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Don’t Try To Be A Leader

     We all know about four-letter words. But today I want to talk about one two-letter word that beats a certain three-letter word all day, every day, day in and day out.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a hater. I don’t make time for hate in my life. There’s not one good reason to carry hate with you – hate drags you down and kills your productivity. But I will admit there is one three-letter word that gets me simmering. It’s the word try. It represents the complete opposite of what my real estate agent and broker business coaching business is all about. This leads me to one of my favorite words of all time: do.

The word do represents action, achievements, feats, accomplishments, attainments, success and commitment.

Try, on the other hand, represents indifference, insignificance, irrelevance and triviality.

Aside from writing articles like these, I write a blog, and at the end of every one of those blogs are these three words: Make A Commitment. Why? Because your whole life changes the day you make a commitment. And that’s what my business is about: changing lives. I’ve coached 71 agents into the Top 250 real estate pros named by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends 2015.

How? By helping them focus on doing versus trying. All of my clients have learned that a commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. Commitment is what makes character, and it has the power of change. And all these clients changed from mediocre agents into leaders of the industry. They transformed themselves and their businesses. They reinvented themselves into leaders and created a true turning point in their careers, all the while taking their businesses to the next level.

So how can you change and become a leader in real estate? Here are five characteristics you need to develop and COMMIT to before you can be a true leader:

1. Think vision. Envision where you want to be. Imagine in your mind where you want to be. If you don’t know your destination, you can’t get there.

2. Think plan. Take your vision and translate it into a business plan with small steps that lead you closer to your vision.

3. Think collaboration. Identify, recruit and collaborate with people who can add balance and effectiveness to your efforts.

4. Think enable. Stop at nothing to enable those around you, whether they’re co-workers, employees and especially clients. Help others achieve more and you’ll rise with them.

5. Think motivation. Never give up. Own your destination. Think of a gym in February. Yes, in January, gyms are full. Come February those who didn’t commit are gone. Keep showing up!

And speaking of motivation let me end on this note of hope: You may be saying to yourself some people are just natural leaders – born to succeed. Baloney! Leaders are neither made nor born. Leadership is a choice. You can choose to remain exactly where you are today or you can choose to change for the better. Who knows, you might just unlock a new you who’ll surpass glorious goals and reach monumental milestones. I’ve seen it happen many times. Choose to make a commitment!

What’s on your mind? How many of these traits do you feel you have? Which are missing? How might you adopt those that are missing? How can you improve your weaknesses? How might you capitalize on your strengths?

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Bob Corcoran, a nationally recognized speaker and author, is founder of Corcoran Consulting Inc. (800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into the residential broker or agent’s existing practice.

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