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Electrification- Need of the Hour

     The current level of energy consumption and estimation of available energy resources predict that the world will be facing an energy crisis in next few years. As globalization has connected the world markets together, therefore, the responsibility of using energy resources efficiently does not lie on the shoulders of developed countries only. Developing countries also have to play an equally important role in making most of the available resources, and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Massive Consumption of Electricity

Of all forms of energy, electricity is the most consumed one. The hype of automation has made very appliance electricity operated. The traditional method of electricity production through hydropower is already creating shortage of drinking water all over the world. With the unavailability of enough desalination plants, energy experts all over the world are proposing alternative methods of electrification.

Fossil Fuel Electrification

Fossil fuels have been generating thermal energy for centuries, but this method of power production emits dangerous amount of Carbon dioxide. Combined turbine is a method through which exhaust gases can be utilized. Normally a gas turbine is used in generating thermal energy for the production of electricity from fossil fuel. An innovative idea is to combine steam turbines with the gas turbines. The energy from a gas turbine goes into a steam turbine and generates thermal energy which ultimately produces electricity. This method is an efficient method to recycle CO2 emission and increase the efficiency of gas turbines up to 59%.

Smart Grid System

Only efficient generation of electricity is not necessary but efficient distribution of energy is equally important to cope with the shortage of electricity. The centralize grid system is not very efficient in balancing the distribution of electricity. Micro grids are a smart solution to cope with the unnecessary power distribution. A central grid can be divided into several small dedicated grids. Each grid will control and distribute the load to a particular area. This can prevent issues like leak current and load control.

Smart Lighting

Major part of electricity is consumed in lighting on commercial as well as domestic level. Energy solution experts like Bryce Westcott have taken an initiative to propose energy efficient street lighting by replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs. All over the world, energy experts are making efforts to use LEDs and to make the lighting cost effective, environment friendly and energy efficient. These light resources are also a better solution than incandescent bulbs to control the emission of carbon dioxide. Although it is not a method of electrification but, smart lighting can contribute a great deal in controlling the consumption of electricity.

Renewable Energy

The upcoming technology is relying on alternate energy solutions. Solar energy and wind power are considered as most abundantly available renewable energy resources. Although the initial solutions are not very cost effective, but research and development strategies are focusing on making these technologies cost effective, so that they can be used at commercial level. The cost of solar plants has already dropped and technology experts are making efforts to improve the efficiency of solar for industrial use.

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