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A Who’s Who of Each Different Accountant

     The accountant and his job is an important aspect of business and it’s inevitable that every good business owner will come across the services of an accountant in the climb to business success. However, not all accountants are made the same and it’s important to know all the types of different accountant there are, some of which will be needed in your business more than others.

The types of different accountants that would meet the needs of most businesses cover aspects such as tax, business statistics and funds. Another different accountant, which may not cater to all businesses, would include audits and even forensic accountants.

An average business may utilize the skills of four different accountants; the management accountant, tax account and the cost accountant.

A management accountant is used by a business for information for the businesses day-to-day functions. The information the management accountant gathers includes funds; generated and spent, debts and inventory. This different accountant covers a broad area of a business and involves a popular choice of services.

The different accountant that is also very popular among businesses is the tax accountant. This different accountant is responsible for the bookkeeping when it comes to filing for and reporting on tax claims and GST. Also, the tax accountant will use their expertise in tax to work on plans and actions for your business.

Another different accountant that is popular too is the cost accountant. This different accountant works with business fund information at the conclusion of business activities and sums up the facts to business owners on how a specific aspect or activity is performing in the business.

Perhaps the most widely used different accountant would be the financial accountant. This different accountant evaluates a businesses cash flow as ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’ and showcases the business information to stakeholders of the business and, like the management accountant, this information helps towards the day-to-day functions of the business.

The next different accountant that is more tuned towards specific types of businesses include the fund accountant, auditing accountant and the forensic accountant. The fund accountant is a main player in the different accountant world as it is primarily used by non-profit organisations. This different accountant creates reports from the financial information of the organisation so to showcase to the organisation’s stakeholders who may be putting funds into the non-profit organisation, or even the public in general, where those funds are going within the organisation.

The next different accountant, the auditing accountant, gathers information about the finances of the business so to determine the legitimacy of the information. This different accountant then forms reports and opinions from the information and expresses it to those stakeholders of that business.

The most different accountant would be the forensic accountant. This different accountant is one that a good business would not need the services of everyday but that does not mean there job is any less vital. The forensic accountant’s services are used for legal issues and the information gathered by this different accountant is used as ‘forensic evidence’ in court cases such as insurance claims and fraud cases.

It is important to know what type of different accountant your business needs to function and to succeed. Each different accountant may be needed at different times and by knowing which one, or ones, your business requires makes for smooth running of the finances.

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