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10 Facts About The Fender Telecaster Guitar

     The Fender Telecaster guitar has understandably been amazingly popular throughout the years due to its stylish looks and particularly distinctive sound, which is extremely effective in blues and country music. It has of course often been put to use in other genres too.

The guitar has not surprisingly found a large number of famous guitar playing admirers throughout the years including Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Andy Summers and Jimmy Page.

Below are 10 quick facts about this legendary six string electric guitar:

1. The Telecaster was developed in 1948 in California by Leo Fender. This was a time that many manufacturers were experimenting and producing exciting designs. As a result the Fender Telecaster had to be luckily quick off the mark.

2. The guitar entered onto the scene as the Broadcaster model in 1949 and is still manufactured today in one form or another. There have of course been many impersonators but the Fender original is the all-important model.

3. In 1950 the very first one pickup model started production and was known as the Esquire.

4. As for the wood used, the neck and the fingerboard were built from a single piece of Maple. This was then bolted to a body made from Ash or Alder, which was a more cost-effective process than Gibson's much more involved 'set neck' style.

5. A semi-acoustic version of the guitar arrived in the stores in roughly 1968 and was named the Thinline. The 1969 version of this particular model put into use a Mahogany body and by the time 1972 arrived the body was Swamp Ash.

6. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame used a 1958 Telecaster that was a generous gift from Jeff Beck on the now globally popular guitar solo on the song Stairway to Heaven, from Led Zeppelin's fourth album. Many people continue to think that this guitar solo was played on either a Gibson Les Paul or an SG double neck but it wasn't.

7. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones famously put to use his Custom guitar in an very unconventional way during a live concert. Richards took off his guitar from around his neck and used it to beat off an over-keen and potentially dangerous fan who ran onstage.

8. The Telecaster bridge pickup is positioned above a steel plate to expand the magnetic field which also helps to give this pickup its very distinctive tone.

9. Fender decided to modify the electronics in 1952 to incorporate a tone control for the guitar pickups.

10. In 1950 in the period between the Broadcaster model and the eventual Telecaster, any guitars made during this interim period were without a name and consequently are often known as Nocasters.

If you've not ever tried one of these excellent guitars, head down to your nearest guitar outlet a give one a trial run. I'm sure you will love it.

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The author has been a keen guitarist for many years and loves to play, repair and build electric guitars. He recommends Tub Guitar Pickups for high quality Tele Pickups and also recommends their other models of excellent Guitar Pickups.

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