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All About Eyelash Products

     Since the invention of mascaras in 1913, the family of eyelash enhancing products has branched out exponentially. Some women rejoice in this kind of diversification, some women find it remorsefully confusing. Eyelash products vary from expensive to cheap and that makes it even more confusing. There can be two lash growth products with essentially the same ingredients but are priced differently. Do cheaply priced products instantly mean they’re terrible ? Is the most expensive kind the best? to simplify your choices, read the following guide to get what’s best for your lashes.
101 Guide to Longer Lashes
Eyelash Curler
This is the basic must-have for every woman. Lashes can be long and that’s good, but if they are just straight and pointed downwards, then the aesthetic purpose of long lashes is defeated. Straight, pointed lashes will not make your eyes larger. Curlers are available in many kinds but the mechanical ones are always the best. You will find battery operated curlers with clamps that heat up to make your lashes curled for long.
These curlers are not necessary because you can always warm the curler’s clamp with your hands or hair dryer. For mechanical curlers, choose a type with no springs as it can snap anytime. Then for the padding, choose a silicon pad because it lasts longer than rubber and won’t go brittle overtime.
Mascara formulations vary and most of the time, it’s a matter of preference. Some women find some formulations too sticky, too watery or too clumpy. The best way to find a perfect match is to search for reviews online and try them. Also, there are formulations unsafe for contact lens wearers. The bulk of the price that you pay for mascaras actually goes to the brushes. Do not throw the wands of your favorite mascaras because they can still be used with other mascara tubes.
Eyelash tinting intensifies the lash color without adding length or volume. The dye used is long-lasting and vegetable based. Still, some women with sensitive eyes experience stinging. Tinting is best for women with light-colored lashes. The procedure is done by an esthetician and takes 3 to 5 minutes.
False Lashes
This is the next most popular way to enhance eyelashes. Because mascara isn’t enough to really lengthen short and stiff lashes, false eyelashes are used. They give an instant volume and length boost which can be removed at the end of the day. They vary in lash lengths, styles and colors.
For women who dislike being bothered by the time it takes to apply false lashes, eyelash extensions are the solution. Individual false lashes are glued on real lashes and will stay put for up to 3-4 weeks. The downside is that the glue gets dissolved by oil-based products.
Perming is simply giving a semi-permanent bend to the lashes. This is done by applying a chemical and shaping the lashes. Perming may be ineffective to women with very short lashes.
Lastly, there are eyelash enhancing serums that work by hastening the natural lash’s growth. This is a very tricky area of lash enhancement because not all serums are effective and some are overpriced.

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