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A Glance At A Few Things That May Cause Fine Lines Around The Mouth

     My guess is, if you are perusing this, you’re doing so for one of two reasons. You are either seeking content to place on your skin care related website, or perhaps you began to discover a few fine lines and wrinkles emerging on your face. If it’s the latter, then you really need to take comfort in the truth that you are definitely not the only man or woman struggling with this problem. I can’t give you any sort of miraculous solution, and anyone who says otherwise is being deceptive. The harsh reality is that all of us age, and creases are unfortunately an unavoidable part of the process.

Facial Lines And Sunshine

Living in a country that enjoys an abundance of sunny blue skies together with very high temperatures, it’s not unusual to see folks doing whatever it takes to shield themselves from the sun. Even on extremely hot days, people cover themselves with coats, and often have their faces covered as well. Unfortunately, once they start to age, they too get lines and wrinkles. Quite honestly, trying to avoid sunlight is for the most part ineffective, although I also need to say that if you spend a considerable amount of time in the sun, and you don’t take precautions, your skin will be vulnerable to premature aging.

I’m not a skin doctor, but from what I’ve witnessed, average daytime temperatures are a much bigger concern. Very high temperatures cause your skin to become dry, and as scientific research has verified, skin which doesn’t contain enough moisture is at risk of premature aging. Surely this may be prevented when you use a skin moisturizing lotion? Skin moisture is just one part of the equation. People can make use of a moisturizing lotion day in and day out, and they’ll still end up getting wrinkles around the mouth and around the eyes.

NOTE: If you use a moisturizer containing any chemical compounds, you’re unwittingly making your lines and wrinkles even worse

Understanding The Function Of Collagen And Elastin

It would take quite a few pages for me to explain, in detail, the role that collagen and elastin play as far as skin is concerned. For the benefit of simplicity, let’s simply say, if your skin is your house, then these are the bricks and mortar. In a nutshell, collagen helps to keep your skin supple and healthy, while elastin is, as the name indicates, accountable for elasticity.

The body creates these, nonetheless as we grow older, our bodies make less and less. The less our bodies make, the more our skin tends to age. Obviously, certain areas of the body are more susceptible. The skin around the eyes is very soft, and this is the reason why the very first wrinkles normally show up here. Once crow’s feet start to show up, you can be absolutely certain that fine lines near the mouth are next.

There are loads of skin-care products that contain collagen, and these days you’ll also come across quite a few supplements which contain collagen. I’m sorry to have to mention this, but please, don’t throw away your money. Collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin, and neither does it get past your digestive system. This has been demonstrated beyond all doubt, so take no notice of those extravagant commercials you see.

Enhancing collagen and elastin levels will assist you to avoid, or at least reduce the extent of facial lines, but it really has to be your body’s own collagen and elastin. In short, you have to convince your body to boost production. Wrinkles around the your eyes and lines around the mouth can not be avoided, nevertheless you can easily slow things down a bit. Again, you have got to steer well clear of any skincare products that have chemicals.

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Should you need some professional advice on how to avoid not just facial lines around the mouth and eyes, but also various other age related issues, kindly look at By Kalpana Rajagopalan

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