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  • Doklam A Bitter Pill for China  By : Jill M. Clevenger
    The Doklam stand-off between India and China is close to two months but there is still no solution in sight, as neither side is willing to take a step back.
  • North Korean Imbroglio Continues  By : Jill M. Clevenger
    The volatile security situation in Northeast Asia nosedived further when North Korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) hours before midnight on July 28, the second such launch in a few weeks.
  • Tried and Trusted Partnership  By : Jemma Barsby
    Despite differences of opinion and in interests to some extent, Russia is a strong ally for India. The recent meeting between the two leaders proved as much.
  • Increased Oil Competition: Survival Of The Fittest  By : Giles Lambertson
    Oil & Gas companies are finding ways to survive the OPEC challenge. Although strategies are being implemented, it is not certain who will survive.
  • How Canada Appears So Competitive in Difficult Times  By : Shaun Torton
    The economy of Canada stays the most stable but with the decrease in the development of the American economy, the Canadian stability appeared at risk The thing is that the Canadian economy stays competitive because of high quality products and the most of profits come from the exporting the products and services
  • water skiing  By : jcryxqtly
    the) All of us featured at one another for your period of time. It had become calm aside from the whirring of the models, the particular the face. I could see the light. But it's Lord,tag heuer replica, never revenue, that matters. A long time ago, I actually swapped out my own brutal felony strategies using a lust for funds. I got dependent on your jet-set chosen lifestyle and turned the back for Goodness along with family members. Moving time frame signs in the event watch moment '88 declared. After, check out Watch for contributions congregations plus could kinds all the U . s ,replica breitling. observe companies tunes in. Modern day musical technology wrist watch gps device the clock to be able to cables and needs that second. GRUPOS SOCIAISA procura por uma identificação net alguém ou peut-rrtre un alguma coisa é uma tendência natural complete ser humano. Na terminologia padrão, existem dois tipos básicos nufactured grupo social: grupo primário at the grupo secundário,replica breitling. I primário é i grupo not any qual the gw990 membros apresentam maior proximidade elizabeth contato, at the lhes são repassados the gw990 valores essenciais, como: ética, justiça, meaning, noções de perigo and so on.
  • Iran's Economy Collapse – What Me Worry?  By : Andrew Collier
    It seems like only yesterday, the United States was worried about a single enemy, communism However, fast forward to these modern times and it seems like there is a war on all things Islam, although it's closed by a sector of militants that are "extreme" in their faith and actions
  • Romney Failure to Communicate  By : Andrew Collier
    Just when you thought the heated presidential debates couldn't get any more hilarious, we heard recently a major misstep by the Romney ticket In fact, Romney has major failure to communicate and it's plain to see
  • Tokyo Takes Number One Spot As Most Expensive For Expatriates  By : Denise McManus
    The cost of living rankings for October 2012 show Tokyo in Japan as the most expensive location for expatriate to reside in According to Xpatulator there has been substantial movement this quarter with Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland ranking second and third, Luanda Angola as fourth and Hong Kong China fifth
  • Recruiting and Management Techniques Used by the Best Companies in the World by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    According to the Financial Review Boss, Zappos, the billion-dollar plus online shoe store, offers new recruits $3,000 to quit

    They say it helps weed out undesirable employees
  • Heating Oil Prices In Ireland – Some Tips For Getting The Best Deal  By : Mark John Power
    If you use heating oil to keep your family warm and cozy during those cold Irish winters, you are already aware that the price to fill your tank can vary widely Like gasoline, heating oil is a commodity, and that means it is subject to the vagaries of the open market
  • Socialism Made Me Broke and Capitalism Made Me Rich PLUS Why China, Russia and Brazil Will Dominate Economically and the West is in Decline by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    I love travelling

    I love economics
  • The Wealthy Are More Than Paying Their Fair Share of Tax in Australia by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    According to recent ATO statistics, the rich account for an increasing slice of the tax haul in Australia

    The reality is the more rich people there are, the better it is for all Australians
  • "Are Australians Closet Communists?" by Jamie McIntyre  By : JamieMcIntyre
    I was asked this question recently when I was overseas in an ex-communist country

