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Data Management and the Future of Marketing

     Marketing is everything it takes to reach out to your prospective customers and make them aware of your brand in such a way that it resonates with their view of buying a product / service and turn them into clients. Whether this connect is created using the value system they have been brought up with or by finding a way to tap into their beliefs about the product or by bridging the emotional connect they have for the product.

Consider the classic case of Apple Inc. With the punch line “Think Different” there is little to wonder that every product launch of Apple has people queuing a day before the stores open to be the first to buy their products. Staunch clients relate to this vision and philosophy of Apple. It is as if they are able to identify themselves with the gadgets they have. It is an integral part of their existence.

Marketing and BI & Analytics

In the digital age marketers need to know about the latest trends / concerns / social sentiments which their target audience or prospective customers’ care about. All this is possible by analyzing the digital data available to the firm from different channels. Dedicated teams for enterprise Data Management at Incedo Inc. understand:

• Importance and criticality of collecting such data
• Data accuracy
• Storage and quick retrieval of data at the time of need
• Data consistency
• Data Security
• Tools which will help analyzing data and bring out the relevant information / patterns
• Maintainability of the data in the long run

One of the streams of Data Management which is of particular interest to the marketers is the analytics of the data and coming out with the right patterns to give them an edge over their competition. The amount of the data which is currently at the disposal of the firm is so huge that without big data this analysis is not possible. There was a time when each team was looking for a particular type of data and that was more towards their risk reporting or regulatory reporting or management updates or for shareholders annual reporting. The current scope of data for marketers has become so huge that it is not wise to miss out on any trend coming from data not only within the firm but the data outside of the firm. Social Media is playing such a big role in generating leads for turning prospective customers into clients. This is hardly a surprise when studies carried out across the globe have revealed that today a person who owns a smart phone is likely to be available on the device in one form or the other for almost 12-14 hours every day. This kind of usage of the device is a gold mine for marketers.

At ( Incedo there are dedicated teams with domain expertise on Finance, Healthcare, Communication services among others. Incedo Inc. has pre-created frameworks to understand the client’s needs through different social media tools. The team has worked with multiple local and international clients to create and execute their data management, data warehousing and data analytics strategy using big data. Enterprise data management strategies executed by Incedo in a short a time frame of 6-8 weeks has indicated immediate returns and a promise for the long term ROI.

Incedo Inc. is a IT solutions firm headquartered in the Bay Area with operations in North America, South Africa and India. Incedo has delivered Data Management solutions to various global organizations. With dedicated Data Management teams, Incedo offers an entire array of products and services in the Data Management space. These include Master Data Management,( BI & Analytics, Data Warehousing as well as Big data. These solutions and strategies empower organizations globally to enhance revenue and efficiency.

If you’re searching for the right Data Management company for your organization, look no further. Incedo Inc. has expertise in enterprise Data Management. Reach us at << >> and allow Incedo to take care of your enterprise Data Management requirements.

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( Incedo Inc. has extensive knowledge and capability in ( Data Management in Pharma solutions. Dedicated Data Management teams at Incedo Inc. have competency in Data Architecture, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics and big data.

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