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Embracing The Spirit Of A Culture

     I spent nearly two years travelling around the world when I was in my twenties. When I reveal this fact to people, they assume that I was the stereotypical young adult who spent time flouncing around Europe ‘finding myself’. Nothing could be further from the truth. My travels started with a spring break service trip to Central America, where I spent two weeks with a group of other college students passing out school supplies, and assisting in a vaccination mission. At the beginning of this experience, I thought I was doing a good deed for other, but two weeks later, and I realized that I gained so much more from the experience than I gave. I was lit up with a passion to learn about and experience other cultures.

I decided to travel and learn as much about the rest of the world that I could. Accordingly, I set up a rule for myself. I would not be a tourist; I would immerse myself in the culture and live among the locals as much as I could. My itinerary started with India. I was afraid I would be so out of place, and that my western ways would be off-putting to the Indians, but that proved to be a baseless fear. I have never felt a stronger sense of belonging. There was something inexplicably amazing about the people, and something spiritual that hit me as soon as I got off the plane. One thing I found to be breathtaking was the colorful clothing and accessories that draped both the men and the women. There was beautiful fashion jewelry that sparkled in the sun, and I was immediately infatuated with this aspect of Indian culture. Having nurtured my specific love for Indian jewelry, I have recently found fashion jewelry at that has allowed me to reconnect with India. I have ordered several items from and love the quality.

I also learned to appreciate Indian night life (I said I wanted to immerse myself in the culture didn’t I?). I discovered that there is an attention to fashion that goes well beyond western ideas of labels and brand names, and I was in awe of the beautiful clothing worn by both men and women. One night, in anticipation of attending a party, a new friend helped me dress in the most beautiful sari I had ever worn. I have never felt so beautiful.

I met a henna artist at the party, and we are still friends today. She graciously spent several hours the next day painting an intricate tattoo on my hands, wrists, and forearms. I proudly spent my last days in India wearing my sari and showing off the beautiful and meaningful artwork. After leaving India and returning home, I spent years seeking out the beautiful and comfortable clothes, that is, until I found a great Indian Fashion Supply at

I use the jewelry, accessories, and hand bags to add accents to my daily western wardrobe – items that are simply not available except through this now favorite site. On special occasions, my spouse and I participate in a supper club, and international cuisine is featured at each event. When it was time for celebrating Indian cuisine, I was so proud when my spouse chose a sherwani suit from the Indian Fashion Supply website Our friends also dressed the part, but, truly, we were the most authentic! The fashion jewelry and other Indian fashions will truly enhance anyone’s wardrobe. If you are looking for unique and vivid pieces, this site is the place for you!

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