    There's nothing like the power of questions to stimulate one to think and debate critical issues we face collectively as a country
  • Will The Great British Economy Ever Return To Former Glory?  By : Chris Andrews
    As the Eurozone crisis continues to threaten fiscal unity, British economy suffers as a result of the rippling effects caused by the potential Greek bailout; leaving mortgage rates rising, lending at an all-time low and fifteen of the world's biggest banks downgraded, three of which are Britain's principal firms
  • Save the Whales  By : Carolyn A Clayton
    The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) first established in 1987, is a leading global charity that is dedicated to defending whales as well as dolphins from the threats they face including: hunting, captivity, pollution, climate change as well as entanglement in fishing nets and ship collisions
  • Burnaby Residents Can Expect More Oil Tank Leaks This Year  By : Kellie Purden
    People suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments must prepare themselves this year, as experts predict that there will be more oil tank leaks Due to climate change, there is a huge possibility that there will be an increase in the amount of rainfall this year, and this would result to an increase in the oil leaks, as well
  • The Underground Bout  By : Ca. Ganz
    Though they do not mix together, oil and water will forever clash with each other, especially in underground scenarios Heavy rainfall will surely result to underground oil tank leaks, specifically in towns and cities that have a lot of oil containers stored beneath the grounds
  • Burnaby Oil Tanks Vs. Rainfall  By : Ca. Ganz
    The amount of rain that is said to fall on Burnaby this year will greatly affect the oil tanks tucked underneath the soil This will result to underground oil tank leaks that will be very dangerous to human health
  • Vancouver Oil Tank Removal Experts Warn About Spring Rainfall Dangers  By : Kellie Purden
    This springtime is predicted to give several negative effects on the environment Experts have foreseen that Vancouver will be getting a large amount of rainfall, compared to the previous years
  • Oil Tank Spillage Likely to Increase in Burnaby  By : Sean Goudeloc
    Environmental experts have reported that the amount of rainfall will most likely increase this year in Burnaby This is why they advise the locals of Burnaby to prepare themselves for many oil spills to happen, too
  • Global Economic Factors Cause Gold And Silver To Rise Still Higher  By : Oscar Heath
    Gold and silver have continually risen over the last several years and especially in the last few days The reasons for this are complex and manifold, but they deserve a closer look
  • Kony 2012 Movement Shows Generation No Longer Apathetic  By : Todd A. Smith
    Every movement towards social justice has its controversies and detractors The 30-minute film Kony 2012 is no different
  • How to Cleanse Your Body at Home Naturally  By : Adrian Brown
    Hello friends and confidants, every day I look for the latest development on healthy living in general and weight management in particular

