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  • Flat Tire – Didn’t Show Up to Work  By : Jimmie Flores
    I was recently asked to call a potential client at his office. When the day came for me to reach out to this person, I made the phone call. His secretary, Carmen, answered the phone on the second ring, and I asked for Dan...
  • Importance of Reputation Management  By : Gerry Wilson
    Reputation Management can be defined as the activity performed by the individual or organization to attempt and understand the work of individual or business reputation.
  • Is Your Honesty A Testimony To God?  By : Ozeme J Bonnette
    The key phrase we should focus on in Jacob's proposal to Laban in Genesis 30:32-33 is "…my honesty will testify for me…" Can we say the same? Is our honesty a testimony? Let's consider some ways that we can make our honesty a testimony to God.
  • How Bed Bug Reports can Cripple a Hotel’s Business  By : Laine McKenna
    Bed bugs have made a major resurgence in the last decade. This problem is particularly dangerous for hotel owners that rely on a clean place to sleep as their income source. Read on to learn about the rise of bed bugs, how it can be detrimental to a hotel, and how to prevent this from happening.
  • 4 Challenges of 'Teaching' Business Ethics  By : Holly A Bell
    Teaching business ethics is not as easy as adding an ethics class to business degree programs. There remains a role for society.
  • Elements of a Good Safety Compliance System  By : Adriana Noton
    Safety in the workplace is an extremely important issue that spans a myriad of different topics. Safety compliance is about a lot more than simply making sure your employees don't slip and fall while at work.
  • Refuse Collection In Business - A Greener Outlook  By : Jeffery Nevil
    There are many things to consider when choosing the right form of business refuse collection. It's a significant aspect of any commercial venture, and a business owner should carefully consider the options when it comes to disposing of their refuse. It's all about what image you want your business to have.
  • Corporate Ethics - Why You Need To Trade More Fairly  By : Michelle Hopkins
    Information about CSR ratings and keeping business ethics
  • The Key Reason Why Companies Are Eager To Be A Little More Socially Responsible  By : Michelle Hopkins
    A look at how business use corporate social responsibiliyt reports
  • What Questions Do Your Best Prospects Ask?  By : Kenneth Vogt
    When a prospective client or company shows interest in your business, what are the signals that they are like-minded and going to be a good match? If they show certain signs of interest in their questions, then they maybe a company that will cultivate a seriously business relationship in the long term.
  • Top 10 Green Gadgets  By : Libra Ray
    Times have indeed changed. Never before have people talked about technology revolution and green revolution in the same breath, but it is very common to do so today.
  • How To Connect Instantly With Venture Capital Partners And Other Investors  By : Rose Brazil
    The challenge is how to go about attracting these people – venture capital investors or angel investors – to help you with key decisions to your investments. For entrepreneurs and investors, connection is the right key to help your business venture a success.
  • Make Lobbying (also Lobby) Illegal by Paul Chehade.  By : Lizabeth Karleen
    Lobbying (also Lobby) sounds illegal to me and others. Corporations DO NOT vote so how is it they hire most of the lobbyist? Just because they have the means and money to hire lobbyist they then have the means to induce politicians to be in their favor for upcoming laws and regulations. When many times these purposed laws and regulations are in direct contradiction to the common good.Paul Chehade
  • Useful Tips to Manage Time Professionally and Enhance Your Productivity as a Business Owner  By : sagir khan
    Time is perhaps the most precious resource human beings have. Almost all business owners wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day.
  • Ethics Is Good For Business-Good For The Country  By : Alphonso Smith
    Since the Wall Street fiasco, a situation that could have doomed the country to a full blown depression has made everyone edgey. Some of the population is still suffering from the "funk". It certainly was a lack of ethical behavior that took us to the brink of diaster. Practicing ethical behaviors will grow the economy and save the country.
  • Paul Chehade for President of the United States of America  By : Lizabeth Karleen
    Paul Chehade supported the idea of basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Human rights include civil and political rights, such as the right to life and liberty, freedom of expression, and equality before the law; and social, cultural and economic rights, including the right to participate in culture, the right to food, the right to work, and the right to education.
  • Caution Signs are Everywhere  By : Xaviera Iglesias
    There are many types of caution signs that depend on what type of hazard a situation may pose. Caution signs can be seen on roads, in schools, in the workplace, businesses like shops or stores, and even in private properties. They are the primary measure to be observed before an individual proceeds with any activity.
  • Professional Ethics: Capital Or Doing What Exactly Is Correct  By : Joe Clark
    There are many professions inside world that require strong will, stamina and courage to get occupied. 1000s of policemen, medical doctors, firemen, rescue teams conserve men and women every minute.
