates
    Coloration is an important part of decorating, whether for a personal living room or for a professional custom banner. Colors are capable of stimulating, soothing, exciting, calming, and evoking just about any emotion imaginable.
  • Choosing To Use Banners And Signs  By : Walter Gates
    Vinyl banners and signs are great tools that business owners use in order to showcase items or promote specials that may be going on in their store. They can be made to have virtually any design a person wants.
  • How To Get Noticed Through Expert Branding  By : Linda Brodie
    When you want your website to make a big impression, and stand out from the crowd, you will need to make sure that you have the correct internet marketing for your purposes. No website works only from word of mouth and direct searches, instead also big name companies like Amazon need to have a brand which is immediately recognizable.
  • Boost Sales With An Acrylic Countertop Display  By : Walter Gates
    The use of an acrylic countertop display will boost sales in any store in which it is used. This is an instrumental tool in impulse buying.
  • How to Brand Yourself: 5 Tips To Master The Art of Selling YOU  By : Adam Bauthues
    Emulating those you respect and have learned from in this industry is the first step to becoming a great business owner. However, when you learn how to brand yourself rather than to stand in the shadows of your mentor, coach, or business idol, you will begin to become even more valuable to your customers. Here's 5 tips on how to brand yourself, and begin the process of selling YOU!
  • The Relevancy of Branding in Business  By : Robert Deanz
    A typical error made by businesses fresh to the commercial world is to concentrate on promoting their products or services whilst forgetting completely about the need to establish their brand. Consequently, whenever they launch something new, they confront a constant battle to get acknowledged. Consider your buying behavior.
  • How To Build A Brand For Your Own Business  By : Daryl Jimenez
    Everyone markets their brand, including Presidential candidates. Whereas in the past, candidates have relied heavily upon volunteers to create a grassroots movement through door-to-door and telephone marketing, the 2008 election

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