    The latest report I have discovered is saying that bacteria living in your large intestines may be responsible for slowing down the activities taking place in that area of your body
  • Businesses Avoiding Pollution and Environmental Tragedies  By : Lawrence Reaves
    When considering pollution and its effects, it's likely that air and water pollution are at the forefront Indeed air and water pollution have been the cause of many human deaths and illnesses over the years, let alone the effects to animals and water borne creatures
  • Volunteer Overseas to See Just What Kind of Difference You Can Make  By : Ryan Letterman
    That our world is a large place is not up for debate These days, though, thanks to technological advances, the world is getting smaller
  • Reasons to Discover the Internet and Charity Marketing  By : Andrew Street
    One of the types of business which is most neglected on the internet is that relating to charity organisations These firms are as much in need of raising their profile and attracting attention as any other but it seems that they often shy away from online charity marketing for some reason
  • The Worlds Worst Industrial Catastrophe  By : Lawrence Reaves
    The Bhopal Gas Tragedy is said by many to be the most severe industrial catastrophe to ever occur On the night of December 2nd and morning of December 3rd 1984 the Union Carbide India Limited Pesticide plant leaked a dangerous combination of methyl isocyante and other gases from its grounds
  • Green Drought Hides Truth Of Food Shortage In Ethiopia  By : Daniel Kidd
    The landscape around Shebedino in Ethiopia looks lush and green But many families don't have enough food to eat
  • Blaming Blacks For London Riots Epitome of Race Card  By : Todd A. Smith
    On his 1994 hit song "Hand of the Dead Body" that featured Ice Cube and Devin the Dude, Scarface rapped, "So why you tryin kick some dust up, America's been always known for blaming us brothers for they mess-ups…So why you criticize me for the things that you see on your TV, that rates worse than PG
  • You Are Controlled!  By : Cherokee Billie
    I am sure you are saying, "How can she say such a thing about me" Every day your life is being manipulated by the media (News, Internet, Gossip, and Government)
  • Final Nail in the Economic Coffin  By : Cherokee Billie
    You are quite aware of the economic downturn over the last two years So many people cannot get jobs; job layoffs are a daily occurrence, and small businesses are closing left and right
  • Counter-terrorism Efforts to Uncover Bin Laden Relied Upon "Old-fashioned" Intelligence Analysis  By : Daniel Sommer
    Over the past decade, the US
  • Child Health in a Developing Country  By : Tahmina Sultan
    As far as child heath is concerned, the present scenario of developing countries around the world is not very pleasant Data shows, that every second a child in a developing country suffers from malnutrition, and almost 60,000 children are born with HIV every year
  • Does China Lead the Way in Renewable Energy?  By : David Oglaza
    Chinas economy is growing at 10 percent per year and is predicated to be world largest economy within 20 years time From the solar powered olympic stadiums to solar powered street lights to wind up mobile phone chargers its green all the way to clean up the dirty smoggy atmosphere of many Chinese cities
  • Tokyo Spotlight an Expatriate Viewpoint  By : Steven McManus
    Tokyo is Japan's capital and largest city with approximately twelve million residents It is a quiet city considering it is so crowded
  • Is Bio Fuel As Good As They Say?  By : Indiann Davinos
    In the UK we suffer from high taxation on petrol and other countries are catching up as governments see petrol as an easy way to raise revenue but with talks of peak oil green governments are looking at alternative fuels with varying degrees of success This is why the Chinese are turning green with billion dollar investments in solar technology and the Indians are not far behind but the West needs to wean itself off oil or find better fuels to use
  • Recent Natural Disasters Shouldn't Make Us Forget Katrina  By : Todd A. Smith
    We have been inundated with news coverage over the last week by the horrific tsunami that devastated Japan, sweeping away property and tens of thousands of lives in the process

    Recent natural disasters like the Haitian earthquake, and specifically the Japanese tsunami, have rightfully persuaded countries and individuals to give to assist people who are suffering so much through this devastating time
  • Is Climate Change And Ozone Layer Holes Just A Myth?  By : Ethicalll Mann
    With the world experiencing the greatest recession in nearly 100 years I was thinking when was the last time that I saw or heard anything about ozone depletion

    The news used to be full of stories about studies showing that CFCs (found in aerosol cans, among other things) was harmful to the ozone – a layer in the earth's atmosphere that protects us from some of the more dangerous Ultra Violet rays of the sun – and has depleted incrementally over the years
  • When Childbirth Scares You: How to Get Over It  By : Nelson Berry
    Perhaps one of the most excited parts of carrying a child is giving birth After a few hours, you will be able to see your precious bundle of joy
  • North Africa And The Middle East – Expatriate Viewpoint  By : Steven Coleman
    North Africa and the Middle East have been shaken by what could be described as a youthquake this year What is driving it
  • Ignorance Isn't Bliss -- The Holocaust DID Happen  By : Brent Cummings
    During the last year, while doing research for my World War 2 blog, I came to the conclusion that the internet is a vast wasteland of bad information and pitiful self promotion (ie
  • Bangladesh Needs Eco Friendly, Fair Trade Clothing  By : Adrian Desbarats
    If you have tried buying clothes at a Bebe or Topshop shop, you have probably worn the handiwork of a Bangladeshi woman Bangladesh is one of the major exporters of apparel to international labels in the U
  • Top Examples of Environmental Remediation Projects Around the World  By : Michael Bryksa
    Environmental remediation is something that needs to known to more people around the world Everyone knows the latest iPhone, the latest iPod, iPad, the newest iTouch or any product from Apple
  • Types of Holiday Celebrations  By : Todd James E. Wertz
    Holidays are often associated to celebrations and gatherings It is a particular term that creates a picture where family, friend and other people come together and celebrate
  • 2012: End of the World?  By : Charlton Wells
    There seems to be a lot of theories when it comes to December 21,2012 that strikes fear into the hearts of a lot of people in society One of these theories is that the end of the world is coming on that particular date by a deluge that engulfs the earth with massive amounts of water until all life has perished on the planet
  • High Profile Indian Military Contingent to Visit Saudi Arabia  By : Bobby Castro
    The Indian Defense Minister with officials are visiting Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Discussions would be made between the two nations to bolster their respective countries abilities to counter terrorism.
  • The Indo-Japanese Relations Summary  By : Bobby Castro
    Japan and India share common goals and interests and having mutually beneficial agreements would serve them well. New ones are being formed to help both economic giants fare well in the everchanging seas of the world.
  • Creating a Powerful Presence by Bert Decker  By : Ben Sanderson
    Creating a Powerful Presence is a personal development book written by Bert Decker Bert Decker is a personal development coach and a communications trainer based out of San Francisco
  • Global Stock Markets Instability Factor Frequent  By : Haven Frbiz
    In A-share market fell sharply again yesterday on the occasion, Europe, America and Asia-Pacific stock markets, have also appeared in different ranges downtrend