  • Advertising Business Violates Human Rights – Secret Strategy To Expose It  By : G.S. Virk
    The man continues to see and hear repeatedly misleading advertising and marketing, its nature is to gather correct. That is what the psychologist says about human nature. Based on it, the big business houses spend big money on its announcement of deceiving advertising on the Internet, television and published. It is the violation of human rights.
  • Welcome to the Company - But You're An Independent Contractor: The Federal Law  By : Eli Kantor
    Many employers believe that labeling a worker "independent contractor" will end the classification inquiry. The inquiry, however, will reach beyond definitions included in a contract. Whether a worker is properly classified as an independent contractor is based on multiple factors. Employers should pay heed to increased enforcement-and make sure workers are accurately classified.
  • Explanation Of Ethical Principles  By : Frank Hill
    Ethics has been defined as a person’s judgment of what is right or wrong. This kind of judgment is never comprehensive because it is always crowded with prejudice and misinformation about the issue at hand. It may therefore be important that the nurses involve a lot of critical thinking in making all the decision concerning their daily interactions
  • Ethics And Social Network Marketing  By : Ken Solman
    As a business website owner, you must contain integrity. Many of the social networking websites are utilized for unethical behavior exhibited by business website owners and this seriously backfires when trying to market your products and services. There are many ways, which you as a responsible website owner can control the behavior performed on
  • Are Fundraising Events a Losing Proposition For Nonprofit Organizations?  By : popoty fatlossfo
    There's nothing therefore useless as doing efficiently that that should not be done at all. - Peter Drucker
    Say the word "fundraising" to anyone who isn't in the sphere and what is the first issue to come to mind? You guessed it - events. Everybody seems to buy into that old Andy Hardy mantra of "let's put on a show!" and many folks view events because the be-all, end- all of fundraising.
  • Diversified Portfolios Make It Steady As She Goes  By : Paul Sutherland
    One thing that has sustained successful companies over time is a well-developed moral compass. A company that loses its moral foresight will eventually fail as it causes pain to its employees, society, communities, and, of course, its shareholders.
  • Warning Signs of Ethical Culture Collapse  By : Osvaldo Salamanca
    Surround yourself with subordinates who are young, inexperienced, enthralled with power and deep in debt. The best subordinates here are a full generation younger. Apart from their willingness to scratch and claw their way to the top, they carry the additional benefits of their lack of wisdom and their financial dependency, which keeps them from ch
  • The Important C's of Business Ethics  By : Patricia Delp
    The cutthroat competition in today's corporate world leaves little room for business ethics. However, adhering to these ethics is a must if you'd like to achieve success in the long term. So while you're looking to gain the top slot in your industry, familiarize yourself with the three C's of business ethics and discover how it can help you succeed.
  • Are you paddling or floating?  By : Robert Thomson
    Ask yourself are you paddling or floating your canoe down the river of your business life? If you're floating then you're on the defense, if you're paddling then you're on the offense - where do you want to be?
  • Ethics, Education and Effort  By : James Dicks
    James Dicks examines the importance of developing a solid personal and professional direction through goal setting and education.
  • Beware of Job Scams  By : James Dicks
    James Dicks looks at the plethora of scams that have surfaced as a result of the current state of the economy
  • Ethics - Can They Create Success?  By : Mario Anthony Salvi
    It's true that the rich and successful are no better than we are. However, most didn't get that way by being dishonest—they did it by following and applying specific Principles of Success.
  • Kinds of Company Thefts and How to Avoid Them  By : Jammila Miraz
    Most of the time, companies with most losses are those which has something to do with merchandising and direct selling. Critically, the country is loosing honest employees or is just being tolerated by ignorance of the employers.
  • Ethics: The Conscience of Every Business  By : Marcel Tardif
    At the foundation of every business is a philosophy, a conscience if you will; businesses cannot function without these. This applies to both online and offline businesses. What drives the conscience of a business, however, is a set of rules that everyone knows and follows.
  • Business Ethics: Managing Your Relationship With Competitors  By : Naz Daud
    As a business, your competitors are just that: competitors. However, the way you treat your competitors may affect how your customers and the media perceive your business, your ethics, and your friendliness.
  • Fake Doctor Excuse: Sin Or Savior?  By : Leslie Parchment
    Some are beginning to think that the ethics behind buying fake doctors excuses may be surprisingly good
  • Strategic Influence - Packing an ethical persuasive punch!  By : Leanne Faraday Brash
    This article expounds the power of strategic influence that is outcome focussed, considers context and involves expenditure of time and energy on the people who can open doors for us. The article deals with the most important distinction between influence and manipulation and the risks of engaging in below the line behaviour when dealing with others.
