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Comparing The Claw Foot Bath With Other Types Of Baths

     According to a 2003 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 4% of households in New South Wales had two or more bathtubs, besides the 87% that had a single bathtub. This number is sure to rise, and one type of bathtub you should consider is the claw foot.

The name claw foot bath instantly gives you the impression of a bath resting on four clawed feet. That is exactly what it is. However, its design and material has changed over the years.

During the early 19th century, such baths were so heavy that the floor underneath required some reinforcement just to keep them from crashing right through. This is because the baths were made of cast iron with porcelain lining the exterior. Current products are quite different from this, being made of lighter and more versatile and impressive materials, such as stone and ceramic composites.

That’s not all. Designers are always pushing the boundaries while trying to come up with newer and more interesting styles. Such designs include slipper tubs, featuring a single sloped end and double ended tubs that are sloped on both ends.

However, the claw foot bath isn’t the only type of bath in existence. Here’s a simple comparison with the other types of baths:

1. Recessed Or Alcove

This is quite a familiar feature in many Australian homes. The alcove bath is simply installed against the wall, either on two or three sides. If you’re looking for a conventional look, this would be your best choice.

However, if you want to break away from the norm and breath in new life into your bathing experience, why not install the awe-inspiring claw foot. Definitely, you’ll never get bored of your bathroom ever again.

2. Drop-in

The drop-in bath may either be installed within a cavity on the floor or built into a raised platform. Admittedly, this design may be even more captivating than the claw foot tub. That is, if you don’t mind the extra expense in installing it.

3. Freestanding

The freestanding tub is a close relative of the claw foot tub. Just take out those four feet and you have a perfectly good freestanding bath.

Although these two bath designs are quite similar, they represent drastically different themes in bathroom design. The freestanding design is the best choice when developing a modern, clean-cut look within your bathing space. On the other hand, an enchanting antique look is best achieved with a claw foot tub.

4. Corner Baths

Do you have a very small bathroom space? Then get a corner bath. This design will wedge itself onto the corner of your bathroom without taking too much space. It’s triangular shape is designed exactly for this purpose.

A corner tub will look quite odd in a large, expansive bathroom. In this case, you have the freedom to install the largest claw foot bath possible. Place it right at the centre, as a powerful show of supreme opulence.

5. Walk-in / Gated

If you have any occupants within your house, who have disabilities, a walk-in bath is the best fixture to install. You can easily open a door on the side of this bath, walk right in, take a seat and fill it up with water.

The downside to this is that you might not want to wait up for your bath to fill up, while you’re just sitting there. If there’s no person with special needs in your home, you can comfortably install a claw foot bath, which you fill up with water before jumping in to enjoy a relaxing bath.

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