    In addition to Japan's stock market suspended, but to yesterday's close, the Asia-Pacific region were the major indexes fell
  • Irish Crisis Could Be Spread  By : Lanbo Jiang
    Although EU leaders have said will prevent the salvage of the Irish crisis spread, but investors still turn their attention to Europe According to the current situation, the crisis will spread to the fire, or that Portugal and Spain, high-debt countries
  • Denmark Priority Start Nation Action Program  By : Paul Hu
    Cancun conference, the Danish national selection of priority action program launched in response to climate change, rather than waiting for the results of the international climate negotiations do action

    Danish Climate and Energy Minister Lykke Friis, held recently in Copenhagen, "Global Green Growth Conference" on-site interview revealed that the Danish government is stepping up development of the current "road map for 2050," the official text is expected to announce early next year
  • Would You Give Up Everything You Have to Volunteer For a Charity?  By : Robert Miller The 2nd
    What would lead a person to give up an income of over $130,000 a year for the opportunity to volunteer full time for a nonprofit charity that pays him nothing Further, besides using up all of his assets to help the charity get started, anything he gets now, like his social security, he tithes 100% of it to the organization
  • Britain and the United States in the Win Over India  By : Paul Hu
    Prime Minister Cameron in the UK is about to leave for visit to China, the US
  • China And India Clash  By : Bobby Castro
    India and China are uneasy neighbors. There is a disputed region and now a diplomatic row is again kindling simmering tensions.
  • A Service-Based U.S. Economy And Its' Issues  By : Stewart Wrighter
    Today, the United State economy is moving more and more towards a service-based economy What does this mean
  • The Importance of Exports and International Freight to the Italian Economy  By : Stephen Willis
    Italy has been building its export business steadily since the second world war and export has become especially important to the Italian economy recently, as the country has been pinning its hopes on an export led recovery from the global recession

    The most important exports from Italy are industrial products,cars and car parts, shoes, clothing and textiles, as well as food and wine, for which Italy has worldwide renown
  • What Was Good About 9-11?  By : Terrie Little
    It is the American dream, I suppose, starting with nothing and working hard to build a successful business Officially, our business opened its "doors" on September 11, 2010
  • Why Do We See Some State Capitalism Emerged in Different Countries  By : Frbiz Tian
    Dang Europe and other developed economies in the global financial crisis, economic malaise, the Chinese economy maintained the momentum of rise, scholars have began to debate whether this is proof of China's unique economic development model is superior to Western capitalism

  • Development of Private Economy of Cuba  By : Frbiz Tian
    The government will open 178 private practitioners in economic activity, which allows 83 private economic activity outside of the main employment of relatives of employees

    In addition, the Cuban government to allow private businesses engaged in the sale of food, pet training, repair, repair housing, the original sale of alcoholic beverages prohibited activities
  • Washington Announced the End of the Recession Delayed More Than a Year  By : Frbiz Tian
    Republicans do not want to mention the Democratic Party can not say