  • Business Ethics: Where did they go?  By : Kevin McNabb
    How would you describe the state of ethics in business – including network marketing – today? Is the state of ethics wonderful? How about rock solid? No, I think most people are disgusted with it. They are sick of dishonesty and unethical dealings.
  • The Diamond Trade in 2007: How Much Blood Remains?  By : Marc Choyt
    The blood diamond issue is no longer in the news, yet these diamonds still are widely traded. This insider's view, written by a jeweler, gives a present day and historical context to the diamond trade. Ultimately the consumer concerned about ethics is empowered to make informed decisions when purchasing their own diamond.
  • Is There Such A Thing As Fair Trade Jewelry?  By : Marc Choyt
    Third party certified "fair trade" jewelry does not exist; yet if you google "fair trade jewelry" millions of sites come up. Written for the consumer and the trade, this short article, extensively researched and referenced, sorts though the concept of "fair trade" in the jewelry sector. The examples from many sources shed light on what fair trade jewelry might mean, if there is such a thing.
  • Interview with Carmen Iezzi  By : Marc Choyt
    There's a great deal of confusion and misleading information around fair trade jewelry. While there is no such thing as third party certified fair trade jewelry, many companies sell fair trade jewelry. This interview with Carmen Iezzi, director of the Fair Trade Federation, clarifies why fair trade jewelry is listed as a product category on their website.
  • Interview with Steve D'Esposito on Fair Trade Jewelry  By : Marc Choyt
    Steve D'Esposito, executive director of Earthworks, discusses his organization of a multi-sector "Ethical Jewelry Summit" on socially and environmentally sourced jewelry production. This article discusses some of the issues involved in the very early stages of this important movement in the mainstream jewelry world. The summit is to take place in Washington DC, Oct. 25th and 26th.
  • Punctuality In Business  By : Obinna Heche
    You wanted to have that second cup of coffee from your favorite mug and you will only be a few minutes late. Whats the big deal. It is a big deal to be late by five minutes or an hour.
  • Are You Faking It Or Are You Making It?  By : Dave Origano
    Have you heard the phrase fake it until you make it? It's something which is increasingly common among business owners, especially on the internet or in direct mail. The basic idea is someone sells you a program or course teaching you how they made millions- only they haven't yet made the millions, they hope to do so by selling thousands of copies of the course they sold you.
  • Ethical Shoppers Want Jewelers to Support Ethical Jewelry NOW  By : Marc Choyt
    Ethical sourcing are have recently become critical issues for a select few in the jewelry industry. Their concerns reach beyond blood diamonds and dirty gold. This article discusses the moral imperative behind ethically sourced jewelry. It also outlines some of the challenges that face this emerging movement.
  • Having an Affair at Work? 3 Ways Your Employer can Find Out  By : Richard Bliss
    It used to be the stolen kisses in the cleaning closet and the joint business trips, but today's tracking of illicit employee behavior has reached a new level of surveillance. Almost every communication and every message is tracked, recorded and catalogued by a company's IT department. Here are three things to watch out for if you are personalizing your work communications:
  • When The Boss Finds Mold In The Workplace  By : Jim Corkern
    A practile guide for the Employer if you find mold in your place of business, How to protect your employees and your property safely.
  • Ask Not What The Jewelry Industry Can Do For You  By : Marc Choyt
    Suppose that you are a passionate leader in the jewelry industry advocating fair eco trade. You go to the most important industry tradeshow with a big banner screaming "ECO FAIR TRADE JEWELRY NOW." Thousands pass by without noticing. This semi-biographical article, ranging from elk hunting to dentistry in Haitian slums, delves deeply into the human tragedy behind the industry's fragmentation.
  • Turning Lead into Gold: Ethics in the Jewelry Industry  By : Marc Choyt
    The author, who owns a jewelry company, argues that those in the jewelry industry attempting to fend off critiques from NGOs are actually doing more harm than good. He calls for to a truthful reckoning of the atrocities of environmental and social upheaval. Everyone involved in the industry, from suppliers customer, shares responsibility and moral obligation to create a better future.
  • How To Keep Your Marketing Strictly Ethical And Honest  By : Adrian Adams
    With all the fuss kicked up about SPAM and junk emails today, online marketing today has become a sensitive and important issue in establishing a client base for any business owner and marketing companies.
