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Don’t Select A Conveyor Just Based On Advanced Features

     Selecting the right conveyor involves much more than getting the most advanced features. You would have to consider certain timelines in getting the entire system up and running. This would be quite crucial if you are re-structuring part of or the entire setup of your facility. Therefore, having a system that can be installed quickly would greatly help in cutting down on the downtime and keep operations running smoothly.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of a wide variety of modular systems that feature standard parts which can be quickly structured and customized to suit your particular operation. Moreover, you would also have the ability to further enhance your setup without too much hustle. This would be useful if the capacity of your assembly needs to be enlarged to cater for increased workload, without slowing down the existing processes.

Are the Safety Features on Your System Detrimental to Productivity?

Despite its numerous benefits, particularly in automation of many industrial functions (unlike other forms of non-moving equipment and tools), a conveying system presents certain safety challenges. This is particularly so when it’s necessary to position such equipment in close proximity to personnel, due to its role in assembly and manufacturing processes.

However, it’s also not possible to completely insulate all components of the mechanical handling equipment without incurring some extra cost or even causing some detrimental effect on the proper function of the system. This is why well-designed safety features must always balance productivity and safety. For this reason, you can only get the best designed system from an expert engineering firm.

A Conveying System is Only as Good as the Operator

When installing a conveyance system in your facility, one thing that you need to realize is that the true value of such a system would be influenced by the kind of operator you have. Regardless of how advanced the system is, it might actually end up delivering much less than you expected, if you don’t have an experienced and properly trained personnel.

Furthermore, as much as you would like to get the most from your investment, it would actually be counterproductive trying to over-extend the usefulness of your system. There are certain reasonable limits within which a mechanical system would operate optimally; therefore, anything beyond that would lead to faster depreciation or even break downs. As you may already realize, the cost of fixing breakdowns and replacements might actually be so much more than the benefits you might hope to get from over-exerting the mechanical system.

Actually, the aspect of safety would be a key factor in this regard. A well-designed system would feature many safety components, but these should always be complemented with safe operations. According to SafeWork SA, an operator should be vividly aware of any likely hazards that can easily arise during normal operations. Some seemingly harmless activities might easily turn into disastrous situations if proper operation is not observed.

Installation of your system could also make or break the benefits you intend to get from it. Fortunately, modular systems offer great flexibility when installing such conveyance systems. This means that you would have a wide range of installation options, such that you can align your system in the best possible manner for maximum efficiency.

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