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A Career as an Account

     If you enjoy working with numbers and are a methodical worker, then a career in accountancy may be the right career for you. Working within the accountancy field offers a wide spectrum of job opportunities, across a wide variety of sectors and industries. Accountancy also has the benefit of offering job security, as accountants are always in demand. If you thing this career may be a good choice for you then read on for more information.

Education basics

Accountants are expected to be academic, with appropriate qualifications. You will generally be expected to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, which is the minimum requirement for all entry level accountancy positions. This Associate’s Degree will qualify you to work within fields such as auditing, bookkeeping or accounting. In order to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Accounting you will be looking at approximately two years of study in order to become qualified. Your studies will include studying business management, payroll management and cost accounting. An Associate’s Degree is your starting point, if you wish to get your foot in the door early, but if you wish for a more advanced career within accounting, such as management positions and internal auditing, you can undertake a four year Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. This four year degree will take you through more detailed aspects of accounting which will normally include business law, tax planning, marketing techniques and accounting theory.
Both Bachelor Degrees and Associate Degrees can be studied at a college, university, business school, or online.

Associate Degree positions

As an Associate Degree graduate the positions normally open to you include accountancy clerk, book keeping, or auditing clerk positions. Accountancy clerks are expected to keep records of all expenditures, receipts, payrolls, and other financial transactions. Book keeping clerks are responsible for processing the paperwork involved in a company’s business transactions, which then needs to recorded into the company’s general ledger. Auditing clerks are required to keep an accurate financial record of all postings, calculations, and business transactions conducted by company employees.

Bachelor Degree positions

As a Bachelor Degree graduate, accountants can apply directly to any accounting firm, within all sectors. However, further career opportunities can open up if a one year of study is undertaken. This extra year of study will gain the graduate a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) qualification, which helps give them an edge in applying for jobs, particularly positions which are highly sought after. Although accountants are always in demand, very well paying positions, particularly those positions within sought after sectors, will have a great deal of applicants. It is a good idea to try up your stakes of obtaining a higher paid position by being well qualified.

If you decide not to work for a company and prefer to become self-employment, there are opportunities you can look into. Many self-employed chartered accountants make a good income working from home, so it’s another avenue to consider. Self-employed accountants often provide bookkeeping services and accounting services, and tax preparation services. However, you will need to be very self-motivated and good at attracting a client base. So may involve an element of marketing and self-promotion.

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