  • What are business ethics and what is their importance?  By : Rivaldo Gibs
    This article describes the importance of business ethics and how negligence towards them can have a negative impact on the business.
  • Business Ethics 101  By : Nancy D. Solomon
    Defining moments that build character often occur in the strangest of places in both our personal and professional life. It is who we become as a result of these experiences - not the experiences themselves - that is most important.
  • Are You Sufficient To The Task?  By : Adam Kayce
    In going about the actions of your business, you've got all kinds of intentions: success, service, proving your worth... huh? That's right; hidden motivations can throw your business off course. Here's how to reign them back in, and get clear again.
  • An Understanding of "Kashrut" in the United States  By : Tim Mckeegan
    Do you wonder what the word "kosher" means when you see it in a restaurant? From reading, you will understand the definition, a history, and the etymology of "Kosher".
  • Developing Trust in Business  By : Tyler James Ellison
    The internet is the most powerful form of communication in the world and is the best tool for building a business. Unfortunately, scams, liars, and cheats also recognize the power of the web and use it to attack honest folks. How can your business separate itself from the cheats?
  • Resell Rights  By : NIKSON
    Master Resell Rights

  • Should you use Background Checks?  By : Kip Goldhammer
    Background check is a very important and essential element of making yourself comfortable with people you might be looking forward to having a relationship with as an employee, business partnership or even personal.
  • Decency Wins Over Cultural Decay  By : Judi Lynn Lake
    Perhaps if we combined the morals of yesteryear with the technology and knowledge of today we would have the world each of us dream about. Personally, I have seen enough guts, gore, sex and destruction and I would bet that a great many more are as bored and disgusted by it as me. People do indeed have a voice and the time is now to use it if only for our children who are our leaders for tomorrow.
  • What Can BPM and BPI Do For You?  By : Gregory Burrus
    Do you need to know if a business process improvement (BPI) assessment can improve your office operations? Are you asking if BPI and business process management (BPM) training and education can improve your business? Do you wonder what business process management is versus business process improvement? Do you know what size business could benefit by a business process impact study?
  • The Need for Commitment  By : Pj Germain
    In todays work world, you cannot afford to tolerate a commitment level that remains at room temperature. You need people who invest themselves fully in their work, people who deliver dramatic results.
  • It's All About The Money, Isn't It  By : Judi Lynn Lake
    In order for Advertising Agencies to be successful, integrity must be combined with talent and it saddens me that so little is found today.
  • The Impact of MNEs  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    The United States is the home -country for the largest amounts of foreign licensing and direct investment. Therefore, its policies understandably arouse some of the major trade unions of such outward moments.
  • The New Consumption Patterns  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    Contemporary economic models present the typical consumer as deliberative and highly forward-looking, not subject to impulsive behavior.
  • Internet Marketing: A Guide to List Building  By : Ruth Brown
    List Building is a Must if you want to make money online
  • Motivate  By : Kadence Buchanan
    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When you are the boss of others, the temptation to use your power to control them is always there.
  • Encouraging Ethical Behavior  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    Most authorities agree that there is room for improvement in business ethics. One of the most problematic questions raised in relation to business ethics is whether or not businesses can become more ethical in the real world.
  • A Primer and Opinion on Digital Rights Management  By : Aaron Trubic
    Digital Right Management, or DRM as it is commonly referred, is a term used by music publishers to restrict access and usage of digital data. Another brilliant idea from the minds who brought you DivX!
  • How To Solve Supply Chain Related Issues  By : David Gass
    Gives strategies for solving problems dealing with your company's supply chain.
  • Little White Lies - Are They Worth The Risk  By : Joe Torrence
    Little White Lies - You know. The ones that everyone does. No one will even find out...will they? What happens if your customer does?
  • Growing your Small Business with Honesty and Integrity  By : Joe Torrence
    The bottom line...the force that drives all businesses. What is the best method to achieve bottom line results and not be looking over your shoulder all the time?
  • Is The Financial Services Industry Failing The Baby Boomer Generation?  By : Bill Cole
    This article discusses the conflict within the financial services industry between the expectations of clients and behavior that some compensation plans encourage and reward.
  • Do You Recycle Your Batteries?  By : Jerry Cahill
    Are you concerned about what happens to old batteries? Battery recylcing is a very important part of a batteries life cycle.
  • A Landlord's Guide To The Eviction Process  By : David Gass
    Describes the process that needs to be followed when evicting a troublesome tenant.
  • How To Avoid Dishonest Home Business Schemes  By : James Lowe
    Save lots of time, money and enthusiasm by learning these screening steps before spending your resources on internet money making opportunities

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