  • A World Crusade  By : Nancy Z. Smith
    You are enjoying the day and found the SAT prep and lsat change on your computer monitor A thought suddenly came into your mind
  • Global Auto Parts Market Reorganization Situation Intensify  By : Christina Xia
    According to the United States, Massachusetts, consulting firm PRTM's latest report, this year's European auto parts suppliers will be as many as 85 deals since 2009, up more than 13% The first 8 months this year, the European auto parts from transactions completed 50
  • Greenland Ice Drilling Project May Hold the Key to Climate Change  By : Alek Jones
    A new discovery has recently brought many questions to the future of climate change with the discovery of an ancient ice core that was drilled out in Greenland when a team of international scientists working on the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (NEEM) project hit bedrock The team achieved this monumental find after a full two summers of work, which involved drilling down more than 1
  • Bombay Difficult Construction Second Airport  By : Haven Frbiz
    Mumbai, India has always been proud of the financial and economic center of power in the country into one of the economic card Recently, because the surge in air passenger traffic and economic development needs, the city decided to build a second airport
  • Cuba Economic Stagnation Unbearable Heavy Burden  By : Haven Frbiz
    50 million people "laid off"

    Cuban government has announced that it will cut at least until April next year, 500,000 government workers, as many as 100 million people could eventually lose their jobs This is Cuba's revolutionary government since its establishment in 1959 the largest reform since the implementation
  • Sing For Tibet  By : Ben L. Jenkins
    In 1911, a revolution overtook China The movement went across the country
  • Germany and the United States Economic Analysis  By : Christina Xia
    In the last two months on a series of weaker than expected US
  • Exporting Problems: Lessons from Central Banks, Big Business and Governments  By : JD Durham WCT
    after the first ever audit of the private corporation known as the US Central Bank, or more simply the Federal Reserve Bank we have now learned that $16 Trillion were used in secret bailouts. As U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said "This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else."
  • Libya and Confusion  By : kimberly kessler
    With the discovery of oil in 1959, the focus of U.S. interests changed as officials began to see Libya mostly as an inexpensive petrol pump. I guess, Libyan oil and gas reserves are of direct interest to the United States because they ease production pressures on our traditional suppliers. Do you know which are our main suppliers, according to t
  • What Does A Luxurious Kitchen Necessarily mean?  By : Francisco Sawyer
    What is helpful about the advances in kitchen technology is that we are now adapting appliances to fit our lifestyles. In the previous, families had to adapt their lifestyles to what was obtainable.

    Luxurious Kitchens suggest Wonderful Ranges:

    Where by you may possibly want to use a collection top drop-in, a flat cook leading or the complete dimension qualified kind selection, you will not skimp on the simple development of your array. It is going to very last you a long time. My Vik...
  • Why a Corporate Limousine Program Will Help save You Income  By : Jerry Sprin
    But this depends in significant aspect on the corporation you decide on. This cost varies from city to metropolis and is dependent on the kind of motor vehicle you will will need and the distance you have to have to travel.

    Browsing by selling price may well appear like the sensible point to do, as you are merely travelling to the airport and not your wedding day, but it is not. More cost-effective in no way usually means the far better of the whole lot, and especially with airport li...
  • Obama Birth Certificate Fraud  By : Delwyn Lounsbury
    There is considerable evidence of Obama birth certificate fraud.
  • Royal Wedding  By : Gloria H Schneider
    No wonder it seems they always enjoy a life of leisure at Buckingham Palace.
    Even though they are having a street party to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April, 10 Downing Street is where the real business of government takes place.
  • Pakistan Tells U.S. It Must Sharply Cut C.I.A. Activities  By : reporter
    It was not clear how many C.I.A. personnel that would leave behind; the total number in Pakistan has not been disclosed. But the cuts demanded by the Pakistanis amounted to 25 to 40 percent of United States Special Operations forces in the country, the officials said. The number also included the removal of all the American contractors used by the C.I.A. in Pakistan.
  • The Coffee Shop Millionaire  By : Leonel Mcpherson
    It's about taking life by the horns and not taking no for an answer.

    Now that James is in a placement to lend a assisting hand, he is by giving his Millionaire Secrets and techniques Uncovered plan, "Mastering the 4 M's for Reaching a Much better, Richer Home business & Daily life," which teaches you to use the right concepts and strategies on how to produce streams of profits and economical good results.

