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Beauty Secrets about Mascara!

     Mascara is an extremely popular cosmetic item and a best friend to those with both, stubby eyelashes as well as long eyelashes. This item is used mainly to accentuate the lashes and make them look fuller, longer and even darker and is one of the must have items in your make up kit when it comes to eye makeup. One of the best things about it is that it can complete just about any look at the end of the day and they are, therefore, your new best friend and can be, arguably, more important than your kajal too! This is one of the reasons why many women constantly buy mascara online even if the old one has not finished. However, here are things that you probably didn’t know about this item:

You can prevent your eyes from looking nude when you don’t want to use makeup
Any woman who has used eye makeup before knows that eyes tend to look a little smaller and washed out when there is no makeup, simply because you’re used to the eyeliners and kajals and all the other products that you tend to use. Thus, on days when you simply don’t want to wear anything on your eyes, you can just use some mascara on your upper and lower lashes so that your eyes don’t look quite so small. It is easy, not time consuming at all and extremely effective considering that you just want to make your eyes look alive.

You can use that little bottle even after it’s over
Did you know that once your mascara’s ink has finished, you can still use the bottle itself for your beauty fix? All you need to do is to save the wand and you can always use it in order to groom or comb your brows especially if you have thick brows. This is known as a spoolie brush.

You can really crank up the volume with a few household items
One of the best ways to get extra volume on your eyelashes with the help of this product is to add a little bit of baby powder on the eyelashes with the help of a cotton swab and then apply your makeup over it. This will make the lashes look fuller and longer, even more than the way they’d generally look with just the make up on them.

Mix and match to see what you like
There are plenty of mascaras out there in the market that promise you a whole host of different outcomes. Some of them promise a longer length while others promise a fuller look. Some even promise a darker color. Depending on your own needs, you can buy different types of mascaras and use as many coats of their kinds as you need to create the perfect look for the day and the night on the basis of the looks that you really want to go for. This is a great way to create not only a look that is unique but is also something that is guaranteed to look great on you no matter what. So, what are you waiting for? buy mascara online and look great!

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