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Beauty: What Do You Know About It?

     Bad habits of some Latin girls bring inexpressible pleasure to them, but, according to the opinion of experts it causes skin problems. To fight against the consequences of bad habits is difficult without a special group of support – antioxidants which are included in creams, serums and decorative cosmetics.

A lot of different factors of everyday life of Latin girls promote the appearance of free radicals which are dangerous to our skin and an organism as a whole:

1. Abuse of sweets

Sweet carbohydrates which we eat with our favorite cakes and pies influence our skin badly. As a result there is an oxidizing process which promotes free radicals, they break off chains of strong links between cells; reduce immunity of the skin, lead to collagen destruction and wrinkles.

2. Stress and smoking

Hormone cortisol, which is produced by adrenal glands during strong nervous over strain, and nicotine negatively influence cells of the skin and cause oxidizing processes, and as a result free radicals appear.

3. Sunlight

If you don’t use creams with SPF protection, you should know that the sun negatively influences our skin. Consequences of sunlight are called photo aging.

How do antioxidants work?

The nature put into our organism the fighters against free radicals. These fighters were called antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Unfortunately, because of above-mentioned factors, bad ecology and other reasons, the army of the antioxidants given to us by nature loses valuable fighters. In order to help antioxidants it is necessary to enlarge its quantity influencing outside. For this purpose antioxidants are successfully used in cosmetics, and not only in the cosmetics for skin care – creams, masks, serums, lotions – but also in shampoos, decorative cosmetics. In the cosmetics caring about hair antioxidants play very important role of the bodyguards that protect structure of hair from damages, and pigment – from fading.

In cosmetics antioxidants, as a rule, are used as the whole group. They are used in large quantity in order to cope with activity of free radicals quicker and to help to restore each other after a fight.

There are some main classes of antioxidants, and it is possible to get it not only from cosmetics, but also from food.

Vitamin C
It is also known as ascorbic acid. It increases the production of collagen, reduces inflammations, strengthens a natural immunity of skin and offers some protection against the sun rays (but it can’t replace sun-protection cream).

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a component of a cellular membrane which helps to restore cells, increases the immunity of skin. It is most often used in a complex with vitamin A. Vitamin E used together with vitamin A promotes the increase of efficiency of sun-protection active ingredients in cosmetics.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A and its derivatives are “gold” components for all anti-age cosmetics for skin care. Vitamin A improves the production of collagen and cellular metabolism.

It is one of the most powerful minerals, it promotes the penetration and absorption of vitamin E, protects the skin from the sun rays, humidifies the skin and removes irritations.

Extract of a grape seed
It is one of the most popular components in anti-age cosmetics. It helps to fight with free radicals, improves synthesis of collagen and reduces the destructive influence of sun rays.

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All people prone to bad habits. Nowadays there are a lot of things that form this disastrous impact on the way we feel and look. Most Latin girls find it unacceptable and try to stick to a healthy way of life resorting to food enriched with vitamins.

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