    Feel me when I say that any typical man or woman place these procedures to the ...
  • Looking Forward at India and the G20 Summit  By : nyneishia joy
    President Obama's trip to India and the outlying Asian regional powers has been primarily about jobs, which is no surprise; however, a deeper look is worth mentioning for the future of the United States. India, to many Americans, has been seen as a black stain on the domestic economy, filled with prejudice as numerous companies outsource to the sub-continent. Some of this is true, but you can't simply blame the Indian government because their tax structure favors less business regulation and cheaper wages. With that in mind, free market supporters should see this as a logical "pressure release" for the higher regulations we have here in the United States. However, President Obama's trip so far has been quite productive in terms of "realpolitik" which Chancellor Otto von Bismark coined back in the late 19th century in Germany.
  • A Prediction for 2011 and Beyond  By : nahlia marin
    For this installment, I will be examining the state of the world in 2011 and what we can expect to happen in the subsequent years to follow. Given the nature of predicting the future this article will have fewer citations simply because these are estimated guesses; nothing is set in stone until it happens. In addition to that, there will not be any wild accusations such as the complete collapse of the American economy in less than ten months, or green technology obtaining over 30% of the energy market. So sit back and enjoy reading my analysis of what the future holds for 2011.
  • Desi Tribune USA – Daily USA News Updates No 1  By : rozystreket
    Top News: 1) Sonia and Mr. Q, the Bofors man, 2) 50 per cent garbage collection trucks deployed to clear snow in New York City.
  • Job Search In Austria  By : Wilbert Janocha
    Another thing you can do when you are looking for jobs in Austria is having a look at more niched job boards. There are many different ones out there and what you do is simply think about what career you are interested in and then you find a job board that will cater to that market.
  • Korean Peninsula is Expected to Ease  By : Norman Kirby
    North Korea after the election of a new generation of leadership, and its direction in foreign policy is cause for concern. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu described the DPRK First Vice Foreign Minister Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegation of the Six-Party Talks Kim Kye-gwan on the 12th visit to China since, and with the Chinese Special Representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs Wu Dawei held talks. Kim Jong-il's visit to China in August to consider the six-party talks had made a positive statement, which could mean the resumption of six-party talks have entered the operational phase. In the previous September 30, according to the proposal of the DPRK, the two Koreas resume military talks have been; again Earlier in September 10 the Red Cross took the initiative proposed by the DPRK, the two Koreas to reunite separated families issue Mid-Autumn Festival working contacts.
  • U.S. Special Tariff Bill or Hinder Global Economic Recovery  By : Norman Kirby
    U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee voted 24 to a so-called undervalued currencies of the countries impose special tariffs bill aimed at China exports to the U.S. products. China Securities Journal that the provisions of this Act contrary to the WTO, with a strong trend of trade protectionism. China and the U.S. are each other's third largest trading partner, if the bill is finally implemented, the escalation of trade disputes between China and the U.S. will be a heavy blow to the global economy.
  • Plasma Business Global Alliance Reviews  By : Norman Kirby
    Sales of home appliances market season is about to come, 3D TV has become the focus of attention of everyone. 3D TV, by definition, must be fully shown its 3D-chip source of value, but at present, 3D film source can be described as few, "no content to watch" has become a major bottleneck of industrial development. Moreover, the current development of 3D TV technologies are still immature, there is a long view of comfort and so on, have plagued industry.
  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize But Has Been Put in Prison  By : Keely Smith
    Liu Xiaobo has won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, but now he is serving an 11-year term on subversion charges, in a cell 300 miles from Beijing.
  • Why In The World Is President Obama Bankrupting America?  By : Delwyn Lounsbury
    Why in the world is President Obama bankrupting America in a deflation economy and Greater Depression?
  • Where the Flow of Global Capital in the End  By : Norman Kirby
    To resist inflation, physical gold and gold mining company shares have become a popular investment Gangster investments. Subprime mortgage crisis, huge government deficits to the specter of inflation has been hovering over the U.S. market. Out of concern about inflation expectations, including George Soros and John Paulson and Ming Diqi hedge fund bigwigs, including the choice of the physical gold and gold mining company stocks.
