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1 Does the New Testament Gospel Really Teach Us To Continually Confess Our Sins to God?

     The doctrine of the confession of sin for forgiveness is almost universally accepted by all segments of the moder church. This has been true for as long as I've been a Christian. I first heard that I had to confess my sins every day to be forgiven and to be right with God shortly being saved in 1975. I've heard it ever since.

This is all based on one verse in the New Testament. I John 1:9 is the only verse that talks about confession of sin to God: "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."


First of all, the Apostle Paul (who is the great gospel theologian, and who wrote over one-half the New Testament) never talks about confession of sin for forgiveness one time. In all he wrote, he never mentions it. I find this very interesting.

I'll repeat it: in all the New Testament, ONLY I John 1:9 mentions confession of sin to God. And yet this ONE verse has captivated much of modern church teaching. In fact it might be the most prevelent teaching in much of the modern day church.


If I tell you not to think about a big green elephant, what are you going to think about? You're going to think about a big green elephant. This is the power of suggestion, and we all suffer from it to some degree. If someone (how about Satan?) impacts our minds with something, our tendency is to think about it.

Thinking about sin, and confessing sin produces sin-consciousness.

I don't have any statistics on this, but I think that sin is preached about in the church today more than any other single thing. It isn't always called sin. It's called right and wrong. It's called should and shouldn't. It's called good and bad. It wears many faces.

"DO attend church, read your Bible, pray, work in the church, go to small group, and give lots of money." -- "DO NOT lie, cuss, cheat, steal, commit adultery, yell at your spouse, kick the cat or be a brat." The first set is good, right, and things we should do. The second set is bad, wrong, and are things we shouldn't do.

Regardless of the form, this type preaching produces sin-consciousness.


Sin consciousness will never produce the knowledge of our righteousness in Christ. Yet the knowledge of our righteousness in Christ will reduce our tendency to sin. Sin consciousness comes from living by law, beginning with the ten commandments. After all, we must have a guage or a plumb-line to work from.

But Paul says the law is the strength of sin (I Cor 15:56).

In other words, living by law increases sin, and sin consciousness. Paul says much the same thing in Romans 5:20 and 7:5.


What this says to me is that my first thought each and every morning should be my righteousness in Christ. Yet so many Christians go to bed with thoughts of sin on the brain, and wake up with thoughts of sin on the brain.

This verse that I just quote is I Corinthians 15:34. Quoted in the King James Version, this verse says, "Awake to righteousness, and sin not." Most modern translations (of which we have somewhere around 75 now I think) take this verse and make it say: "Awake to righteousness, and do not sin." One modern translation says, "Sober up as you should, and stop sinning."


Modern Bibles are like the modern church: they're very sin-conscious.

Modern Bibles, and the modern church, tend to put our focus totally on sin: "Stop sinning." The KJV was written 400 years ago, and it's the hardest Bible to understand because it often says things BACKWARDS from the way we say them today. Today we would say, "Awake to righteousness, and do not awake to sin." But the KJV says, "Awake to righteousness and sin not" -- or paraphrased another way, "Awake to thoughts of righteousness and not to thoughts of sin."

Modern Bibles wrongly translate this: "Awake to righteousness and don't sin."

The modern church, and our modern Bibles, put our focus on the law, and on sin, which makes us SIN-CONSCIOUS. The King Jimmy puts our focus on the gift of our righteousness in Christ, and NOT on sin.

There is simply too much to say to put this all in one article, so there will be two follow-up articles to this.The next article will be: "Confession of Sin Was An Old Tesatment Religious Rite That's Been Changed in the New Testament Gospel." If you miss them, you will find them on my blog mentioned below.

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