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A Dad’s Legacy

     Rather than explain how to document a legacy book for your children, I thought I would share series of excerpts from my son’s stories. Keep in mind when you are doing this, you don’t need to write hundreds of pages on any one topic. I have topics that I was able to get my point across in just a few paragraphs. Be creative and be honest.

The next thing to remember is that when you are writing your lessons in life for your children, make sure you are living the example. Nothing will ring more hollow than a “do as I say not as I do” legacy.

The first in this series is on the topic of telling the truth. my sons legacy book includes a paper he wrote when he was ten years old. It seemed so appropriate and I know his children will love reading it someday. Yes, I know there are typos in his paper, but I left them in because it seems more real that way.


I am writing this paper because I lied to my parents. I felt really guilty lying to my mom and I would like to take it back. Well I did and now I have to write this really long report so stick with me for the next two pages. I always get caught lying because my parents have me figured out so here we go.

The Bible says that lying is wrong; I should have thought it out better. The Bible has over fifty verses that say lying is wrong most of them I don’t know but there in the Bible and God never lies (thank goodness) so anyway lying is very bad because one lie can get bigger and bigger and bigger until it is so big that you will get in so much trouble that you could be grounded forever. Good thing that my lie was still small so it wasn’t so bad if it grew so large that I couldn’t handle it I would either be writing for twenty pages or be isolated for a month with no TV, wii, computer, or even music! But I’m only writing two pages so I’m happy that it’s not that bad.

Ok let’s start with what I did, my dad said that I had to get all my stuff done so that I could put some stuff on ebay so that I could make some money to go towards my PSP fund. I am already selling my wii for two hundred fifty dollars and I already have twenty dollars. So I did all my stuff except my school (that’s what I lied about) but I didn’t do it so I lied about that so I got away with it for about half an hour then my mom woke up and she was questioning my statement that I was done with school in under thirty minutes. So I pitched a fit to try and cover it up so that I wouldn’t get in trouble but it didn’t really work. I even lied to cover up my first lie but I got caught in that lie too. So I got in trouble and was sent upstairs to do lots of boring school. After my first subject I talked to my dad and he told me what my punishment was I got really mad at myself when I heard what I had to do. So I finished my school then I started my report at twelve o’clock noon and right now it is four thirty pm. So this is taking longer than I thought and surprise I’m still on the first page! Oh and dad I’m sorry that I lied to you will you forgive me? Mom I’m sorry that I lied to you will you forgive me?

Here’s some of the stuff I could do if I wasn’t writing this dumb paper:

– I would do all my school to completion

– I would put my stuff on ebay

– I would call Luke

– Then I would play with Luke

– Then I would come home and feel good about myself

– Then I would sleep all night

– Wake up and not have to do another huge chore

God says that I should not lie; I’m not perfect so sometimes I mess up but I wish that I had the strength to not lie so I need to ask my parents and God to forgive me. So I said sorry to my mom and dad but I need to ask forgiveness from God. So god I’m really sorry that I lied to my parents will you forgive me for what I did? Dad I love you so much and so glad that you’re my dad (even though you really bug me sometimes) and I love you so much I’m so glad that you call me on this stuff because when you don’t I feel like life isn’t worth much anymore you make me laugh all the time an did just love you so much I just am so blessed that you’re my father when I look at some other kids that their dads aren’t really around and you spend so much time with me I just can’t believe that I lied to you I feel really bad I hope you will forgive me.

Mom I’m so glad that you’re my mom your almost always for me (no offense but only God can be there always) and I know that you love me so much I love you so much. You’re the best mom I could mom I could ever have. I’m so glad that you can tell when I’m lying (even though I don’t think so at the time) because if you couldn’t I would always feel guilty about myself. I’m just so glad that you and dad still love each other because my life would be so messed up if I didn’t have you two. I love you so much!!

There I think I got it all in mom and dad I love you so much. I’m so blessed to have you. I’m so sorry that I lied I hope that you will forgive me.

I Love You,


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Christian Smith is a husband and father of two (nearly grown) children. He and his wife are Foster parents and have opened up their home to more than a dozen children in need. Residing in South Florida allows him to peruse his passion of BBQ year round. For more on how Christian wrote a legacy for his son, visit his blog at

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