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Face Makeup Brushes: Synthetic vs Natural

     Like in most other things these days, the battle between synthetic and natural has also been the subject of many debates in the cosmetic world, specifically when it comes to face makeup brushes. Professional makeup artists are divided on whether one is better than the other.
So far, there has been no clear verdict on whether synthetic hair is better than natural hair or the other way around. Although both have their own strengths and weaknesses, the main difference between the two is their material. Natural makeup brush bristles are made from animal hair. This is the reason why animal rights groups oppose the production of these types of makeup brushes. On the other hand, synthetic makeup brush bristles are made from polyester or nylon and other similar materials.
That being said and to help end this debate, here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of both synthetic and natural face makeup brushes.
Natural brush bristles usually hold makeup better than synthetic ones. This is due to the naturally occurring pores in animal hair. Synthetic bristles, on the other hand, are just straight strands of fake hair.
Recently, however, fibers are added to synthetic bristles to copy the porous texture of natural hair, making both types almost equal at least in their ability to absorb or hold makeup.
Natural brush bristles are softer than their synthetic counterparts. Hence, natural face makeup brushes result in a smoother finish, helping create a more professionally done makeup. Amateurs would certainly be able to achieve better results when using makeup brushes with natural bristles than with the synthetic alternatives.
However, technology has allowed manufacturers to create synthetic hair that behaves and feels like natural hair. This has helped blur the line between synthetic and natural.
Synthetic bristles for face makeup brushes tend to be more durable than natural-hair bristles. Natural hair usually weakens when it gets wet. Hence, when brushes with natural hair are washed or cleaned, it may be expected that the brush bristles would lose several strands each time. The durability of synthetic bristles, on the other hand, have been proven to be unaffected by wetness the same way as natural bristles.
Synthetic-bristled brushes are less expensive. Creating synthetic hair tends to be cheaper than producing natural hair, which are sourced from squirrels and goats, among other animals.
There may be other differences and similarities between the two varieties of face makeup brushes. Nonetheless, the conclusion that may be gleaned from the comparisons above is that the advancement of technology has allowed synthetic-bristled brushes to eliminate the advantages that natural-hair bristles used to enjoy. Indeed, the difference between the two types of bristles may now be considered too insignificant to actually matter.
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