  • The World's Rare Earth Resources Characteristic Distribution Pattern  By : Norman Kirby
    Let's take a look, have actually had to show everyone, all countries the output of rare earth, China accounted for 97% of the world, 12 million tons, and then we look at Russia, the United States, Australia and India have, but few of them yield, you are like Russia, the United States and Australia are zero, does not produce, not to export, the export only of China with India, and China accounted for 97% of the world, then we will turn to see, how much reserves it? In fact, we only account for 36% of the world, you're like 19% of Russia, the United States 13%, Australia 5%, and India is a little less, 3%.
  • Global Economic Imbalances is a Huge Threat to Global Financial Stability  By : Norman Kirby
    The cost of imbalance
  • Civil Rights in a Fledging Democracy  By : Calev Myers
    Calev Myers works for civil rights and freedom of religion in Israel and provides legal defense for minority religious groups and has spoken out on many fundamental rights issues including equal access to education, humanitarian needs, social justice & civil rights.
  • The Next Step in Sino-Japanese Relations  By : Norman Kirby
    As is Japan's Zhanqi Xiong illegally snatch safe return of the master, both China and Japan come to an end the dispute surrounding the collision. Although we also need to apologize to Japan, compensation issues continue to negotiate, even though there is no lack in Japan these days the sound of manic, although we must continue on the right wing in Japan and one-sided pro-American forces remain vigilant, but on the whole, can now shift to turn the page to promote the Sino-Japanese relations continue to move forward.
  • Alternative Energy Sources  By : Norman Kirby
    As the world learned and adopted technology, the need for sources of energy became one of the primary necessities. Fuels and other non-renewable resources have been used for years as primary sources of energy and are utilized by many countries. But since these are limited, the world is faced with the challenge of how to lengthen the thinning supply of energy. With man's intellect and resourcefulness, alternative energy sources were discovered and developed. These can be harnessed naturally and repeatedly in an unending cycle.
  • Water Resources in Central Asia Caused By Disputes  By : Norman Kirby
    Dam dispute
  • Black Greek Life- News and Views  By : e3thosnews
    African-American life was never the same with the inception of these fraternities and sororities. These were initiated as mutual help groups, where help with scholarships, educational matters, social matters was extended to the members.
  • Natural Disasters Have Doubled Since 1997: Are You Prepared?  By : Susan Kramper
    Terrorism, natural disasters and man made catastrophes are on the rise. A study released in 2007 by the Center For Research of Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) reports that between 1997 and 2007 the incident rate of natural disasters has doubled over the previous 10 year period.
  • Weapon Loaded Plane Seized In Thailand- Headed For Iran  By : Brian Jones
    Thirty-five tons of North Korean weapons, including missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and explosives, have been seized from a Russian transporter plane that stopped to refuel in Bangkok. The plane recently impounded in Bangkok was on its way to Iran, according to documents obtained by arms-trafficking experts.
  • War in Vietnam  By : Anushka
    We still seek no wider war." Unfortunately, this statement by President Lyndon Johnson of the U.S.A was proven to be false by the Vietnam war. Why did the United States find itself embroiled in a horrific war in Southeast Asia?
  • Subjugating Humanity: Banks, Corporations and Invisible Chains  By : kieron mcfadden
    Here is the second part of my translation from the Arcturian of a report sent from an orbiting survey ship to its mission control on Arcturus IX on the subject of how and by whom earth is governed.
  • Subjugating Humanity: Who is Running Earth?  By : kieron mcfadden
    After a break of several months I have been receiving again snippets of communications between an orbiting Arcturan survey ship and its base in the Arcturus system. I have done my best with the translation and offer it to you now for your consideration.
  • Every Individual is Part of the Whole  By : Andy Carloff
    As much as you are an individual, you will be effected by the organization of society. You can be an individualist, but you will be rocked and effected by the actions of the collective.
  • Iran in Magazines  By : Felicity Grant
    In June 2009 the news of Iran’s 10th presidential election, possible voter-tampering and protests dominated the American media. Because Iranian media is state-controlled many foreign journalists were censored and most of the news that came out of Iran about the post-election protests, deaths and questioning of election results came from social media outlets such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and some blogs.

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