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Cigar Smoking – 6 Myths

     Copyright (c) 2014 Horatio Green

There is one thing that cigar smokers and fishermen have in common. Both can spin some amazing tales. Each of them becomes more and more detailed, the fish bigger and the cigar myths become more embellished. Let’s dive into these tales and unravel the truth from the myth.

1. Myth: A dark wrapper signifies a strong cigar flavor.

Do not believe this one of the tall tales! For years, stogie smokers have spouted that cigars with dark wrappers have a stronger flavor than the ones with light wrappers. As you smoke the stogie, tar and oil residues, on top of the nicotine is what stays on your lips. This may be a contributing factor to this dark wrapper myth or maybe the creators of this tall tale only smoke strong, dark wrapper cigars.

Truth: The truth about this one of the myths about stogies has become evident over the years on this tall tale. The filler tobacco determines the true strength of any cigar. The outer leaf of specific types of cigars goes through a longer period of fermentation that other outer leaves do. This does not make the cigar stronger, though, but could make it a bit sweeter. Cigars of various strengths can contain dark, medium, or light wrappers. You cannot determine the strength of a stogie by just the wrapper you must look beyond and discover all the tobaccos used on the inside as well.

2. Myth: “Only snobs smoke cigars.” “This activity is only for the rich.” (Yes, this is two tall tales in one.)

You have probably already talked to some cigar snobs at your local tobacco store. They will tell you there are only certain types of cigars you should smoke. These snobs will tell you if you cannot spend the money to buy their preferred brand that you should not smoke cigars are all! Today, in our society there are those people who think you social standing depends on how much you spend on the things you own or do! A perfect example of a famous snob on this subject is Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock being British probably increased his snobbery just a bit.

Truth: There are certain ways you should store cigars when you stockpile them in your house and standard ways of smoking the most cigars. However, beyond this there is no one brand above all others that you should smoke. There are many brands, types, sizes, and price range of cigars on the market to please a large group of smokers. If you can’t afford to smoke a Cuban cigar on a regular basis, you should not worry there are plenty of cheaper stogies on the market that still provide a quality smoke. Most smokers of cigars are just everyday people like you.

3. Myth: White ash is a sign of a perfect cigar.

Cigar experts know this one of the myths is not true by looking at Cuban cigars. These do not leave a white ash as they burn.

Truth: The color of ash that a stogie exhibits while burning does not have anything to do with the quality of the cigar. It comes from certain minerals being present in the soil. White ash is a sign of more phosphorus or potassium in the soil such as the soil in Ecuador. However, the soil in Cuba and other tobacco growing areas is higher in magnesium and this tobacco gives off more of a gray ash.

4. Myth: The ideal place to store your cigars is in the refrigerator.

Oh man, is this one of the myths is way off the truth. People may have this perception because other things stay fresh in the refrigerator from food to batteries. However, this is not true for stogies.

Truth: The refrigerator is too cold and dry to protect the freshness of your stogies. These smokes prefer a 65% to 70% humidity level and a 70° F temperature. A cedar-lined humidor provides the ideal environment to preserve the condition and flavor of your cigars, as well as it prevents a tobacco beetle infestation from occurring. Humidors are readily available online and in tobacco shops today. These are well worth the investment.

5. Myth: You need to lick the cigar before you light it.

This one of the stogie myths started years ago about how to add moisture to a stogie before smoking it. Many stogie smokers continue to think that they need to lick or dampen the outside of the cigar before they light it to get a proper smoking experience.

Truth: While there may have been a legitimate reason to do this many years ago, this does not hold true today. Thanks to the modern humidors, your cigars will retain their moisture and should provide you a satisfactory smoke whether or not you lick or dampen them first.

6. Myth: Cutting the cigar on an angle will enhance the flavor of your smoke.

There are those who smoke stogies that believe in the angled cut compared to a straight cut. Where this one of the myths began is unclear, but it is not the truth.

Truth: The angled cut could cause the cigar to unravel and ruin your smoking experience rather than enhancing it. You also could get more smoke and heat in your mouth than you prefer. Instead, do a straight cut to open the cigar up just enough to get the desired amount of smoke and flavor. There are special cutters you can buy or slice just far enough to reveal the filler tobacco inside of the stogie.

This is the truth about 6 common cigar myths. Make sure to check out the information with experts that other smokers of stogies tell you before believing it is true.

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Horatio Green has been a cigar smoker for 12 years, having mastered the art of smoking cigars form the ground up. Learn from his experience to get you started the right way quickly and enjoy the pleasure that cigars provide. Grab your free guide for great tips and ideas. Go now to and sign up for the FREE e-course and learn how to smoke like a pro in no time!

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